2011 ATE Conference Panel Session


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Panel: Cyber-Communities for Collaboration, Innovation, and Student Engagement

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2011 ATE Conference Panel Session

  1. 1. CSSIACenter of Systems Security and Information Assuranceat Moraine Valley Community CollegeCyber -Communities for Collaboration, Innovation andStudent Engagement.Erich Spengler , David Durkee, John Sands © 2008 All Rights Reserved Erich J. Spengler 1
  2. 2. Panel Presentation Overview• CSSIA Summary• Current Landscape• CSSIA VDC Architecture• Examples overview• Demonstration• Next Step•Q&A11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 2
  3. 3. CSSIA SummaryNSF ATE Center started 2003 - PresentCyber Security Faculty and Professional DevelopmentLab Content Development for Virtualized Environment  ex Competitions, CNSS 4011, VMware Academy, EMC Academy , Cisco Academy, NIST Cyber Security Workforce Framework, Citrix Pilot, Ethical Hacking, Security +,Cyber Security and Virtualization Based CompetitionsReplication model for training labs including remote labsfor learning and professional development11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 3
  4. 4. Virtualization Landscape• What systems currently exist? Localized Brick and Mortar Remote Virtual Private Network Accessible Remote Integrated Solutions (browser enabled)• Commonalities All Based on Multiple Vendor Products Enable Student to work in Sandbox, isolated secure environment or controlled access Enable Standardization for providing learning experience (local or remote)11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 4
  5. 5. Virtualization and Cloud Benefits• Learning Rapid Deployment for Student Engagement 24x7 Anywhere Access For Security, create offensive sandbox for learning Synchronized Collaboration Overcoming the barriers of time distance and resources• Support Reduced support for devices in classrooms No imaging necessary for classroom PCs No dedicated classrooms11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 5
  6. 6. Our Approach: CSSIA VDC Architecture• Integrated Solution using multiple vendors including NDG, Dell, VMware, Cisco, HP, APC• Robust on-demand scheduling and course management• Leveraging Partnerships for Content Distribution• Flexible Customization• Support for learning communities and institutions• Rapid deployment of learning environments11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 6
  7. 7. Example: CVDC Remote CompetitionVirtualization Topology Environments11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 7
  8. 8. Success Stories • Greater Faculty Development Outreach • Competitions and Exercises serving more • Can teach others how to replicate • Distribution model in place11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 8
  9. 9. Custom Remote Virtualization Lab Configurations11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 9
  10. 10. CSSIA Recent Events (Short List) Deployed New Virtual Cyber Environment (2010) Partnering with NDG for Cyber Security and Virtualization Curriculum Deployment Collegiate Cyber Exercise Event University of Illinois - Springfield, FBI, DHS National Cyber Defense Invitationals Cal Poly Pomona, Moraine Valley CC, CyberWatch CCDC - Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions All Midwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions in 2011 were fully virtualized; NDG, Dell SecureWorks, CSSIA-CIAB, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 10
  11. 11. Demo:CSSIA Online Cyber Security Lab11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 11
  12. 12. Next Steps• Deploy New Initiatives such as the National Cyber League (NCL)• Continue to Develop Content Forensics/CEH/Mobile Computing/Security+/Citrix etc.• Continue to Improve Environment New Features/Support for Additional Lab Content and Partners• Continue to Share Results and Curriculum Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative• Continue Faculty Professional Development Deployment and Content 11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 12
  13. 13. Questions11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 13
  14. 14. Contacts and Demo• Erich Spengler spengler@morainevalley.edu Director/PI CSSIA @ MVCC• David Durkee ddurkee14@oh.rr.com Competition Director/CIAB Chair @ CSSIA• CSSIA Cyber Research Laboratories http://cyberresearch.morainevalley.edu• 708-974-572511/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 14
  15. 15. Example: CVDC Architecture 11/8/2011 © 2008 All rights reserved. Erich J. Spengler 15