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  1. 1. I don’t know how to make you feel that you’re the most special girl among the others. It’s always youwhose always beside me. Through my ups and downs, my happiness and sadness, you’re always there.You have witnessed me falling apart from my own self. You’ve seen me from my worst up to my bestluck of my life. You were there when I learned to embraced God’s blessings upon me. Have I thankedyou enough for doing these things? I may not be good at talks, but I speak from the bottom of my heart.But I haven’t uttered any word, you always know what I needed. I don’t need to tell you things thatcould make me happy, but you already knew what these are. How could you do that? You’re always theperson who makes me happy. You made my heart very happy. That everyone seems to notice lately. Iowe it to you. The love I’ve been waiting for. The person I’ve ever desire from God was in front of menow. How could I ever thank you? I still don’t know.I owe a lot of things from you, and I don’t know how can I pay you back from all the things you do to me.You know I can’t give you anything but only my love and care for you. I will support you as best as Icould. You can have me forever, GG. Di ako mawawala. You can bring me wherever you go, basta andunka! You know that I love to be with you. In any place in the world! Even just walking on the street, it’sthe time I think of no worries at all. Then we’ll have a cup of coffee, talking some stuffs and funny thingsthat happened that day or a week before. Taking me on trips, it relaxes me. Very enjoying.Taking up this DREAM(law), we’ll help ourselves out all the time. I won’t forget every little things youdo..and I will value it as precious as my life.Thank you for lifting me up to God..for submitting all my trials to Him. Thank you. You filled me with somuch love, care, happiness and life. I was reborn when we meet again. And when I’m with you, myfears’ all gone. I’ve had hope. To live and love again. Sabi ko nga sa’yo, I will choose life para sa’yo.Thank you for understanding me when I always do mistakes.. I know, gusto mo nang sumabog sa galitnung nagpasaway ako.. sorry nga pala ‘don.. I know u worried a lot. So do i. Nagworry din ako nun coz Imissed out a lot. Sorry for my shortcomings, sorry for messing up. Sorry for hurting you. I wish I couldturn back time..but this serves as a lesson of my life. And now, I won’t disappoint you. Makikinig na’kosa’yo! Kasi love kita.I hope ‘di ka magsawa talaga sa’kin. Coz I will be needing you forever. Kasi nga dakilang palpak ako.Sablay queen! But I’m making myself better coz I am embraced by a great community. I am no nobodynow. I am so pleased to be a part of them. I feel like I belong. And I’m glad, na andun ka din kasama ko.Hope you could really find your happiness..coz I’ll admit, i am not good enough for you. I can’t give youthat happiness. But I will be always here for you, no matter what. Basta ‘yung walang hassle, right?!Hopefully, there’s someone who could love you really best. How can we blame you for not having so?!You’re almost perfect. The ideal girl of everybody. Every man’s dream. Very intimidating? Out of reach?Nahh.. you’re a woman whose very loving, caring, thoughtful, intelligent and down-to-earth. A womanwith principles in life. With dignity, purity and with her very own self. A woman who has more love togive.. a woman who has more of herself to give. Kaya sana, kung sino man ‘yon..pahalagahan ka nyanang mas higit pa sa pagpapahalaga at pagmamahal namin sa’yo! O kahit ‘di nya mahigitan, kahitmapantayan man nya lang ‘yon! Solve na’ko. You know that I always want the best for you. You deserveto be happy. You deserve to be loved.GG, I love you so much. Sana mapunan ko yung emptiness na nararamdaman mo.. mapasaya sana kitawhenever you’re lonely. Samahan kita, whenever you’re alone. Gusto kong maging matapang saharapan mo..para kahit pa’no lumakas ang loob mo.. Kahit mahina ako, sana maging strength mo din
  2. 2. ‘ko whenever you’re confused or when you’re down..or pag natataranta ka na or pag gusto mo nangbumigay. You can cry, scream and smile on me.. yes, you can weep..just close your eyes, let it out onme. close your eyes so won’t feel them.. ayoko nakikita ka nasasaktan, nahihirapan. Kung pwede ngalang ako na lang, mas sanay ako dun eh. I wish I could be the one who catches all your tears..tell youeverything’s gonna be alright..pero c sol lang ako..I may not be the best comforter, but I’m more than willing to lend my hands and ears. I’m only good atlistening, kaya kahit sa anong paraan sana ma-appreciate mo and at least, it may lessen the pain you’refeeling. And whenever I’m not around, remember there’s a heaven above you. There’s always Godbefore us. He loves you more than I do.Happy birthday, GG. I wish all the best in life for you.You know you’re my God’s gift. I thanked God for giving you to me. And I thank your mom and your dadfor bringing you into this world. I thank the moment you shared your life with me. I thank your work kasinandito ka na ulit sa tabi ko. Basta, stay happy. With or without me. Stay cool and astig! Stay sexy andgorgeous. Stay kind and humble. Stay healthy, of course. Un nga, pag nagkasakit ka pa.. pa’no na ‘ko?!No worries. And love love love. God bless, g! People say good sisters are hard to find, but the best wasalready mine. I love you G!May the rock be with you!!As the Bible says, “You are like a rock.. who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle. Thankyou, for you are my rock, my fortress!”