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Day 2 gender workshop- recap by Dina


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Published in: Science
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Day 2 gender workshop- recap by Dina

  1. 1. Issues Addressed • Cross-cutting technologies for gender mainstreaming – Livestock-crop systems – Water Management in agricultural system – Seed systems – Innovation Platform (strategic research? Women’s involvement in decision-making) • Keep in mind scientists’ technologies are in the center
  2. 2. Issues Left• Write up of integrative research 3-year plan • Identify and write up of strategic research 3-year plan (budget later) • Norms and agency study? • IP and gender, link to IDO 4? • Extension services • M and E • Communication • Working together • Science Workshop • Capacity building needs • Women’s Scholarship (I will distribute later) • Boundary organizations (Jennie covered in her presentation) • Other issues in parking lot: e.g., how to engage biophysical scientists
  3. 3. Jennie’s Feedback • Livestock, water and seeds are very good technologies for gender research. Also there's quite a bit of existing research to build on. • Each Flagship select 1 technology for its Region, based on priorities in the Flagship/action sites, and the openness of the relevant biophysical scientists to engage in gender research. • They could also take account of past and on-going work on gender/socio-economics on which they could draw to contribute to a multidisciplinary team developing this integrated (systems) ex ante diagnostic analysis and thus mainstreaming gender throughout the research cycle.