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Sandra's MM


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Sandra's MM

  1. 1. My One Best Moment Sandra McCarthy
  2. 2. My One Best Moment • My best ICT moment revolves around introducing my students to social media. • I wanted my students to have a safe and secure environment in which to learn about communicating with others online.
  3. 3. Web 2.0 resources • My first step in introducing students to social media was via rooms are free of charge and can be created by anyone. In relation to privacy, access to these rooms is limited to those who have the IP address, for the room you create. • When a room is created it remains open for a designated time, you can choose anywhere between a couple of hours and one year. I generally chosen to have my rooms open for one week at a time.
  4. 4. TodaysMeet • I usedTodaysMeet to introduce social media and began using it for classroom activities such as recording take home reading books. and for students to respond individually to general classroom discussion questions.
  5. 5. • This has allowed me to track what books students have out each day. • It has enabled individuals to have thinking time and be able to answer questions individually without having the answer called out.
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  7. 7. • The bonus of to my students was that they began communicating with each other outside of the classroom. Students were saying hello to each other, telling friends what they had for dinner. One of the Mums even wished all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day via our room. • My students were engaged They chatted to each other over the weekends and requested that I have a room open for them to communicate with each other during the school holidays.
  8. 8. • has been an interesting platform that has enabled conversations to develop around their responsibilities and use of appropriate language while communicating with other people electronically.
  9. 9. Challenges Faced • As with many things a negative has arisen from this positive environment. • Recently I had students who chose to log in under other peoples names and make inappropriate comments.
  10. 10. • While the students were spoken to about this being inappropriate it happened again and the comments were causing discomfort for those whose names were being used as the logins.
  11. 11. User Friendly? • Yes- is easy to use. • It only asks you to enter your name, click on join and then start posting your comments.
  12. 12. Editable / Monitorable • As a college we have found that it is not easy to remove unwanted comments and it is virtually impossible to trace who the perpetrator was. • is an American site and there is no facility for the room host to delete posts.
  13. 13. • Any requests for removing posts and/or closing a room early must be done by email to the creator and deleting of posts and room closures are done at their discretion. • I did receive a reply to my request for information, however due to time zone differences there was a significant time delay. • They were happy to close my room early after supplying them details of the comments and the room address.
  14. 14. My Reactions • These incidents left me questioning the use of social media in my classroom.
  15. 15. • I decided that I would not generate anymore rooms and thus the search began, with the assistance of our ICT department, for an alternative that provided a higher level of monitoring, identification and the ability to monitor and manipulation of student posts from within the classroom.
  16. 16. Outcome • During our ICT – SIT a new web 2.0 tool was discussed, Padlet - • Padlet is a renamed, updated version of wallwisher.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. • After being shown around the features and playing with making posts on a wall created for the meeting I decided to create my own login and have set up a page / wall to use with my students.
  19. 19. How we use Padlet • Student’s record theirTake Home Book titles. • Student’s list their interests for Investigations sessions (Walker LearningApproach).
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  22. 22. The Journey continues… • I am excited about this next step in my journey and my students journey in developing the skills and responsibilities they will need to be confident and safe web 2.0 users.