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ARLG supporting researchers


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ARLG London and South East presentation 8th May 2013 by Monique Ritchie on topic of Supporting Researchers.

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ARLG supporting researchers

  1. 1. New area of supportthat is still evolvingand brings manychallenges
  2. 2. BURA
  3. 3. Survey into RDM practice to• Discover current datamanagement practices• Identify needs to comply withdata management policy• Feed into University policy andinfrastructure development tomeet future requirements forresearch data sharing
  4. 4. • JISC funded project to September 2013 incollaboration with multiple partners• Feasibility and scoping study for nationalresearch information reporting to increaseefficiency, productivity and quality in thesector
  5. 5. A research librarian’s work is neverdone…
  6. 6. Monique RitchieResearch Librarian and Copyright OfficerBrunel University