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Project LearningEnglish B1


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Student's share ideas on learning foreign languages

Published in: Education
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Project LearningEnglish B1

  1. 1. Learning English in Greece Project B1 class 2015-16
  2. 2. Why do we learn foreign languages? • English will help us find a job. • I learn English because everyone speaks English. • Most children start learning English at the age of 8-9.
  3. 3. • English is an International language and we have to learn it. However, many people don’t learn English because they think it’s not important. • Some of them find it hard to find a job, so they regret not having learnt them when they were young.
  4. 4. In Greece, students attend evening classes Extra classes in evening language schools
  5. 5. A weekly activity • We learn English by playing games • We are having lessons twice a week
  6. 6. Thank you for watching this. Eleanna,Mike,George, Anna,Anastasia,Alex,Spyros,Christina, Athina,Prokopis,Athina,Marialena