Health System Priorities in Canada: Perspectives from different stakeholders


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Presentation made at the 2011 CAHSPR conference by Anne Brasset Latulippe, OT, MSc, Policy and Research Analyst, CHSRF

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  • Transformation takes a long time and the change isoftenincremental and sometimesthereiswindow of opportunitieslike the end of the health accord 2014.The HealthcareFinancing and Transformation branchwhich I am part of at CHSRF has a program of workthataimsatdeveloping a vision for transformation.Manydifferentviewpointsneed to betakenintoaccount in order to inform the process:Today the focus is on Strategy to improvehealth by targetingparticularillnessThe perspective of provinces and territories
  • The overall goal of this project wasto identify what are the current priorities for healthcare system reform and transformation across the different provincial and territorial health system jurisdictions in Canada.DATA SOURCES
  • Can we see commonality amongst specific disease strategies and strategic initiatives at the P/T level?
  • Criteria: morbidity and mortalityTo identify the current priorities and approaches to transformation as defined by leading health risk -diseased based stakeholder communities, the selection of the key health risk-diseases will be based on the CHSRF Quality of Care in Canada: A Chartbook by Leatherman and Sutherland (2010) , this is an overview of disease important in Canada (Table 1.1, p.25) which is show below. Sources: Statistic Canada, online a; CIHI, 2001; Health Canada, 1998
  • Framework Analysis qualitative approachwasusedwhichisoften use in policyresearch.Framework Analysis(Srivastava& Thomson,2009).Familiarization: immersion in the raw dataIdentifying a thematicframework: data identifythemes and issuesIndexing: NVivoCharting: Mapping and interpretation: using the part to define concepts, map the range of nature and phenomenaSrivastava, A. & Thomson, S. B. (2009).Framework Analysis: A Qualitative Methodology for Applied Policy Research. JOAAG, Vol. 4. No. 2
  • The first thingsthatemergesfrom the data are the themes (pale blue) and thentheyweregroupedintoemergingcategoriesthat I justdescribed. This is the broadpicture for Canada. This chartincludes the themesthatwerementioned more than 15 times in the jurisdictions.The final report alsoincludes the results for the themesmentioned in everyjurisdictions and in more than 50% of the jurisdictions as well .
  • Access, quality of care and sustainabilitywere the themesmentioned the mostoftenacross the strategic documents of the provinces and territories.Quality of care has also been linked to efficiency, effectiveness, access and patient satisfaction (Gröne as cited in Wiersma)Improvingaccess relates to the value of equity. Policymakersalsoaim for system thatis of quality and thatissustainable.
  • Introduce the categorySummary of the most common themes across strategies present in 80% of the disease strategiesA number of themes were present in all strategies, they are: Preventioneducationpolicypartnershipsperformance measurementresearch, recommendations and developmentperson-centred care
  • Top threeacrossstrategies: Prevention, education and knowledgetransfer and exchangePrevention of course related to the elementsthatcanbedoneupstream to avoiddisease, educationisalso part of it but alsoapplies to the notion of healthliteracy and how to empowerindividualwho are sickespeciallythosesufferingfromchronicdiseaseKnowledgetransfer and exchange are tools to improve practices but isalso part of education.
  • Health System Priorities in Canada: Perspectives from different stakeholders

    1. 1. Health System Priorities in Canada: Perspectives from different stakeholders<br />Anne Brasset Latulippe, OT, MSc, Policy and Research Analyst, CHSRF<br />May 11th, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Context: Transformation and CHSRF<br />What do we want to achieve? <br />Developa vision for transformation<br />Different perspectives<br />P/T<br />Advocate for particular diseases / illnesses<br />Health professionals<br />Citizens, etc.<br />
    3. 3. EnvironmentalScan 1: Healthprioritiesin Canada<br />Research questions:<br />What are the health priorities for system<br />transformation by provinces and territories?<br />What are the convergent themes across Canada<br />Data sources:<br /> - Strategic plans<br />
    4. 4. EnvironmentalScan 2: Strategic initiatives by groups focusing on particularillnesses.<br />Research Questions:<br />What are the common themes across the different health risk strategies? <br />Where do elements align in support of a transformation vision?<br />
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Methodology<br />Framework Analysis(Srivastava& Thomson,2009).<br />Familiarization<br />Identifying a thematicframework<br />Indexing<br />Charting<br />Mapping and interpretation<br />
    7. 7. Categories for Health Systems Priorities<br />
    8. 8. Scan 1: Results for jurisdictions<br />
    9. 9. Scan 1: Results for jurisdictions<br />
    10. 10. Scan 1: Results for jurisdictions<br />Access<br />Quality of care <br />Sustainability<br />
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Scan 2: Results<br />Prevention<br />Education<br />Knowledgetransferand exchange<br />
    13. 13. Discussion: Common areas <br />
    14. 14. Conclusion<br />Strong convergence: <br />Person-centred care<br />Integrated care<br />Access<br />Quality of care<br />Equity<br />Prevention<br />Accountability<br />Next steps:<br />Platform for discussion across the country consensus conference<br />
    15. 15. QUESTIONS/FEEDBACK?<br />Anne Brasset Latulippe, OT, MSc<br />HealthcareFinancing, Innovation and Transformation<br /><br />
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