Wikis in the classroom


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How to use Wikis and Web 2.0

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Wikis in the classroom

  1. 1. Wikis In The Classroom By Scott Price
  2. 2. Wikis In The ClassroomWhat is a Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is the move toward a more social, collaborative and interactive World Wide Web. “A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to websites where users (consumers) are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them.”
  3. 3. Wikis In The Classroom Examples of Web 2.0  Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, and web applications.
  4. 4. What is a Wiki? A wiki is a Web 2.0 site that allows you to become an active participant: You can create or edit the site contents. You do not need special technical skills. All that is needed to get started is a computer with an Internet connection.  A wiki is continuously being revised and is a living collaboration whose purpose is the sharing of the creative process and product by many.  The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast."
  5. 5. Why Wiki? students develop writing and debate skills and exposure to diverse perspectives teacher can use as a central location for class material and media students can access, communicate and contribute to a classroom Wiki from anywhere at any time all grade levels can learn to use a Wiki promote collaboration among students and other classrooms while facilitating active learning
  6. 6. Why Wiki? other Web 2.0 tools can be utilized and posted to a Wiki to create more interesting and fun Wikis that encourage student interest multiple free wiki hosting sites generate more student interest and promote social interaction easy to use and do not require advanced computer skills and knowledge  if you can utilize Microsoft Word, you can Wiki
  7. 7. Today’s Objective Encourage the incorporation and use of Wikis in the Classroom Introduce other Web 2.0 tools and how these can be utilized with Wikis and other resources to create more interesting and collaborative lesson plans Discuss lesson planning ideas
  8. 8. Pedagogical Uses of Wikis Collaborative storytelling  Collaborative writing  e-writing-using-wikis Collaborative dictionary  students post the words and their definitions into the wiki  students add pictures and audio files of the pronunciation of each word  share and collaborate with other classes
  9. 9. Pedagogical Uses of Wikis Students plan, develop and present projects Collaborative projects:   Civil+War+Novels
  10. 10. Pedagogical Uses of Wikis Teacher can use to post Classroom assignments such as:  Notes  Worksheets  Handouts Host on-line e-portfolios of student writing Homework spreadsheet:  Central location for all assignments, project due dates, and upcoming events for the entire grade level.
  11. 11. Pedagogical Uses of Wikis Create a digital class book:  Assign each student a letter of the alphabet, word, or topic and a wiki page:  Each student builds a page about a word related to the class topic  Students can embed Glogs, upload photos and videos, and add text to their pages  Use wikis discussion thread for students to comment on each others wiki pages  Content ideas:  ABC wiki about any topic (page about a word related to the topic starting with each letter of the alphabet)  50 states  Chemical reactions  Historical people, places, or events
  12. 12. What Are Some Free Wiki Sites?   cher  
  13. 13. How To Create aWikiAccount on Wikispaces
  14. 14. Create Bulk Users For Your Wikispace
  15. 15. Helpful Tutorial LinksPbworks   
  16. 16. Your Ideas/Open Discussion List three ideas/ways you think you could use Wikis in your classroom What do you see as barriers to the incorporation of Wikis in your classroom?  Time  Don’t see the benefit  Too Hard to Learn Given what we have learned today, do you still think those barriers are still valid or too hard to overcome?
  17. 17. Web 2.0 Applications You Can Use With Your Wiki, Blogs, Smart Boards or Website   dex 
  18. 18. Voki
  19. 19. Voki You can create personal Voki accounts for free Voki for classroom accounts for education: Classroom accounts cost $29.95/year 30 day money back guarantee Lesson plan database Lesson plans are free for anyone to use with or without a classroom acccount
  20. 20. Ways to Use Voki in Education Have students make an avatar as a classroom introduction Poetry and music composition  Students create poems or lyrics that can be spoken or sung by their favorite avatar Present vocabulary list of words for correct pronunciation Foreign language  Students create short stories for their avatar to speak Student book talk  Use to review and summarize books Classroom newsletter  You can place a speaking avatar in a blog, email, website or wiki o
  21. 21. GoAnimate
  22. 22. GoAnimate Create free personal account GoAnimate for education:   Lesson Gallery  You can access the lesson plan gallery with or without a classroom account  Classroom accounts starting at $99.00/year
  23. 23. Ways to Use GoAnimate in Education Student presentations Teacher presentations Creative writing Introduce concepts on your Wiki page:  Vocabulary words  Math concepts/definitions  Books  Rules for the classroom/ bullying  Music
  24. 24. Your Ideas/Open Discussion List three ideas/ways you think you could use Web 2.0 tools and Wikis in your classroom Do the additional Web 2.0 tools add value and interest to the Wiki and lesson planning? Will this create more interest and participation by your students? Does this create more interest for the teacher to use Wikis in their lesson planning?
  25. 25. For The Artist In All of Us  DoInk  Create animations   