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Strategic Reporting Index Accolades


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Reporting research and advisory services firm FutureValue confers the Strategic Reporting Index Accolades to UK listed companies for the quality of strategy-related content in the narrative sections of their 2012 Annual Reports.

Over the last six years FutureValue has gifted its Index rankings annually for the 'strategic value" in corporate reporting awards. The 2012 Awards included a host of star achievers. In this year of impending major narrative reporting change FutureValue is pleased to join with Communicate for the first time to confer this seventh set of honours based on its Strategic Reporting Index

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Strategic Reporting Index Accolades

  1. 1. 2 July 2013
  2. 2. PAST FUTURE P&L Account & Balance Sheet
  3. 3. Annual Report
  4. 4.  19 Companies shortlisted in total  5 Companies shortlisted for two accolades  16 Companies shortlisted before  2 Companies shortlisted every year  8 Companies have won before 14 Sectors represented 4 Companies come from the FTSE250
  5. 5.  Foundation of the strategic framework  Defines the logic of the business  Distinct sources of value – created, developing  Basis for sustainable profitability Encompasses value system of enterprise
  6. 6.  Foundation of the BAT strategic framework  Embodies the logic of the business  Identifies sources of value created Specifies investment in value sources Aids understanding of BAT as a business
  7. 7. Complete set of KPIs – financial and non-financial  Ease of intelligibility  Good trend data  Illustrative of strategic progress Usefulness to Board in monitoring performance
  8. 8.  Explicit link to strategy  Comprehensive explanation  Target and strategic focus for each KPI Five years' trend data Shows integral role of KPIs in managing business
  9. 9. Key risk factors relative to strategy  Influences on achieving objectives  Specific management, control or mitigation comments  Risk governance, appetite, management Clear sensitivity to the future
  10. 10.  Comprehensive and articulate  Accessible and intelligible  Shows sensitivity to the future Emphasis on strategic risk Overall demonstration of strategic management
  11. 11. Investment in key strengths and resources  Development of intangibles and hidden assets  Attention to value drivers  Value system wide Match to indicated demands of strategy
  12. 12.  83 qualifying references  Recurrent themes reflect likely demands of strategy  Coverage of whole value system Annual Report signposts strengths and resources (p25) Balanced and credible
  13. 13. Integration of social, environmental in business strategy  Attention to full range of stakeholders  Clear environmental policy, commitment  Sustainability governance Reporting of social and environmental performance
  14. 14.  Unilever Sustainable Living Plan central to business model  Social and environmental aspects fundamental to Group vision  Comprehensive coverage of broad range of stakeholders Clear environmental and social targets and policies Integrated reporting builds persuasive case led by CEO
  15. 15. Clarity and rigour of strategic thinking  Robust and integrated strategic framework  Strategic management in past, present and future  Development of strategic capability Clear and persuasive shared value
  16. 16.  Topped the 2013 Index with 8.6  Clear and intelligible strategic framework  Demonstrated rigour in strategic thinking  Good past, present and future Comprehensive strengths and resources Integrated reporting of shared value