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Merry Crisis-mas - social media crisis briefing


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Slides from Claremont's social media crisis briefing, 14 December 2012. Simon Booth-Lucking explores the who, what, where and why of crises, and John Coventry of offers his lessons from the frontline.

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Merry Crisis-mas - social media crisis briefing

  1. 1. Merry Crisis-masBreakfast briefing on social mediacrisis management14 December 2012#crisismasWith discretion please!
  2. 2. The who, what, where andwhy of social media crisesSimon Booth-Lucking,Director of Digital at Claremont
  3. 3. Zoom out for the big picture
  4. 4. TrustSource:
  5. 5. Crowd psychology #angrymob
  6. 6. Transparency
  7. 7. The digital disgruntalists
  8. 8. The live microphone
  9. 9. The head in the sand
  10. 10. Live your brand, and ensure your employees do -or you can be exposed socially, digitally and offline
  11. 11. The empty chair
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Crisis handler of the year
  14. 14. Runner-up:Jonty Olliff-Cooper, A4E
  15. 15. Winner: O2 customer service
  16. 16. Social media crisismanagement – lessonsfrom the front lineJohn Coventry, Director ofCommunications at
  17. 17. A very modern crisis • No reliable news cycle • More crises • More outlets • People, not press powered crises • Media savvy public - react to different things (Argyll and Bute Vs O2) • People treat brands as people. Personality is crucial
  18. 18. Specially for NFPs A very modern crisis • no If you dont getcycle of criticism, even small • reliable news a lot • more criseshurts criticism • Twitter IS • more outlets NOT the real world - dont panic but • people, notitpress powered crises do take seriously • Try savvy public - react to position of a • media and put yourself in the differentdo they want things consumer/donor/supporter - what (Argyll and Bute Vs O2) • • to hear/read? People treat brands as people. Personality is Be confident in the moves you make. Tone and crucial demeanour important.
  19. 19. Kicking crises in the cajones Embed comms in organisational thinking First response is crucial Validators are massively helpful Respond swiftly, deftly and succinctly Dont take it personally. LEARN FROM IT
  20. 20. Merry Crisis-mas#crisismasWith discretion please!