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Latest corp big data and acme

  1. 1. Hooduku IncWe refined SaaS!“SaaS is Solutions as a Service and not justSoftware as a Service”We can help solvemissing puzzleswith your Big dataneedsWe know Big data and have implemented solutions for customers andnot just proof of concept solutionsPS: ACME is a fictional organization. Real customer name cannot be shared dueto NDA
  2. 2. Summary• Over 50 years of combined techno-functionalexperience building enterprise systems andproducts for companies like Amazon, SeeBeyond(Oracle), HP, Microsoft, several startups andindustry verticals such as Baker Hughes,EaglerockEnergy&AmericanMidstream, CISCO&Netgear• Background and experience building enterpriseapplication integrations, Systems integration,Data mining, Big data analytics , Datavisualization products and solutionsHow can we help?• We can help you with implement bestin class Big data solution to improveyour ability to reaching out tocustomers quickly, be competitivefrom both costs and product offeringand orchestrate a smarter inventory.Skills & ExpertiseAgileMethodologies/ProjectManagementBig Data (Hadoop)Building large scale ETLtool – Retail & FinanceBatch Processing/Realtime processingleveraging Hadoop MapReduce/StormBig Data for RetailIndustrySpecialization•We specialize in providing tangible technical/business solutions, which impactsemployee/staff productivity and customers measured immediately, but will deliversubstantial returns gradually over 3-6 months or longer.• The fees we charge are by far the best in the industry considering the vast industryexperience we bring to the table.
  3. 3. Hadoop/Big data• In year 2006 – built a verticalized search engine foremployers and job seekers. The Nutch Search engine wascustomized to provide the search capabilities.• Hadoop clusters were used to run parallel job crawlers andcustom crawlers.• Drupal CMS was the front end to show filters and searchresults.• Project was shelved in 2007, since the idea was new andlack of funding.Xervmon: Cloud Cost Management analytics• Leveraged HadoopClusters to run map reduce jobs toexecute projection algorithm and store real time costprojections in shardedmongodb in order to scale projectionson large data sets• Helped Build data visualization charts leveraging D3 andGoogle Charts leveraging LAMP Stack – custom app.• Currently extending the architecture to support Graphite DB,Hadoop and mongodb to support System and applicationperf. stats.• Built a home grown data collection engine to supportmultiple cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, RackspaceCloud, HP Cloud, Softlayer and several ISPs such asTimewarner and Comcast.• Helped build home grown Analytical framework to projectcosts on dynamic costing scenarios for Cloud within in SMEsegment.• Currently team is executing plan to provide enterprise gradeturn key cloud management solution.Big data technologies allow you to deal with massively large datasets. Common applications are meteorology, genomics,connectomics, complex physics simulations, biological andenvironmental research, Internet search, finance and businessinformatics.Technologies like Hadoop, Pig, Hive, R and many others are thereto help you overcome limitations of capturing, storing, search,sharing, analyzing and visualizing of large datasets.We can help you configure and deploy such technologies to suityour particular needs.Mobile Apps• We have developed several apps for Apple and Google Play devices.• Several apps developed by us is available onItunes or Google Play store.
  4. 4. Case study: Big Data in Houston based companyCustomer sources natural gas and distributes tocustomers.The Client owns and operatespipelines in gulf coastApart from measuring equipments, SCADA(supervisory control and dataacquisition)and Flow cal is implemented for1. Data acquisition over AMS network2. Natural gas measurements.P1P2P3Oil Inbound streamsG1G2SQLServer1G3SCADA/FlowCAL SQLServer2Cluster SharepointBusinessIntelligenceJob1-JobnJob -1 – n are batch jobsSourcing data from ODBCcompliant DB and dumpinginto SQLServer ClusterReporting and businessanalytics apps are written tobe accessible via SharepointPortal and mobile devicesReports on the GoFor business folks
  5. 5. Potential Big data - Retail Solution• Busiest shopping time of the year– and one video game is flying off the shelves.– Retailer reacted quickly to this demand has the advantageSource Historical dataEnterpriseDataLoyaltyProgramsSocialMediaWebBrowsingPatternsPreparing for future demand. Predicting trendsand preparing for future demandsA Retailer Acme wants tobe retail leaderPredict hot items for the seasonCombine data withrelevant informationAnalytics 0%50%100%DockersJockeyCalvin KlienCreate models of trends – leading products, brands &categories
  6. 6. EnterpriseDataLoyaltyProgramsSocialMediaWebBrowsingPatternsAnalyticsCustomerTransactions ($/£/€/¥)Local Buzz05MidWestWestCoastEastCoastSouthWestDemographic DataAsiansAmericansSpanishResearch DataShoppingPatternsPredict areas where demand is highestBrick & MortarOnline
  7. 7. Actionable Insights derived from Bid data analyticsTrends of hot products, brands andcategoriesPredict areas of demandsStock up and deliver the productsfor which demands exist across Brick and Mortar locations Online (Location aware throughconsumer traffic online – so stock upin distribution center closest tocustomer. Products Categories BrandsDemand /Activity/ValueCustomerDemandCompetitorActivityShareholderValue$39.99Derive price optimization modelsReal time analytics to synchronize prices hourlywith demand inventory & CompetitionCustomerDemandCompetitorActivityShareholderValueAcme’s Price
  8. 8. Pinpoint & SegmentationEnterpriseDataLoyaltyProgramsSocialMediaWebBrowsingPatternsAnalyticsSocial MediaForumsCustomerLoyaltyBrowsingPatternsDemographicDataSegment customers according toexpected buying behaviorDrive customersto nearest Kohlsif they are inright directionEngage customers withpersonalized real time offersPre orderpopularitemsSpendand earngift cards$15 offexclusivebundle
  9. 9. How can we help?• Hooduku can set up best in class Big datainfrastructure to– Perform deeper analytics on all data– Find meaningful patterns and hidden insights– Help Acme Inc to use the insights to create bestshopping experience and influence purchase decisionsto their customers and edge out competitionOut of stockAnticipate demandAvailability at right locationDynamic PricingRelevant PromotionsTimely offers10% higherprice
  10. 10. Q & A• Thank YouPartial Clients• WE help y