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MLP12C TL Presentation 2


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Published in: Education, Business, Travel
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MLP12C TL Presentation 2

  1. 1. MLP12C TIMOR LESTE TRIP 2013 Photo Slide Deck #2
  2. 2. SOLS central school in Becora
  3. 3. SOLS central school in Becora
  4. 4. SOLS central school in Becora
  5. 5. Road trip to Baucau
  6. 6. Road trip to Baucau
  7. 7. Road trip to Baucau
  8. 8. Mikayla's lesson plan for SOLS afternoon lesson in Baucau
  9. 9. Kieran translating Dr Suess for SOLS students
  10. 10. View from 'main street' of Baucau
  11. 11. The family who owns our guest house in Baucau invited us to their confirmation party where three families celebrated their daughter's first communions