Chaplin Station: Preliminary Design Consultation


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Station design is one of the most exciting -- and most critical -- components of The Crosstown construction. There are a number of major considerations for station design, including: accessibility for people with disabilities, development potential, integration with surrounding communities, and minimizing construction impacts. This is the preliminary station design consultation for Chaplin. Visit for more information.

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Chaplin Station: Preliminary Design Consultation

  1. 1. Chaplin Station Preliminary Design Online Consultation Apr 25, 2012 to May 9, 2012Preliminary Design by:
  2. 2. 2 Chaplin Station Design ScheduleOpen House #1  Apr 25, 2012Online Consultation  Apr 25 to May 9, 2012Open House #2  Fall-Winter 2012 - Response to Open House #1 input - Architectural treatments - Final Station Design Open HouseOpen House #3  Early 2013 (TBD) - Construction staging - Ongoing Outreach on ConstructionTunnelling Construction Start  Mid 2013 (TBD)Chaplin Station Construction Start  2015 (TBD)
  3. 3. Aerial View 3Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  4. 4. Local Context 4 View East View West Chaplin Cres. Parkette • Eglinton Way BIA • Beltline Trail • Generally 26m ROW, but varies • 3 lanes of through traffic plus 2 HOV lanes, peak hours • On street parking, both sides - off hours • Turning lanes at Chaplin Crescent • Generous sidewalks - 4.75 to 5.0 wideKay Gardner Beltline • The Eglinton Way BIA– lighting, unit paving • Few street trees, in poor condition • Opportunity to improve public realm
  5. 5. 5Area Within 10 Minute Walk (500m) of Future Chaplin Station Roselawn Ave Eglinton Ave W Avenue Rd proposed station 500m walking radius existing roads existing railway Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  6. 6. Land Use 6 Roselawn AveForest HillMemorial Arena Eglinton Ave W Avenue Rd Multi-unit Residential C/R mixed use Commercial Institutional Educational Recreational Parks and Green Corridor Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  7. 7. Public Transportation 7 Roselawn AveForest HillMemorial Arena Eglinton Ave W Proposed Station Area Avenue Rd Proposed LRT Line 32-Eglinton West Route 142-Downtown/Avenue Express Rd. Routes 61-Avenue Rd North 14-Glencairn Routes 7 – Bathurst Routes 33 – Forest Hill Routes Bus Shelters/Stops Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  8. 8. Pathway and Numbered Bikeways 8 Eglinton Ave Belt Line Numbered Bikeways Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  9. 9. Project Environmental Report 9 EA Layout - 2010 Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  10. 10. 2012 Consolidated Layout 10 Street Level Plan
  11. 11. 2012 Preliminary Streetscape Plan 11 Main Entrance Secondary Entrance East Secondary Entrance West• Streetscape reconstruction – building face to building face• Length of streetscape work – Russell Hill Road to the bridge (210 metres)• Significant potential to enhance the public realm as per ESC urban design guidelines• Streetscape elements include: • New consistent line of street trees • New sidewalks pavements with articulated furnishing zones • New road and pedestrian lighting
  12. 12. 12New Preliminary Design Concept Looking East
  13. 13. 13New Preliminary Design Concept Looking West
  14. 14. 14 Key Advantages of Consolidated Design• Improves look and feel for community• Enhances access for communities to the west• Enhances connectivity to Belt Line Trail• Eliminates private property impact to Shoppers Drug Mart• Preserves potential for future investment and development• Shorter Station box reduces construction footprint, impact & costs• Re-purposes Toronto Fire building for public use & preserves heritage (Toronto Fire is re-locating to a new facility) Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  15. 15. Main Entrance – North East 15 Looking EastExisting Future Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  16. 16. Main Entrance – North East 16 Existing Future
  17. 17. Secondary Entrance – South East 17 Before & After Existing Future Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  18. 18. Secondary Entrance – South East 18Re-purpose Toronto Fire Station & Maintain Heritage Door Treatment Under Review Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  19. 19. Secondary Entrance – South West 19 Looking South Today Future Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  20. 20. Secondary Entrance – South West 20 Looking West Existing Future Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  21. 21. Station Box Massing 21 South East EntranceMainEntrance South West Entrance
  22. 22. Longitudinal Section 22Fire Ventilation ShaftPublicElectricalMechanicalStaff Areas Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  23. 23. Pedestrian Circulation 23 Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  24. 24. Streetscape Section 24• Proposed street section consistent with ESC urban design guidelines and the Eglington Way BIA details• Sidewalks - 2.5m• Furnishing zone - 1.8m• Street trees - 10m on centre, flush with pavement
  25. 25. Main Entrance Landscaping 25 •New park design •Retained large trees on north edge •Generous paved areas are provided •New grove of large caliper trees •New bus layby on Chaplin with new transit shelter •Potential pick-up area/taxi stand on Gilgorm Road •New shortcut sidewalk on the north edge
  26. 26. 26 Secondary Entrance WestLandscape Concept (Ravine) • New staircase with bike wheel ramp to access Beltline Trail • Enhance the existing embankments with native plantings • Provide a privacy fence at the end unit
  27. 27. East Secondary Entrance 27 Landscape Concept (Fire Station)• Public space in front of entrance including seating and bike rings• Security fencing on east property line Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  28. 28. 28Chaplin StationCommunity Outreach for Construction• At this early design stage, construction staging is not yet developed• Comprehensive Construction Management Plan & individual construction plans for each station will be developed with local consultation well before construction• Please contact us any time with questions you may have about construction Chaplin Station Preliminary Design
  29. 29. 29 The Crosstown Team Please Get in Touch with Us!Devin Horne, Franca Di Giovanni, Community Office Hours — 2012Denise Jayawardene Monday, Wednesday, Friday:E-mail: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Online: Tuesday & ThursdayTel: 416-338-6310 Please make an appointmentFax: 416-397-8193 Evening hours and presentation availableTTY: 416-481-2523Visit our West Community Office at1848 Eglinton Avenue West(at Dufferin)
  30. 30. Thank YouChaplin Station Preliminary Design