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Crossref Metadata and Metadata Services


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Presentation on how to access Crossref metadata and how tools and services are using it. From Crossref LIVE in Brazil, Dec 2016.

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Crossref Metadata and Metadata Services

  1. 1. Crossref Metadata
  2. 2. <Metadata> • What is Crossref metadata • Who uses Crossref metadata services • How Crossref provides this content
  3. 3. Crossref Metadata Services • Many discovery services rely on bibliographic metadata from publishers • An increasing number of services are using citation analysis • Publishers have different, non-standard formats • It is difficult to locate metadata for book chapters • Publishers have an interest in increasing the discoverability of their content
  4. 4. CrossRef metadata is available for thousands of publishers and millions of scholarly documents in the same XML format
  5. 5. Metadata services users Can locally host Crossref metadata (including many references) Can use Crossref metadata for citation analysis
  6. 6. Who is it for? • Organizations that want to supplement metadata from other sources • Organizations providing citation metrics • Document delivery providers • Discovery services • Search engines • Content aggregators
  7. 7. Optional opt-out To make sure CrossRef Affiliates receive your references, make sure not to opt-out of references (By default you are opted-in)
  8. 8. Users include: Academic Analytics, LLC Academic Medical Center Airiti, Inc. Altmetric, LLC American Chemical Society (ACS) Cambia Colwiz Limited Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) DeepDyve, Inc. (ImagineEasy Solutions) Elsevier, Inc. EMBL-EBI Ex Libris Ltd. Global Digital Central Hindawi Publishing Corporation Instytut Bioinfobank Sp. z o.o. Labtiva, Inc. mapegy GmbH MESUR OCLC Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) PhilPapers Foundation Plum Analytics ProQuest Information & Learning PTFS Europe Reprints Desk Research Square ScholarMate, Ltd. Science-Metrix Sciencescape, Inc. Sunmedia Suweco, CZ Symplectic, Ltd. Talis Education Limited Technical Information Center of Denmark (DTU Library) The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Third Iron UberResearch
  9. 9. • Search, filter, facet, sample Crossref metadata • Free to use • Do whatever you want with the data • Code publicly available:
  10. 10. Titles, authors, ISSNs, ISBNs Basic metadata Journal articles, conference proceedings, data, standards Funding Information Funder identifiers, award numbers License Information License URIs (NISO ALI) Full-text locations URIs direct to full-text articles (used in TDM) ORCIDs Significant updates Retractions, corrections Publishers Crossref
  11. 11. What are people doing with it? • Search services (including Crossref’s funding and metadata searches) • Bibliography / PDF library management tools • Reporting on funding activities, publishing • activities, author activities • Ingest of scholarly metadata (OAI-PMH replacement) and metadata lookup • Locating full-texts for content mining
  12. 12. Using it for research
  13. 13. Example from Kudos
  14. 14. methods to retrieve metadata `
  15. 15. • also known as our REST-API • used retrieve data for specific sets of DOIs, based on resources and filters defined by the API syntax • no login required and no fee • SLA based service to be available in 2017 (for a fee) • also known as our XML-API • legacy Crossref query logic which supports reference and Cited-by linking • login required, no fee, some requests types limited to members only • supports Crossref’s Metadata Service • bulk downloading of lots (up to the entire) Crossref metadata repository • login required and there is a fee • returns deposited references for DOIs (with an opt-out caveat)
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  20. 20. Questions?