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CID and Predictive Policing at the 2015 European Police Congress in Berlin


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Today, Predictive Policing often refers to the analysis of big, structured data. The addition of unstructured information such as situation and field reports, filed charges, case information, and more means a powerful extension of knowledge and predictive analytics capabilities.

This presentation was held during a panel discussion on Predictive Policing at the 2015 European Police Congress in Berlin, Germany.

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CID and Predictive Policing at the 2015 European Police Congress in Berlin

  1. 1. CID GmbH • Digitization of Business Processes since 1997 • Software Development based on Microsoft .net Pattern Science AG • Research & Development on Text Mining, Semantics & Machine Learning since 2007 • Scientific Cooperations CID Consulting GmbH • Technology-focused Consulting since 2008 • Implementation of Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Processes Hasselroth, Germany • 160 Employees • Founded 1997 Enterprise-ready Software Solutions for Efficient Processes combined with Innovative Research and Development Delivering Smart Answers
  2. 2. Mission at Police Services Situation Overview Analysis of Confiscated Data Analysis of Paper-based Files Analysis of Investigation Records, Documents, etc.
  3. 3. Predictive Policing Predictive Policing Crime Statistics Population Data Weather Data Social MediaSituation Reports Filed Charges Situation Analyses Case Information
  4. 4. Text Mining & Semantic Analysis Study/N:/PM Higher/ADJ/high tides/N/tide from/ADP climate change/N likely/ADJ to/O make/V hurricane/N flooding/N worse/ADJ High/ADJ tides/N/tide have/V been/V/be getting/V/get higher/ADJ/high and/CONJ low/ADJ tides/N/tide lower/ADJ/low at/ADP cities/N/city around/ADP the/DET Gulf/N of/ADP Mexico/N,/PM according/V to/ADP a/DET new/ADJ study/N produced/V/produce in/ADP part/N by/ADP scientists/N/scientist at/ADP the/DET University/N of/ADP South/N Florida/N./PM Mark/N Luther/N,/PM associate/N professor/N of/ADP physical/ADJ oceanography/N,/PM said/V/say that/CONJ those/DET extreme/ADJ swings/N/swing have/V increased/V/increase since/ADP the/DET 1990s/N./PM Tokenization Part of Speech Tagging Lemmatization Keyword Analysis Named Entity Type Recognition Named Entity Identification
  5. 5. Data Consolidation Semantic Knowledge Base Unstructured Data Structured Data Empowering Emergency Response Systems Using Social Media
  6. 6. Analysis
  7. 7. Solution Data Collection • CORPUS® crawls web data, imports files, integrates with data bases and other systems (e.g. CRM, ERP,...) • Focusing on text, CORPUS® additionally provides processing and analysis of structured data (e.g. financial figures).
  8. 8. Solution Data Collection Processing • Automated Processing of imported data: • Automated Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis for the exact indexing of keywords, names and other concepts • Special, customer-related Taxonomies
  9. 9. Solution Data Collection Processing • Real-time Search and Analysis for Interactive Exploration • Semantic Faceted Search for precise and thorough results • Topic Search to answer vaguely described questions • Automated summary of result sets for a quick overview and additional impulses Search
  10. 10. Search Solution Data Collection Processing Visualize & Share • Automated Text Analysis for a first overview: • Significant keywords and topics representing an aggregated overview of large data sets • Content-based and statistical relationships between documents, actors, ...
  11. 11. Solution Processing Visualize & Share • Automated processing incorporating Digital Image Analysis, Text Mining and Semantics • Quick Overview of content and correlations using Significance and Topic Analysis • Interactive exploration based on Semantic Search and Topic Search with real-time content analysis SearchData Collection
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