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final thought


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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final thought

  1. 1. Hi Friends,Thank you for being so patient, reviewing the Power Thoughts.This is the final presentation.From now on, you will be ableto create your own Power Thoughtsthrough positive thinkingas you go along on this joyous journeythrough Life.Let us review the fourth 20 PowerThoughts before moving on to the -
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  3. 3. There was a time when we all ate natural,healthy foods. Today we have to pick our waybetween the junk and processed non-foods tofind simple, healthy food. I have found thatthe simpler I eat, the healthy I am. Give yourbody the foods that grow, and you will grow. I take loving care of my body. I eat healthy foods. I drink healthy beverages. My body responds by being in tip-top shape all the time.
  4. 4. I refuse to feed my wonderful animals any junkor canned foods. Their bodies are as importantas mine. We all take good care of ourselves. I lovingly communicate with my animals, and they let me know how I can make them happy, both mentally and physically. We live joyfully together. I am in harmony with all of Life.
  5. 5. I love the earth, and the earth loves me. I doeverything I can to make it rich and productive. Every plant I lovingly touch responds by growing forth in all its glory. House plants are happy. Flowers are vibrantly beautiful.Fruits and vegetables are abundant and delicious. I am in harmony with nature.
  6. 6. The mind that contributes to creating an illness isthe same mind that can create wellness. The cellsin our body are constantly responding to themental atmosphere within us. Like people, they dotheir best work in a happy, loving environment. Sofill your Life with joy and you will be happy andhealthy. I connect with the healing energies of the Universe to heal myself and all around me who are ready to be healed. I know that my mind is a powerful healing tool.
  7. 7. The way we treat elders now is the way we willbe treated when we become older. I believe thatour later years can become our treasure years,and we can all become ELDERS OF EXCELLENCE,living our lives in rich and full ways andcontributing to the wellness of or society. I treat the elders in my Life with the utmost love and respect, for I know they are a wise and wonderful source of knowledge, experience, and truth.
  8. 8. I always send love to angry drivers on the road. Iam aware that they don’t know what they aredoing to themselves. Anger creates angrysituations. A long time ago, I gave up being angryat poor drivers. I am not going to ruin my daybecause you do not know how to drive. I bless mycar with love and send love ahead of me on theroad. Because I do this, I seldom have angrydrivers around me. They are off causing troublefor other angry drivers. I lovingly share the roadand almost always arrive right on time no matterwhat the traffic is. We take our consciousnesseverywhere; where you go, your mind goes. And itattracts like experiences. When I am driving my vehicle,I am completely safe, relaxed, and comfortable.I bless the other drivers on the road with love.
  9. 9. We all dance to a different drummer and arefulfilled by different kinds of music. What isuplifting to one person can be a dreadful noise toanother. I have a friend who plays meditationmusic for her trees, and it drives her neighborsnuts.I fill my Life with harmonious and uplifting music that enriches my body and soul. Creative influences surround and inspire me.
  10. 10. Time alone and inner time gives us the chanceto renew our spirits. And inner time gives us theguidance we need. I deserve rest and quiet when I need it, and I create a space in my Life where I can go to get what I need. I am at peace with my solitude.
  11. 11. Our clothes, our cars, and our homes reflect theway we feel about ourselves. A scattered mindwill produce scattered objects everywhere. As webring peace and harmony to our thoughts, ourappearance and all our possessions automaticallybecome harmonious and pleasing. I groom myself every morning and wear clothes that reflect my appreciation and love of Life. I am beautiful inside and out.
  12. 12. Time stretches when I need more and shrinkswhen I need less. Time is my servant, and I useit wisely. Here and now, in this moment, all iswell. I have plenty of time for each task that I need to perform today. I am a powerful personbecause I choose to live in the Present Moment.
  13. 13. We do our best work when we give ourselves shortperiods of rest. A five-minute break every twohours sharpens our minds. So too, vacation timebenefits the mind and body. The workaholics whonever rest or play become very intense people.They are seldom fun to be around. The child in usneeds to play. If our inner child is not happy,then neither are we. I plan vacations for myself in order to rest my mind and body. I stay within my budget and always have a wonderful time. I return to work relaxed and refreshed.
  14. 14. We need contact with all generations. Senior condos andretirement communities lack the laughter of children.Connecting with children keeps us young at heart. The childin us loves to play with children. Children love me, and they feel safe around me. I let them come and go freely. My adult self feels appreciated and inspired by children.
  15. 15. I always go to sleep with loving thoughts to laythe groundwork for the work I do in my dreams.Loving thoughts bring loving answers. I know that many of the questions I have about Life can be answered as I sleep. I clearly remember my dreams when I wake up each morning.
  16. 16. When we allow negative people to fill our lives, itbecomes much harder to stay positive ourselves.So don’t allow yourself to be dragged down withother people’s negative thinking. Choose yourfriends with care. My friends and relatives exude love and positive energy, and I return these feelings. I know that I may have to release people from my Life who are not supportive of me.
  17. 17. Every bill you pay is evidence that someonetrusted in your ability to earn the money. Sosprinkle love in all your financial transactions,including the IRAS. Think of taxes as paying rentto the country. I write my cheques and pay my bills with gratitude and love. I always have enough money in my bank account to take care of the necessities and luxuries in my Life.
  18. 18. Daily connection with our inner child, the littleone you once were, contributes to our wellness.At least once a week, take your inner child byhand and spend some time with it. Do somespecial things together --- things you loved todo when you were little. The child in me knows how to play and love and wonder. As I support this part of me, it opens the door to my heart, and my Life is enriched.
  19. 19. Ask and ye shall receive. The Universe lies insmiling repose, waiting for me to ask. It is easy for me to ask for help when I need it. I feel safe in the midst of change, knowing that change is a natural law of Life. I am open to the love and support of others.
  20. 20. Gifts are wonderful to exchange, but evengreater is the love you can share with everyoneyou meet. Celebrating holidays with my family and friends is always enjoyable. We always make time for laughter and express gratitude for the many blessings of Life.
  21. 21. Try thanking everyone you meet today forsomething. You will be delighted with how much itmeans to them. You will receive more than yougive. I beam kind and loving thoughts to store clerks, restaurant workers, law enforcement personnel, and all others whom I encounter during the day. All is well in my world.
  22. 22. When a friend comes to you with a problem, itdoesn’t necessary mean they want you to fix it.Probably all they want is a sympathetic ear. Agood listener is a valuable friend. I am in tune with other people’s thoughts and emotions. I give advice and support to my friends when they ask for it, and just listen with love when that is appropriate.
  23. 23. Loving the earth is something we can all do. Ourbeautiful earth provides everything we need, andwe need to honor her at all times. Saying a smallprayer for the earth every day is a loving thing todo. The health of this planet is very important. Ifwe do not take care of our planet, where will welive? I bless this planet with love. I nourish the vegetation. I am kind to the creatures. I keep the air clean. I eat natural food and use natural products. I am deeply grateful for, and appreciative of being alive. I contribute to harmony, wholeness, and healing. I know peace begins with me. I love my Life. I love my world.