December progress report 2011


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Progress made in The Dixie Grammar Schools Library Services during the Autumn Term 2011-2012

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December progress report 2011

  1. 1. The Dixie Grammar School Library Services December Progress Report 2011The Librarian now manages both The Michael Parker Library at the Senior School and theJunior School Library (in collaboration with Mrs Debra Enston the Library Co-ordinator). Inorder to track progress at both libraries, the Librarian will submit regular Progress Reportsto the Senior Leadership Team.Joint Services The Librarian aims to create a Library Service for the whole school with an “offer“ to teaching staff, making explicit the services and resources staff can expect. This will be sent out in a publication for staff in the New Year. We subscribe to our local Schools Library Service (LSE) for the Senior School. Mrs Robinson has negotiated with LSE so that some of the book allocation can be used at the Junior School. We will subscribe as a whole school from April 2012. Library Online Services, our virtual library service, has been extended to cover the Junior Library. Using a system called LibGuides, the Librarian is building pages with lists of evaluated websites and resources: including book lists, links to online databases, videos, documents, presentations etc. These can be used to support homework and coursework, as starter pages for lessons, as guides to help with research and much more. We are the first school in the UK to use LibGuides. Universities, colleges and schools around the world use the system, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale Universities. The service will enable us to improve students research by giving structure and targeted support. The system is being offered to teachers at the Senior School to start with, and will then be rolled out to Junior School Staff later on. This takes our virtual library service - Library Online Services - to a higher level and puts us at the forefront of innovation in school librarianship. Art, Music, Science and PE have shown an interest so far. Our published guides (lots more are currently being prepared) can be seen at: The Librarian prepared both libraries for Open Morning and received very positive feedback which was posted on the Library Online website alongside the video made to showcase the libraries.The Michael Parker Library – Senior School Inductions have not taken place this term, due to issues with Mrs Robinson’s voice. She hopes to be able to take induction sessions with Years 6 and 7 in the spring. Each Year 6 to 8 English class visits the Library for one lesson each week to develop their reading.
  2. 2. DGS Library Services Think…Ask…Read…Imagine…Create… @ Your Library o We are using reading records and a range of activities to encourage reading with Year 6. o Years 7 and 8 students are undertaking a Reading Challenge with awards at different levels from Bronze to Platinum. Each student has been introduced to our Reading is Fun wiki – this encourages students to support each other with their reading development throughout the year. All resources for the Platinum level of the challenge have been uploaded to the wiki so that students can access them from home if they wish. o The Librarian tracks students’ progress using an Excel spreadsheet. Students are rewarded with certificates, prizes and credits. One possible solution to Mrs Robinson’s voice issues was tried out with Year 7 and 8 students. She recorded a commentary for a presentation using VoiceThread and then played this back to students in the lesson. Year 6 students received a free book again this year through the Booked Up scheme. Many students now ask readily for books to be purchased. This personalised service received very positive comments from visitors during Open Morning. Teaching study and research skills in the Library has been put on hold until Mrs Robinson’s voice recovers. She continues to offer a virtual library service to staff and is building Research Guides using LibGuides – see above under Joint Services. Ad- hoc informal support with range of research queries by students and staff continues to develop. The Library is open every day for whole lunchtime session and is well used by students. The Librarian is supported by small Student Helper Team and by teaching staff due to her vocal issues. New Helpers have been recruited this term and the training system has been improved with their feedback. Year 7 students helped to put up the Christmas decorations this year and a quiz for Years 6 and 7 took place at the end of term. 108 books have been added to stock in the Autumn Term. Stock totals are: o 4275 school books (value £39,216.88) o 208 LSE books (value £2,085.56) The totals for borrowing up until the end of term are: o 146 borrowed by staff (mainly project collections from LSE) o 980 borrowed by pupils – on target to exceed last year’s borrowing figures In the New Year, Mrs Robinson is intending to survey the school to ascertain the extent of ereader and ebook ownership so that future developments of the library service reflect the needs of the school community. 2
  3. 3. DGS Library Services Think…Ask…Read…Imagine…Create… @ Your Library Guides for Parents, Visitors, Staff, Sixth Form and Students have all been updated and uploaded to the Library Online website for easy access. The Annual Report for 2010-2011 and the Development Plan for 2011-2012 were submitted in the Autumn Term.The Junior School Library The Library was re-opened on the 7th November after a major updating which began in July. Each class will be booked in once each week to encourage children to read and borrow the books. Most classes have now visited. Remaining classes will be encouraged to book in after Christmas. Mrs Enston has introduced most class teachers to the new procedures in the library so that they can issue and return books for their class visits. Mrs Robinson has opened discussions with teaching staff to ascertain their resource needs and also to begin planning how the Library and ICT Room can be used to teach information literacy skills with her support. Since the beginning of the summer, 2447 books have been catalogued onto the new system, Junior Librarian. School stock has also had new labels and label protectors. New books were purchased at Peters Bookselling Services and these have also been added to stock. The totals are: o 2120 school books (value £13,653.31) o 321 LSE books (value £2,354.39) o 6 books borrowed from Senior School Students and staff have started to borrow books. The totals up until the end of term are: o 124 borrowed by staff (mainly project collections from LSE) o 237 borrowed by pupils Mrs Robinson has created and installed new signage, guiding and displays. A folder with user instructions for class teachers has also been made. Further teaching materials will be created starting next term. A team of Year 5 Helpers has been recruited and trained by Mrs Enston. Further training on Junior Librarian will take place as soon as possible. Members of the PTA helped with the library upgrade and Mrs Robinson has written a guide for Parent Volunteers. The Junior Library was included in the Annual Report 2010-2011 and the Development Plan for 2011-2012. The Library Services Procedures Manual will be edited to include the Junior Library.Anne M Robinson, Librarian, 20 December 2011 3