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Are you plagued by Racism? Here's how to deal with it


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Help for the racist. We have all been lied to

Published in: Education
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Are you plagued by Racism? Here's how to deal with it

  1. 1. You are so loved and I love you so much
  2. 2.  Even though you might hate me let’s talk – our lives depend upon it.
  3. 3.  Bear with me and play along with me. Remember what I said – I love you even though you may not love me and you love me too even though you may not realize it.  Ready, let’s play
  4. 4.  I’m not interested in  Your name, profession, roles you play e.g. Parent, husband, wife, etc.  dig deeper – who are you?  Are you there? Can you go deeper  Who are you?
  5. 5.  What is your purpose?  This may need some time to think but you do not have to answer right away but think about it a few days.  Keep asking the questions: what is my purpose? What is my purpose – then let it go and the answer will pop into your head or someone out of the blue will give you a hint. Trust. Moving on
  6. 6.  About Race  About love  About class  About relationship  About death  Moving on
  7. 7.  Did you born with these beliefs?  Were you taught to believe in these beliefs?  Are these really what you came up with?  Did you research or investigate to come up with these beliefs
  8. 8.  How so?  How not so?  Do these beliefs make you happier  Do these beliefs make you feel healthier? 
  9. 9.  About other races than your own  About your own race?
  10. 10.  Why people behave in certain ways?  Is there any justification for their behaviours
  11. 11.  There was no country  There was no race  There was no sex  What if we were like flowers in a garden?  What then
  12. 12.  You had all the money in the world  The world was a peaceful place  Everyone got along with little disagreements  Everyone was treated as if they mattered  We respected everyone’s human rights  The world was a good place to be in
  13. 13.  How do you imagine you would feel
  14. 14.  How do you feel?  Do you feel happy?  Do you feel uncomfortable?  Do you see “the other” as human beings – wanting the same things you want? Having the same feelings as you have
  15. 15.  Why? What are you willing to give up What’s it worth to you?
  16. 16.  Today I embrace loving myself fully because I know the more I love myself the more I will love others. The love in my heart, in my mind, in my body and in my soul is lifting me to higher ground of being. My heart sings with lightness. My feet are lighter and I am seeing the beauty of God’s creation everywhere with brand new eye. And so it is.