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Listening and Monitoring in Social Media from CommsCamp


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Slides from our session at CommsCamp, in Birmingham 26th February 2013.

Provides tools and techniques for listening and monitoring in social media, and shows you how it has a lot to do with internet dating.

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Listening and Monitoring in Social Media from CommsCamp

  1. 1. Listening and monitoring with social
  2. 2. Dating at scale!
  3. 3. Listening and monitoring1.  Learn “The Rules”2.  Writing your lonely hearts ad3.  First dates4.  Meet their friends5.  Going steady
  4. 4. The rules of online dating:
strategy and planning!
  5. 5. A strategy for listening Why are you listening?" What are you going to do with the output?" Set objectives" Who will do it?" Tools and frequency" Interaction plan" Reporting, analysis, optimisation"
  6. 6. Why listen?! Monitor reputation" Research customers" Research competitors" Customer service" Generate ideas" Measure marketing impact", relatively cheap and risk free"
  7. 7. Writing your lonely hearts advert:
keyword research!
  8. 8. Finding Mr or Mrs Right!1.  You will be ________________________2.  You will be interested in _____________ __________________________________3.  We’re interested in ________________ __________________________________
  9. 9. Keyword research tools! ,
  10. 10. Keyword research tools!
  11. 11. Keyword research tools!
  12. 12. First dates: looking for the right signs!
  13. 13. Google search options
  14. 14. Specialist social media search !
  15. 15. Search by more than keywords!See who’s talking about a particular…" " Page of content (URL)" Website (URL)" @User on Twitter" #hashtag"
  16. 16. No true love? Then back to the ad!1.  You will be ________________________2.  You will be interested in _____________ __________________________________3.  We’re interested in ________________ __________________________________
  17. 17. Meet their friends: good influence?!
  18. 18. How to define influence! Engaged followers" Reach" Response and interaction" Frequency and proliferation of content" Sentiment" Offline celebrity" Topicality is important"
  19. 19. Assessing influence!
  20. 20. Assessing influence!
  21. 21. Assessing influence!
  22. 22. Use your CRAP detector! Currency Reliability Accuracy Purpose/Point of view h"p://­‐crap-­‐ test-­‐for-­‐evalua<ng-­‐sources/  
  23. 23. Going steady: listening, responding,engagement?!
  24. 24. Google Alerts!
  25. 25. Dashboards
  26. 26. Tweetdeck
  27. 27. Hootsuite
  28. 28. Deciding whether to respond! Take  reasonable   ac<on  to  fix  issue  and   let  customer  know   ac<on  taken   Posi<ve   Nega<ve   Yes   Yes   No   Do  you  want   Assess  the   Evaluate  the   Does  customer  need/ to  respond?   message   purpose   deserve  more  info?   Yes   Unhappy   Yes   Are  the  facts   No   Gently  correct  the  No  Response   Customer?   correct?   facts   No   Yes   Can  you  add   No   Dedicated   Yes   Are  the  facts   No   value?   Complainer?   correct?   No   Yes   Is  the   Explain  what  is  being   Respond  in   Thank  the   Comedian   Yes   problem   done  to  correct  the  kind  &  share   person   Want-­‐to-­‐Be?   being  fixed?   issue.   No  Adapted from the US Air Force Blog Triage Yes   Let  post  stand  and   monitor.  
  29. 29. Thanks!! @claremontcomms