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I pott positioning strategy in your new venture


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I pott positioning strategy in your new venture

  1. 1. 7/2/2012 iPOTT Getting you there… Positioning Strategy in your New Venture Stakeholders, investors, product portfolio, customers,CEO Speak resources, processes and employees are fundamental elements of any organization. The ‘mission’ of an organization is helpful in deciding how these elements are used to reach its ‘objective’. Strategy is an integral part of any organization thatTo visit this blog Click here. decides the best means to utilize them to reach a common objective which is otherwise known as the ‘strategic goal’.iPOTT being an end to endprovider of innovative and cost In order to understand the significance of formulating strategyeffective services in the areas of the influence of following factors on an organization must beknowledge management, sales realized.enablement and consulting offersa unique and unbiased platform • Range of businesses or product portfolio, their futurefor software product companies growthworldwide to reach their target • Target markets and competitors operating in samemarkets segments • Organizations response to competition • Identification of resources required in response to competition • External environment • Stakeholders expectations and value Strategy operates at various levels of organization where planning is required. Based on this criterion, many leading researchers have defined Strategy as ‘direction and scope’ of an organization that aims at achieving a competitive advantage for organization through resource utilization to meet market demands and stakeholder expectations. Strategy is important in deciding and evaluating stakeholder expectations to arrive at Strategic options. In addition to
  2. 2. identifying internal and microeconomic factors, formulatingstrategy involves identification of various macroeconomicfactors such as political, economic, socio-cultural,technological, environmental and legal factors influencingbusiness trends. This technique is referred to as PESTELanalysis. It is helpful in Scenario planning and Marketsegmentations.Any transactional environment is strongly influenced by“Driving forces”. To arrive at these driving forces, key driversoperating in indirect or contextual environment such astechnological, economic, commercial, organizational andpolitical factors have to be considered. Once key drivers areidentified Iceberg Analysis is used to identify new eventswhich can be traced to arrive at a pattern of system behaviorwhich can guide us to system structures which are otherwisetermed as driving forces.Studies have proved interdependence between PESTEL factorsand the influence that it has on state of affairs in countries.Strategy involves study of these factors to understand andsynthesize alternative views to the future of organization inthe country of interest.It is therefore critical for any global organization to planstrategically before arriving at an expansion action plan.