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Staff Tech Integration PP


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Published in: Education
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Staff Tech Integration PP

  2. 2. WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT OUR ABOUT OUR‘ ’ LEARNERS? More Better equipped to on feedback from peers More inclined to More orientated to being their own ‘ ’ Education Trends | Featured News
John K. Waters—13 December 2011
  3. 3. DOES THAT ALL MEAN?Wethat would utilise the technology, , tocater for our students and meet their needs as learners. We understood that todays students would expectnothing less than the technology that is readily available to them. That we needed to adopt the notion of… Learning within a Mobile Technology Context.
  4. 4. LESSON PLAN When involved in team planning; we think and focus on the following: - what will we learn about? (Evidence of learning) - what can we demonstrate to show that - what resources we need? How can we utilise, if needed, the technology to
  5. 5. ADOPTING THE ‘ ’ MODEL S A M R was created by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura in the early 90s. The model identifies using technology for more defined purposes rather than that of ‘Substitution’ purposes. Allowing technology integration to modify and redefine tasks that set to ensure that creativity, collaboration and communication is heavily fostered.
  6. 6. APP’S CLASSIFIED BY THE ‘ ’MODEL “Teachers need to stop saying, „Hand it in,‟ and start saying „ ,‟ instead” Alan November
  7. 7. S.D.L. – DIRECTEDLEARNING We want our students to their own learning. When a task is set by teachers, students can be, where applicable, given the space to present their work in a way that encourages the integration of the the SAMR Model using the technology available to them. It must be made very clear to students that although they can present their work in a way is engaging to them, the Learning Intention and Success Criteria must be met. From here, formal assessment can occur across the task.
  8. 8. WHAT HAVE WE ? That the technology can be an extremely powerful tool to . can occur through technology integration through student directed learning opportunities. Online can become very powerful and meaningful. We want students to of their own own learning with the assistance of the technology. That this is We want our learners to not be solely consumers of information. That through their own creativity and publication, they can to the internet by giving back. That the integration of technology is not difficult. That and do what works best for their own learning, as they should.