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CDS Estecom Company Profile for 2018


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Check out the Estecom line-up. Amazing range of medical monitors / open frame medical monitors/ and Medical panel PCs. As well as a full array of AD driver boards.

For more information please visit our website

Or please contact us via or call +44 (0) 1634 327420.

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CDS Estecom Company Profile for 2018

  1. 1. Crystal Display Systems Ltd +44 (0) 1634 327420
  2. 2. Controller Board Open frame Solution (Option : Touch Screen) Complete Monitor (Medical)
  3. 3. CEO COO Product Planning & New Biz G & A Sales & Marketing Purchasing & Production Quality Assurance R & D
  4. 4. ESTECOM Advantage Benefit ESTECOM Advantage Benefit LCD Controller Board & Panel Kit Open Frame & Enclosed Monitor Digital Signage + CMS S/W
  5. 5. ESTECOM Advantage Benefit ESTECOM Advantage Benefit 4K/2K Medical Monitor (2Q, 2018) Stretched LCD Open Frame High-Brightness Monitor
  6. 6. * LS : ambient Light Sensor
  7. 7. POPPY-O II  Supportable for TTL Output  Perfect for Small & Medium Size POPPY-S II + Daughter  Low Profile Version  Perfect for SLIM design IRIS  HDMI x 1 + 24V Input  Simply Implementable to FHD Digital Signage
  8. 8. ORCHID-D  RGB + DVI + 24V Input  Perfect for Any Solution MARIGOLD-D/I  Specially designed for DP & HDMI  Perfect for FHD Signage including F/W Upgrade tool SAFFRON  Simply use Daisy Chain including Clone & Distribution  The Easiest Solution for Video Wall w/ distribution of multi-contents(sources)
  9. 9. CROCUS  Simple & Easy Solution for 4K X 2K / HDMI 2.0
  10. 10. The terms Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 stand for the growing trend to equip products with their own intelligence to take some of the weight off the user's shoulders. The Carrier board latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) is the perfect basis for cost-effective IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, offering: a powerful BCM2837 QuadCore processor with 1.2 GHz a full-fledged scaler chip and a real-time clock Support customizing GUI Vending machine application Industrial HMI module Button deck application Almost all popular TFT displays as well as PCAP touch screens can be directly connected and enable a wide range of solutions for a variety of applications.
  11. 11. Customizing GUI HMI Module Vending machine Button deck display
  13. 13. LCD Panel Touch Panel SMPS
  14. 14. Crystal Display Systems Ltd +44 (0) 1634 327420