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Issues, challenges and opportunities presented by mobile


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Issues, challenges and opportunities presented by mobile

  1. 1. Closing the Gap: Issues, Challenges andOpportunities Presented by MobileTelephony 14 July 2009 Enhancing Civil Society Use of ICTs in Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria
  2. 2. Christiana Charles-IyohaCentre for Policy and
  3. 3. The GapThe gender digital divideDifferential access on account of:1.Women’s low literacy levels2.Language barrier3.Culture4.Media literacy5.Poverty, Ownership and usage
  4. 4. IssuesAbout 4 billion mobile phones in use globally – 52 millionin Nigeriaincreased teledensity in countries with less wiredinfrastructureincreasingly imposing ICT tool for civic engagement -(;;, /SendingOutanSMSBottom line is Access - relevant, locally appropriateand timely information in deep rural and peri-urbancommunities% of women with such access% of gender specific mobile enabled telephony projects
  5. 5. ChallengesPovertyCultureOwnership and usageLow literacy levelsMedia LiteracyUrban bias in connectivity – creeks, very deep ruralcommunities
  6. 6. OpportunitiesText message infolines- Learning for Living , Interactive digitaldevelopment information services, Network for Good Governance, theNigerian Human Rights Hub.The Speak Out, Stand Out, and Commit to preventing Violence againstWomen SMS-based campaign by WOUGNET, in collaboration withWomensnet, South Africa and"The phone has transformed the women farmers lives completely -they are able to market their produce, access information onprices, and it has made them so confident,". Irin News, 18 March2009, www.irinnews.orgHelplines - HIV/AIDSMobile banking and all its related cousinsAs many others that can be generated here to ensure gendered digitopia
  7. 7. ProposalsA national toll free helpline for reporting and respondingpromptly to gender violencemobile telephony mediated access and capacity buildingpointsStrategic gendered capacitating mobile telephony enabledprojects /activities with women’s organizationsdissemination of life changing development informationthrough mobile phones
  8. 8. ConclusionThank You for your attention and commitment to closingthe gap.