Drinkaware: Going mobile at Drinkaware


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Ben Butler, Drinkaware

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Drinkaware: Going mobile at Drinkaware

  1. 1. Digital Communications Conference Going mobile at Drinkaware Ben Butler, Head of Digital, Drinkaware
  2. 2. Five things I’ve learnt about mobile By Ben Butler (aged 32 years and 25 days)
  3. 3. Drinkaware was set-up in 2007To increase awareness of:• Why and how to drink safely and responsibly.• The impact of alcohol misuse on the health and well- being of individuals, their families and communities.Improve attitudes towards:• Motivation and personal responsibility to drink sensibly.• Binge drinking and drink-related disorder.Effect positive changes in drinking behaviour
  4. 4. Targeted campaignsParents and young people• Encouraging parents to talk to their children about alcohol before they start drinkingYoung adults aged 18-24 years old• Sensible drinking tips to prevent a good night going badAll adults• Awareness of alcohol units and health-related harms
  5. 5. 1. 2011 is the year of mobile (... No, I really mean it this time)
  6. 6. UK mobile usage• 48.5m mobile subscribers in the UK• 35% of all new phones sold are smartphones• 91% of mobile users keep their phone within one metre of them 24 hours a day• 65% use smartphones to kill time when travelling to work• 91% use smartphones during downtime in work• 20% of internet traffic is mobile (UK)
  7. 7. Traffic to Drinkaware.co.uk from mobile sites has increased by nearly 200% 45000 40000 35000 30000 25000 20000 2010/2011 15000 2009/2010 10000 5000 0 Mar Aug Dec Oct June Nov July Sep Jan Feb April May
  8. 8. Top 10 pages accessed via mobile devices1. Unit calculator2. Homepage3. Drink driving4. Calories in alcohol5. Alcohol poisoning6. Dealing with a hangover7. Alcohol and breastfeeding8. Are you ready to cut down?9. Guide to units and measures10. Tips on cutting down
  9. 9. …but there are questions we still need to answer• Are we optimised for mobile?• Is the site mobile friendly and not just accessible via mobile devices?• Is it a fully functional mobile site and not just a ‘website on a mobile’?• Have we factored in our audience’s mobile needs?
  10. 10. 2. Understand how mobile fits withyour objectives and your audience …and therefore understand how you should be ‘doing’ mobile
  11. 11. “It is only when you understand how mobile fits within your plan and within the lives of your target audience that you can begin to set its objectives. This objective may be reached via a mobile site or app, perhaps even drivingdownloads of that app... But the app production or use of a QR code cannot be the objective, planning mobile from day one helps avoid this.” ‘How to get started in mobile’ - IAB
  12. 12. Why let good times go bad?Campaign aims and objectives:• Reduce frequency of drunkenness• Decrease social acceptability and desirability of drunkenness• Promote and increase adoption of tips
  13. 13. Contextualise the Tipping Point Tim e s Bad TiG o o d mes
  14. 14. Our insights1. Users want to get ‘good drunk’ – i.e. not step over their tipping point Provide practical and fun tips and help to help them stay the right side2. Their tipping point is often unknown Provide them with a fun way of understanding their own limits to keep good nights lasting longer 3. We have little place currently in their social & conversational world. Frame the debate in their world, with their content on their device 4. What their peers think and their social standing is paramount Embrace social networks that keep them connected but deliver personal tips and tools to keep a good night good
  15. 15. Our audience : A night in the life.. • Invite a group of• Review personal friends to a night and peer group out – detailing posts start, end time/date• Self evaluate and location• Debate - WGTWB • Debate where to go• Drink capture• Post private pictures and comments • Proactive tip –• Rate good/bad time to eat before time we start• Tip – water time • Check that friends• Help – time to bail. are on the way Call a taxis!
  16. 16. …A mobile app is the answer It is the only lifestyle tool that: • is with them 24/7 on the night and after the night • enables co-creation & participation • always on and always connected • automatically captures your location • can capture the moment in photos and comments 16
  17. 17. 3. Provide utility and offer value …why would they ever voluntarily engage with the ‘fun police?’
  18. 18. Industry appsResponsible Drinking Responsible Drinking: Wide selection of apps to track• BAC Calculator drinks and BAC. All single purpose and mainly formal.• Big Night Out Unlikely to engage with majority of 18-24yr olds• Can I drive yet• DrinkSafeBranded Apps• Heineken - Know the signs Branded Apps: Majority of apps provide a location• Carlsberg - based service with the ability to find a bar which serves CatNAV their ‘brand’. Others align with their sponsorship to• Smirnoff - Time out deliver integrated media offering from Guinness and• Stella Artois – Le Rugby to Smirnoff & timeout. Half do not link to brand in Bar guide their name• Diageo – TheBar• Guinness – Rugby
  19. 19. General marketLocation Location : Key differentiator of mobile ‘location’ is key• Foursquare to delivering successful utility apps. These examples• Yelp are all based around delivering ‘offers’, ‘info’ or sharing• Around me reviews/experiences based on a users location• GoWallaSocial• Facebook Social : one of the more popular categories with this• iloader for segment, although most popular apps are not the facebook ‘official’ social network app, but those that enable• Twitterific aggregation or posting easier - e.g. G-Wizz! Or• G-Wizz! Social Twitterfic.Night out• Last night never happened Night out : Selection of individual utility apps that range• Squark! from providing info on taxis & locating friends to• Call a taxis collating or deleting a stream of social network posts.• Lynx stream
  20. 20. The solution :‘Good times’ application Capture, track and relive your night ‘Good times’ • Ever forgot what happened last night? • Ever lost a friend on a night out? • Ever wondered if someone got home safely? • Ever wish you hadn’t had that last drink? • Ever wished you didn’t feel embarrassed by the night before? • Ever wanted help on a night out? If the answer is “Yes’ to any of the above here’s the app for you…..
  21. 21. Keeping the good times going 1. Tracks friends • See where you and others went during the night • Live GPS tracker of who went where, when • Stay safe – See when others have arrived home safely 2. Documents the good times • View live scrapbook of everyones pictures, posts on one place sorted by friend, time & location • Pictures and posts rated ‘good times’ or ‘bad times’ • Relive, upload an comment on the night the morning after with your friends
  22. 22. Your tools, when you need them 1. Help • Access to taxis wherever, whenever you need it • Tips & Tricks on keeping sober during the night to dealing a hangover the morning after 2. Drinks tracker • Capture what you drank and the effects on you & the night
  23. 23. 4. Be positive and integrate (…That’s really a 4(a) and a 4(b))
  24. 24. Driving engagement – we are on a journey Tim e s G o o dYesterdays audience : Today’s audience: Offline Posters Digital, mobile & social 24
  25. 25. Out of home media
  26. 26. How will it be promoted? PR Out Of Home Media Social Media WLGTGB WLGTGB Mobile site ApplicationsOn & Off Trade Media Digital display Targeted mobile media
  27. 27. 5. Evolve and refresh (…and keep it interesting)
  28. 28. The future…Provides a platform for morerelevant partner collaboration,sponsorship and evenrevenue generation…
  29. 29. Any questions?