Is Your Developer's Head in the Cloud? May 7 Webinar


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Is Your Developer's Head in the Cloud? May 7 Webinar

  1. 1. Windows AzureDevelopment Webinar Series
  2. 2. Quick FactsAbout Us• 23nd Year• Grand Rapids &Royal Oak• 30 StaffApproach• VendorIndependent• Non-reseller• ProfessionalServices OnlyPartnerships• Microsoft Gold• VMwareEnterprise• Citrix Silver• Cisco Premier• Novell Gold
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold PartnerCompetenciesFour GoldEight SilverSuccessesCustomerExcellence AwardVirtual TechnicalSpecialist (VTSP)Managed PartnerNumerous PartnerAwardsPinpointMicrosoft’s officialpartner directory5-star rating
  4. 4. Expertise
  5. 5. Get Social with C/D/
  6. 6. Your PresenterMark SassinConsultantMCTS SharePoint ApplicationDevelopment, MCPD WindowsAzure
  7. 7. My First Computer (Actually, Dad’s)Circa 1985
  8. 8. Pedigree• Programmed first computersomewhere in the 80s.• BS of Computer Science in2005• Programming for everythingMicrosoft starting in 2003• SharePoint programmingstarting with version 2007• Multiple significant projects inmy career involved OCR• Web, Windows, services,cloud and everything inbetween today
  9. 9. Azure – History• CTP Oct 2008• Initial commercial launch on Feb 2010
  10. 10. Azure – Feature Set
  11. 11. Azure – Feature Set
  12. 12. Azure – Feature Set• Today’s core feature set– Websites– VMs– Cloud Svcs• Also included– Data Mgmt (SQL/NoSQL)– Business Analytics– Caching– Networking– Recovery Svcs
  13. 13. Azure – Where?
  14. 14. Azure – Competitors• Amazon Web Svcs• Google App Engine• Heroku /• IBM SmartCloud Svcs
  15. 15. Azure Development• Sign up at• Check yourorganization’smembership level
  16. 16. Azure - Websites
  17. 17. Azure – Cloud Services
  18. 18. Azure – Virtual MachinesWindows Server and LinuxFlexible Workload SupportVirtual Private Networking
  19. 19. Azure – SQL
  20. 20. Azure – Blobs
  21. 21. Azure – Identity
  22. 22. Azure Development• Features needed– Web vs VM vs Cloud Svcs• Language support• Deployment options• The Gallery
  23. 23. Let’s Imagine the Possibilities
  24. 24. Azure in Visual Studio• Create an ASP.NET web app• Run it without Azure• Run it with the Azure emulator• Run it against SQL Azure• Publish it– Stage– Production
  25. 25. Azure in Visual Studio• Create an ASP.NET web app– A MVC3 site, for example
  26. 26. Azure in Visual Studio• Run it without Azure
  27. 27. Azure in Visual Studio• Download Azure SDK– Add a project
  28. 28. Azure in Visual Studio• Run it with the Azure emulator
  29. 29. Azure in Visual Studio• Can run a web app against SQL Azure inthe cloud• Publish it– Stage– Production
  30. 30. Everyone still with me?
  31. 31. The Gallery in Azure• The Gallery– WordPress, et all• Walk through
  32. 32. Scaling Azure Deployments• Initial deployment• Post-deployment
  33. 33. Azure – Shared?• Shared– SQL– Web hosting– Cache• Reserved
  34. 34. Azure – VMs• VMs in the Gallery• VMs you upload
  35. 35. Imagine the Possibilities• Getting to market faster• Running the latest versions of server software• Mixed environment with on-prem and cloudsvcs• Offloading and scaling during peak use• Extend/integrate with your server products– SharePoint and other CMS products– BizTalk– TFS– File storage
  36. 36. A Real-World Example• Setup an environment once a year– Reload last year’s data– Run a clear of user submissions– Update certain data sets– Test for correctness• Infrastructure cannot change for technologies implemented– Version of .NET– Version of SQL• Ideally, keep VM for quick stand up of environment nextyear• Let’s use Azure!
  37. 37. A Real-World Example• Routes you can take• The route we took– “Vanilla” Windows 2008 R2 OS in Gallery– Install and configure SQL 2005• Support client needs– Load required database assets– Install pre-reqs for ASP.NET website built on older .NET framework– Deploy and configure customized ASP.NET web app
  38. 38. A Real-World Example• Takeaways?– A great success• Met all requirements• Ran flawlessly for all technologies– Easily backed up– Reusable for future work• Client needs site once a year for approximately a month – perfect solution!– What to pay attention to?• Size of your VM
  39. 39. Everyone still with me?
  40. 40. Another Real-World Example• Aging single-server on-premise– Already hosting many services• Need to offer new services to customerselectronically• No full-time programmer available• Ease administration overhead and allow thecustomer to provide updates electronically• Provide additional value to customers• Create a platform for future growth andpotential
  41. 41. Another Real-World Example• A full cloud implementation– Worker Role• Performs monthly emails• Shares a common DL with Web Role– Web Role• SQL Azure• ASP.NET with C#– EF– MVC– Membership– Bootstrap– Email integration
  42. 42. Another Real-World Example• Takeaways?– Successful launch– Growing monthly in use– Provides value to the provider and theconsumer– Creates a base for future projects• Collaboration• Integration• Mobile experience and/or “apps”
  43. 43. Imagine the PossibilitiesAzure and similar cloud services can help you deliver the goods!
  44. 44. Royal Oak306 S. Washington Ave.Suite 212Royal Oak, MI 48067(248) 546-1800Grand Rapids15 Ionia SWSuite 270Grand Rapids, MI 49503(616) 776-1600Thank