More empowering affirmations


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These affirmations are to help you develop a positive, affirming life-style. Affirmations are beneficial when they are incorporated into your life on a regular, daily basis. They help to keep you alighn to your creative sources.

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More empowering affirmations

  1. 1. Beliefs are the software that runs your mind
  2. 2. I am alive, that I am and I am in love that I am and I adore the magnificence of this planet
  3. 3.  My heart is full of love, the energy love permeates every cell in my body and that energy hold everything together and I am aligned with that. I AM connected that divine energy in in this moment
  4. 4. I am choosing to let go of all judgments, all doubts and to relish the presence of being in this ocean of love that surrounds me now.
  5. 5. Iacknowledge that I am living in an abundant world. I enjoy the sunshine, the wind, the water, the fruits of the land. This planet is abundant and so I am. I have everything I need right here right now as I am aware of the sweet breath of life flowing through my physical body. I am abundance, that I am.
  6. 6. I am conscious of the abundance that is flowing into my life now and my heart fills up with gratitude and love that I am. All my needs are met as I embrace and visualize the infinite abundance of the universe. I am magnetized with money, with good health and a joyous heart, I am in bliss now.
  7. 7. I choose to observe other peoples life dramas knowing they are the actors and the background artists in their own performance even though sometimes they may project their pain and suffering unto me I am aware that it is only their projection of self and I remain free and open in the flow of life, the flow I am and I send them love.
  8. 8. I make the decision in each moment to respond with love to any situation for love transmutes all lower vibrational energies and I am love.
  9. 9. I see the magnificence of our planet earth and marvel at is awesome power and the privilege I have of being here now. I inhale the sweet fragrance of the flowers, grass, rain and snow and feel the universe within me expand as I inhaled these essences. Life is a wonderful gift and I am life.
  10. 10. Ilive in an abundant world where everything that I need exists already and my eyes see it and my mind puts it in my reach to take effortless and easily. I am an abundant spirit, that I am.
  11. 11.  The universe is in a constant state of creation, in a constant state of movement, things change all the time and and I change with the change for I am part of the universe and part of creation and a cocreator of my own life, everything goes on its cycle with little contribution from me. What I need therefore is already here and I choose to seek for what I need and the promise is that I will find it and it is so.
  12. 12.  In every moment I choose to align my thoughts, feelings and actions with the creative loving force of the universe and when I am aligned I am at my most powerful I am at full energetic throttle and can manifest anything I want.
  13. 13. I now realize that free will is the decision to move with the flow or against the flow of life. I choose to live in the flow, with the flow and be in the flow of life and enjoy my journey and the all the gifts along the way. I am the flow of life, that I am.
  14. 14. I am the master of my mind and my subconscious is my ever willing servant whom I direct as I choose. When I fail to direct my subconscious then it begins to make assumptions that affects my alignment to the spiritual force of the world, I therefore am vigilant in direction my subconscious to bring what I need for my highest good.
  15. 15. Iam imbued with a spark of the creative force which brought the universe into being and as such I am in constant creation. I create what I think about and I choose to think about what is good and wholesome for humanity at all times and as I think my needs are constantly met.
  16. 16. Iam laughter. There is opportunities to laugh at life’s dramas and my laughter releases endorphins in my physical body which strengthen my immune system and make me healthier.
  17. 17.  Today I am perfecting that spirit of nonjudgement within me for when I judge I cannot love and love is my nature, the state of being that brings me the best life has to offer. I watch and observe without judgement.
  18. 18. I consciously look for miracles, abundance and I respond with loving gratitude. My heart is a pasteur of green fertile seeds of love blossoming every minute of everyday as I water them with loving attention and grace and my heart expands so much more. I am blessed, I am health, I am abundance and I am love. That I am