Tech Tools To Boost Your Business


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Technology tools to help boost your real estate business. Presented at the Northwest Montana Association of REALTORS, February 1, 2013.

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Tech Tools To Boost Your Business

  1. 1. Tech ToolsTo Boost Your Business Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, e-PRO, REALTOR®
  2. 2. On Twitter?Tweet live during this class! @MauraNeill @LARealtorsAssn #lrconvention
  3. 3. Socialnomics 2013 Video
  4. 4. 1 billion strong on Facebook
  5. 5. Taking Your Business Mobile
  6. 6. Technology Self-Assessment • Page 1 of your handout • Take 3 minutes to complete your self- assessment • Don’t forget the NOTE section for each itemPhoto credit: “Man With Technology in Hand” by chainat on
  7. 7. Why Mobile?• 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7.• 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.• It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. Source:
  8. 8. Internet Usage to Search for Homes Source: NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
  9. 9. Comparison: 2011 vs. 2012 Source: Nielsen
  10. 10. “In March 2012 smartphones were in use by 50.4 percent of consumers in the country.” Source: - credit: “an evening playing smartphone pub quiz with the exeter twitterati! ” by philcampbell on
  11. 11. U.S. Growth in Tablet OwnershipSource:
  12. 12. “… more homes now viewed via Zillowon a mobile device than on a desktop.In July, 168 million homes were viewedon Zillow via a mobile device……that’s 63 homes per second.” Source: Zillow Blog, August 7, 2012
  13. 13. Going Mobile Requires the Right Tools • Do you have the right tools? • What’s in your toolshed? • What do you need to add to your tools?Photo credit: “Tool Shed” by beinfang on
  14. 14. What Tools Do You Need?• Laptop• Smartphone• Tablet• 3G and/or Mifi• Stylus• Power cords (DC-adapter/car compatible)• The right apps (stay tuned for Section 2)
  15. 15. In My ToolshedPhoto credits: “Macintosh Macbook – Apple MacBook Pro” by Mac Users Guide / “iPad with Dandelion by jaredearle /“MiFi2352” by abulhussain / “ – Packshot Creator” by creative_tools – all on
  16. 16. Your SmartPhone/Tablet Should• Serve as your “Swiss Army Knife” gadget• Combine multiple applications that can work simultaneously• Allow you to work in the Cloud• Improve your life – and your clients’ experience
  17. 17. 3G or WiFi? Can you get online anywhere…? …or do you have to find a location with WiFi?Photo credit: “iPad with Dandelion by jaredearle on
  18. 18. MiFi• Device is now FREE!• About $50 a month• Be online anywhere
  19. 19. Stay Juiced!i.Sound Portable Power Max 8,000 or 16,000 mAh for iPod, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry ~ $80 - $130
  20. 20. Stay Juiced!Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone (3G/GS, 4/4S, iPod Touch, iPad) ~ $60 - $100 Also battery packs, like iSound
  21. 21. Cool Tool: Apple TV• Mirrors your iPad or iPhone onto your TV• In-office listing presentations• How else could you use it?
  22. 22. Assess Your Mobile Tools p• What tools do you already have?• What other tools do you need to meet your mobile goals?• What will they cost?• What is your budget?
  23. 23. How Much Mobile is Right For You?• How comfortable are you with: – going mobile? – going paperless? – incorporating apps & technology into your business?• What is your typical clients’ technology skill set? How well will they adapt?• Does it fit your business plan/goals?
  24. 24. Assess Your Learning Curve p• With which tools are you already familiar?• How willing are you to make time to learn the best way to use new apps/ mobile solutions?• Can you commit to mastering one per month?
  25. 25. Your Mobile Client
  26. 26. Smartphones and Apps NAR says 45% of REALTORS® use an email enabled phone60-80% of Consumers work with the first agent who responds to them
  27. 27. Your Clients are More Mobile Than You Think • They’re surfing the web. • They love Zillow. • They’re finding properties before you are. • They don’t just want information quickly – they want it now.Photo credit: “Girl with iPhone” by andrewstclair on
  28. 28. Assess Your Clients p• What are their favorite apps?• How are they using them?• Are they comfortable with concepts such as e-signing documents and using Skype for consultations?• Do you know enough to educate?
  29. 29. Set Your Clients’ Expectations• What is your role in the transaction? – It IS NOT to find them a house. Information is everywhere – they can find their own house. – It IS to negotiate on their behalf and to advise and counsel them.• Make them your partner in the deal.• Make it about sharing information.
  30. 30. Set Your Clients’ Expectations p• Develop a script for your initial consultation that outlines your role (and theirs) in their househunt.• Enlist them as a partner in the transaction – your job is not to find them a house; your job is to negotiate on their behalf.
  31. 31. Points to ConsiderFor your script:• Remind your clients that information is everywhere – accessible by them as much as you• Put value on your market knowledge and negotiation skills
  32. 32. The Anatomy of a Mobile Office a.k.a. Your Car
  33. 33. Tour of Brian Copeland’s “Buy-Fi’ Vehicle
  34. 34. Prep Your Car• Washed and detailed – inside & out• Long day? Pack snacks and a cooler• Kids along? Entertain them (iPad, coloring books, toys)• Client tools – Old school: maps, school reports, listing sheets – New school: client iPad, useful apps
  35. 35. The Cloud
  36. 36. What is the Cloud?• Network of online, secure workspaces• Allows you to share files, collaborate on ideas, manage products, organize virtual meetings• In short, the Cloud enables you to be a REALTOR® on the go
  37. 37. How the Cloud Helps You• Paperless office – file storage is online• File sharing – send documents/share folders easily• Collaborate on documents – share ideas and create documents• Free up memory on your laptop/tablet
  38. 38. Do You Need The Cloud?Scenario: You’re working in a coffee shop andthe woman walking by stumbles, spilling hercoffee all over your laptop. What is yourreaction?A. You’re devastated. All of your data is gone.B. You panic: now you have to find all those thumb drives where you backed up your data.C. You’re slightly annoyed at the unexpected loss of your machine, but you have secured your data remotely and can pick up your work where you left off once you get home to your desktop computer.
  39. 39. 5 Basic Mobile NeedsStorage e-Signature Document PrepSocial Real Estate
  40. 40. Document Storage• Dropbox• Google Drive•• Sugar Sync• Store files for access & sharing anywhere, anytime• Mobile app on your smartphone/tablet• Store any type of file
  41. 41. DropboxFREE/paid at $9.99+/mo
  42. 42. Dropbox Pricing
  43. 43. Dropbox: Storage Solution• Always have your files with you, no matter where you are• Share your documents easily, via email• Create folders for easy organization and navigation• Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox, from your computer, phone or iPad/tablet
  44. 44. Dropbox Sample: MyListings Folder
  45. 45. E-Signature• SignMyPad• Docusign Ink• Paid transaction management options, such as Docusign & Dotloop• Sign directly on your iPad or with the click of your mouse• Mobile app on your smartphone/tablet• Create, tag, modify documents for signature
  46. 46. SignMyPad $3.99
  47. 47. SignMyPad: e-Signature Solution• Easy loading of PDFs from your email or Dropbox• Add signature to the PDF• Email signed PDF• Save signed PDF to your DropBox• Store 1 signature, with option to purchase up to 19 more• Print from iPad to a compatible AirPrint printer
  48. 48. SignMyPad: e-Signature Solution Sign with your fingertip *OR*Get an iPad stylus (inexpensive!)
  49. 49. Social Media• Hootsuite• Tweetdeck• Easily replace individual apps for each platform• Mobile app on your smartphone/tablet• Sync your various profiles for one-stop updating
  50. 50. Hootsuite for Twitter FREE
  51. 51. Hootsuite for Twitter: Social Solution• Interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn – up to 5 profiles with free account• Manage your Facebook personal profile and business page, as well as your Twitter account from 1 app• Schedule tweets/updates to go live later• Puts your social on the road with you
  52. 52. Real Estate•• Zillow• Trulia• See what your clients are seeing by using the apps they’re using• Mobile app on your smartphone/tablet
  53. 53. FREE
  54. 54. Real Estate Solution• The most accurate and up-to-date real estate listings in the U.S., updated every 15 minutes• Show homes for sale, for rent, or recently sold in any city or in your current location on a map instantly• Multiple photos, property details, open house information and pricing on nearly any home for sale• Share listings via email or social networks
  55. 55. Zillow / Trulia
  56. 56. Zillow/Trulia: Real Estate Solution• Many of the same features as• The difference? This is what your clients are using• Prepares you to see what they see and educate them about the shortcomings
  57. 57. Document Prep• PDF Expert• iAnnotate• Both are pricier apps (as apps go) - $9.99 (but it’s a one-time fee)• Never print out documents again!
  58. 58. PDF Expert $9.99
  59. 59. PDF Expert: Document Prep Solution• Highlight text• Fill in forms• Rotate individual pages• Change page order• Create notes (like, “Sign here!”)• Email, share, edit, and password protect files
  60. 60. Gmail?
  61. 61. Gmail Account Activity Reports
  62. 62. Gmail Account Activity Reports
  63. 63. Gmail Account Activity Reports
  64. 64. Boomerang for Gmail
  65. 65. Boomerang for Gmail
  66. 66. Voicemail Technology
  67. 67. Voicemail Technology• Screen calls as they come in• Get a transcribed record of each voicemail – visual record• Archive VMs and texts• Email VM files• Apps to try: – Google Voice – YouMail
  68. 68. YouMail
  69. 69. Google Voice
  70. 70. SlydialSends your calls straightto the recipient’svoicemail
  71. 71. Video on the Go:Mobile Marketing
  72. 72. Google and YouTubeNovember 2006 – Googlebuys YouTube October 2008 – YouTube reported as #2 search engine, surpassing Yahoo!
  73. 73. Video: Face-to-Face Redefined • How are you already using video? • Where can you use video? • How can you make it personal?Image courtesy of Ambro at
  74. 74. Consumers and Video• Increase length of time they’re on your site• Increase your likelihood of being found• Build trust and credibility• Help potential clients feel like they know you
  75. 75. Where Should Your Videos Be?
  76. 76. Video TipPeople love videos on YouTube, on blogs, onFacebook – here’s a quick tip:• Upload your videos to YouTube• Embed your videos into blog posts on your website• Post the link to that post (with a teaser, a line or two to make people want to click through) to your profile or business page• Send your friends/readers/fans to the link on your blog/website instead of to YouTube
  77. 77. Video AppsiMovie SocialCam Videolicious Tout Animoto
  78. 78. Videolicious
  79. 79. iMovie
  80. 80. Clesh Video Editor (Droid)
  81. 81. Tout
  82. 82. Animoto Video Slideshows
  83. 83. SocialCam
  84. 84. Video Tools Gorilla Tripod iStabilizer – to attachyour smartphone to atripod, monopod, etc. iStabilizer Monopod
  85. 85. Photo
  86. 86. Video on the Go• Video previews – FaceTime / MiFi• Video during showings• Video for listings – beyond the virtual tour• Neighborhood videos• Closing video• Photo slideshow – scared of video?
  87. 87. Video Demo with Videolicious
  88. 88. Neighborhood Video
  89. 89. Mobile Apps
  90. 90. There are Literally Hundreds of AppsPhoto credits: “iPhone Apps” by criana / “Meine iPhone Apps” by cmdrfletcher on
  91. 91. What Do You Need? • What are you looking for in an app? • What three business or personal needs could be solved by the “perfect” app? • What needs of your clients could be better served with an app?Photo credit: “speaking of effigies” by suttonhoo on
  92. 92. Don’t Start in the App Store• Make a list of every task you do – For buyers – For sellers – For your past clients – For your pipeline of potential clients• Match apps to your tasks – not the other way around
  93. 93. WRITE IT! What are 3 business and/or personal needs you have right now that you wish you had an app to solve?Photo credit: “list” by cathdew on
  94. 94. The Test of a Great Appo Does it make a daily or regular taskeasier for you?o Will you use it regularly?o Do your clients use it?o Does it make an element of yourclients’ life/transaction easier?o Do you like using it?
  95. 95. Infographics
  96. 96. QR Codes –Bridging Virtual to Mobile
  97. 97. What Is That Thing?• Explain it to your clients – don’t assume they know.• Give instruction on flyers: “Download QR Reader and scan here for more information.”
  98. 98.• More than a URL shortener• Creates and TRACKS shortened URLS, QR codes, and more
  99. 99. QR Code Fails
  100. 100. QR Code Success
  101. 101. Being Smart with QR Codes• Billboards – no• Websites – no• Moving vehicles – maybe• Lockboxes – yes• Real estate signs/riders – yes• Where else can you creatively use them?
  102. 102. More Cool Tools
  103. 103. EvernoteFREE/$45 per year
  104. 104. What Can Evernote Do For You?• Create a “Notebook” for every single client/transaction – Notes from each step of the transaction – Notes on phone calls – Send copies of emails there for archiving• Share folders with multiple team members/staff• Search notes by tags and keywords• Krisstina Wise has pioneered Evernote:
  105. 105. How Does Evernote Premium Differ?• Larger uploads• Offline notes• Edit notes together for project collaboration• Password lock• PDF search• Note history• More storage
  106. 106. Evernote for Real Estate eBook
  107. 107. Need Demographic Info?• Help you develop your marketing strategy• Help you answer those questions you’re not allowed to answer
  108. 108. Sitegeist – FREE app
  109. 109. Need to Create PDFs?• Use your Mac – from Print screen, choose Save as PDF• Download – free PDF creation application for your desktop or laptop• Use
  110. 110.• FREE online PDF converter• Keeps links in tact (for uploading to your website)• Downside: only 1 convert/30 minutes (with free service)
  111. 111. Need to Send a Fax?• JotNot Scanner (FREE) or JotNot Scanner Pro ($0.99 – regular $1.99)• TurboScan ($1.99)• CamScanner (Android - $5)• Turn your SmartPhone or Tablet into a scanner AND fax machine
  112. 112. JotNot Scanner Pro “Fax” option (99-cents for up to 5 pages)
  113. 113. Fiverr – Cheap StuffHave $5 to spare? You could get:• Professional voice-over• Cool, graffiti-style portrait• Say anything you want in an Irish accent• And so much more!
  114. 114. Gliffy – Flowcharts Galore• Create flowcharts and diagrams• FREE 30-day trial
  115. 115. SurveyMonkey• Create surveys, track results• Collect client data• FREE accounts
  116. 116. Buyer/Seller Questionnaires
  117. 117. PicMonkey• FREE online photo editing• Make collages• Add text, etc.
  118. 118. Jing• Screen capture on steroids! FREE!• Take screenshots (stills)• Record screencasts (videos)
  119. 119. KeepVid• Download videos from YouTube• No need to keep huge video files• FREE!
  120. 120. Q&A
  121. 121. Find This Presentation Online
  122. 122. Connect With