Herangel chap 5


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Herangel chap 5

  1. 1. HERANGELHuzzah Chapter 5
  2. 2. That one lounging on the bed is Time. Generation 2 spare becausehe looks exactly like his mother. He’s pestering Panic, the heir, whois a little odd cutie to me.“Hey… Hey Panic… You awake?”“No. Shh.”“Alright… Let me tell you about my date.”“UGHH!”
  3. 3. Sooo I missed her birthday… But she was in Platinum so it’s ok.That’s Johnnie Herangel. The founder. A Platinum Knowledge simwho was named after a John Mayer song.
  4. 4. I saw this guy creeping along…My thought was: please, steal the paper.Ha. Haha.. Hahahahahaha.No.
  5. 5. This little bundle of joy approached thecan with his foot blazing a trail of glorythat all the bugs in sims 2 would see andfollow to the promised land of dirty platesand stinky diapers.
  6. 6. So I greeted him and my first though was my mean little sim Time.He was asleep but I had no trouble waking him up so that he coulddeal with this random Townie problem.
  7. 7. “Put her there.”“Wow, you guys are awfully nice to a guy who just kicked over your can.”
  8. 8. “*shove*”The guy pushed back and he cried but you’re just gonna have to takemy word for it.This was an epic battle of will and Time came out victorious.
  9. 9. His eyes are so big, he looks more afraid than angry to me.
  10. 10. “Hey Little brother. Why the sudden interest in working out?”“I need more body points.”“Umm ok, why?”“I might have to fight someone and I want to be prepared.”“Alright, have fun. Be safe. Make good choices.”
  11. 11. „*slap slap*‟“Now get outta here!”“Wahhhhhhhhhh!”
  12. 12. “Panic… Panic.”“What Time? I‟m meditating.”“So? That‟s for pansies. Play Punch U with me.”“No, I‟m busy.”“Oh come on. It won‟t take long. I‟ll get you out quickly.”“*le sigh* Fine a quick game.”
  13. 13. “Remember little brother, if you hit me hard, I‟ll hit you harder.”“Oh bring it. I‟ve got like 2 nice points, what‟s the worse you can do.”“Alright… Now it‟s my turn.
  14. 14. *pow*
  15. 15. “Ow Panic!”“See didn‟t I tell you?”“Geez man, take it easy. That kinda hurt.”“Shouldn‟t have hit me.”“Yeah… I‟m going back to blogging now.”“Have fun! Feel free to meditate with me sometimes.”
  16. 16. One of the outfits I bought. I really like it.She’s a pretty (as pretty as an uglacy founder can be) elder.
  17. 17. He’s not an actual Romance sim. He doesn’t roll Wants to make outwith multiple people.He really rolls general Wants, meet someone new. Talk about hobby.Etc.So I keep inviting her because she’s the only one for whom he rollsWants.
  18. 18. I’ve never seen anyone be greeted like this! It was awesome. Itseemed a lot cooler than hate though.Like “Hey man, what’s up?”“Oh not much you know, just going for a leisurely stroll.”“Alright cool cool. Hey, I still hate you.”“Me too man, take it easy though.”
  19. 19. “I won‟t show my face. If they don‟t see my face, they don‟t know who itis.”Sorry hun, you’re the only ginger in the entire neighborhood. Wecouldn’t mistake you in the dark.
  20. 20. “How the heck do you do that??”“Awesomeness baby! And a little dedication and protein. But mostlyAwesomeness.”“I feel like you‟re lying. Now tell me the trick you little twerp.”“Alright alright. Fall season. Sheesh.”
  21. 21. I missed his birthday too…But that’s Scott, a Platinum Knowledge sim who married in for lovenot looks.
  22. 22. “Congrats! You‟re old like me now!”
  23. 23. “Is this why my bones feel so creaky?? I feel like I need to stretch all of asudden and I‟d never stretched a day before this.”“Yup! I‟ve only been old a few days and that‟s exactly how it is.”“Let‟s go do some yoga to stay fit!”
  24. 24. I took so many pictures of Scott doing yoga. It was freaking amazing.He got up on one finger!! What??How’s that possible?While Johnnie over there could barely pull a downward dogShame
  25. 25. “If he steps off that bus I‟ll kill him.”He didn’t step off that bus.
  26. 26. “Oh yay!”He’s so shy.Even with his 2 nice points.That wraps up this one!Bueno… Simolio?