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VF2018: Show me the money how we raised $220-m+ in 4 years (art or science) (Zach Smith, CEO and Co-founder, Funded Today)


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Funded Today is the world’s leading expert in crowdfunding consulting and marketing. Funded Today’s proprietary marketing system can get projects a lot more pledges. Funded Today has raised millions of dollars for Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Funded Today offers the first ever cashback program for crowdfunding plus delivers strategies and solutions through its educational formats: Funded Today blog and CrowdCon. For more information, visit the company's website at

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VF2018: Show me the money how we raised $220-m+ in 4 years (art or science) (Zach Smith, CEO and Co-founder, Funded Today)

  1. 1. Show Me The Money: How We Crowdfunded $220M USD+ in 4 Years Zach Smith - CEO and CoFounder, Funded Today Friday, November 30, 2018
  2. 2. How many of you have an idea for a business?
  3. 3. P #1: PRODUCT ● Why is your product different/special/unique?” What’s your story? What’s your WHY? ● Is there something about your product, some benefit, that makes it wholly special? Has this ever been seen before on Kickstarter, or your chosen platform? ● Is your product innovative, “techy” or cool? Is it more niche or more ubiquitous? ● Would you personally buy your product? Will your family and friends actually give you cash in advance for it? How about your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts? ;) ● Will a lot of people need or want your product and/or its benefits?
  4. 4. Example #1 - LunoWear
  5. 5. Example #2 - Onsen
  6. 6. P #2: PLATFORM The Probability of Raising X Number of Dollars Through Crowdfunding
  7. 7. The Probability of Raising $X...
  8. 8. P #3: PRESENTATION
  9. 9. P #4: PROMOTION https://www.Funded.Today/cashback/ Paid Media Earned Media/Outreach Cross Collaborations Cashback
  10. 10. P #5. PRICE
  11. 11. P #6: PROBABILITY ● What is the probability of turning your idea into a reality? ● “Pragmatic Probability” matters very little to backers or retail investors ● You need to have a realistic expectation to deliver. Otherwise that’s fraud! ● “Perceived Probability” is all that matters A note on Perception Each of our 7 P’s really have two elements: (1) The PRAGMATIC and (2) The PERCEIVED. For example, you can have a Presentation “P” which conveys the PRAGMATIC or substance of your product valued at $X. But you can CHANGE your presentation, and the PERCEIVED value of your whole product will change. Even though your PRODUCT might not change substantively, when you present it differently, your PRODUCT “P” will change in the minds of your customers/backers/investors.
  12. 12. P #7: PEOPLE Daniel Larimer,
  13. 13. Funded Today’s 7 P’s for Launch Success… 1. Product 2. Platform 3. Presentation 4. Promotion 5. Price 6. Probability 7. People. Summing Things Up... “If you’re underutilizing even one “P”, your chances for success diminish drastically.”
  14. 14. GET IN TOUCH WITH US... ● Zach Smith - CEO and CoFounder: ● Thomas Alvord - Chairman and CoFounder: ● The Funded Today Podcast: www.Funded.Today/podcast/ ● Visit our website at: www.Funded.Today/