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EBM DataLab Presentation from OpenCon Oxford


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An introduction to the work EBM DataLab are doing and a more indepth look at the OpenPrescribing dataset.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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EBM DataLab Presentation from OpenCon Oxford

  1. 1. Turning academic skills into tools Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab
  2. 2. We’re improving medicine with evidence and data This means producing more than just static academic publications. Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab
  3. 3. OpenPrescribing NHS Digital publishes monthly anonymised data about drugs prescribed by GPs in England Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab
  4. 4. Prescribing Dataset: 77GB 700 million rows OpenPrescribing Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab
  5. 5. With OpenPrescribing, we’ve taken this dataset and have made it easy to monitor prescribing trends, spot unusual patterns, and see who is prescribing what in the NHS. Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab
  6. 6. Demo!
  7. 7. Websites @ebmDataLab @OpenPrescribing Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab