Deploy, Scale and Manage your Microsoft Investments with AWS


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AWS Summit 2014 Brisbane - Breakout 6

Many IT professionals are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy, scale and manage fully supported Microsoft Windows Server workloads and Windows Server applications such as SharePoint Server, SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server that are fully supported on the AWS Cloud. Attend this session to find out

- How to determine your licensing strategy in the cloud
- Modernizing your Windows 2003 Servers applications before End of Support
- AWS .net benefits and services and many more

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Deploy, Scale and Manage your Microsoft Investments with AWS

  1. 1. © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Microsoft Workloads on AWS Bonnie Donovan, Amazon Web Services
  2. 2. AWS Relationship with Microsoft •  AWS committed to delivering the best experience for Microsoft customers •  Member of the Microsoft Partner Network •  AWS has Achieved gold level in the Hosting Competency •  AWS has a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) partner •  Customers running Microsoft workloads are supported
  3. 3. Windows Workloads on AWS Your Solutions at Your Scale Powered by AWS
  4. 4. Why customers use AWS for Microsoft Workloads Time Scalability Cost Flexibility •  Save time and gain agility by reducing the time required to provision infrastructure from months or weeks to minutes •  As their SharePoint environment grows, they can expand to meet demand •  SharePoint 2013 requires additional hardware capacity to run compared to previous versions •  Avoid up-front capital expenses and paying only for resources they use •  With license mobility they can leverage their existing investment into their Microsoft licenses •  Configure and customize your SharePoint and Exchange environment •  Leverage 3rd party applications and add-ons
  5. 5. On-Demand Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments For spiky workloads, or to define needs Many Purchase Models to Support Different Needs Reserved Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge For committed utilization Spot Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand For time-insensitive or transient workloads Dedicated Launch instances within Amazon VPC that run on hardware dedicated to a single customer For highly sensitive or compliance related workloads Free Tier Free usage & no commitment with up to 750 hours per month for instances running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 For POCs and getting started 2/20/2014 Amazon Web Services,
  6. 6. Microsoft Cloud Licensing •  Windows Server Licenses –  Regardless if you have Software Assurance (SA) or not, you cannot use your existing Windows Server License to run in a Public or Private Cloud. –  Your Windows Server license only covers on premise servers.
  7. 7. Microsoft Platform on AWS •  Partnership to support running Windows Server-based workloads on AWS •  Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with Windows Server and SQL Server today that were jointly developed by Microsoft and AWS •  SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Lync, Dynamics, RDS, Exchange and other Microsoft server products can be licensed to run on AWS Microsoft “License Mobility through Software Assurance” gives Microsoft Volume Licensing customers the flexibility to deploy Windows Server applications with active Software Assurance (SA) on Amazon Web Services. Two licensing models: • Windows Server • SQL Server Standard Pay-as-you-go – AMI pricing includes software • SQL Server Enterprise • SharePoint Server • Other qualifying Microsoft Windows Server products* BYOL – use existing licenses on AWS *General info on AWS and License Mobility for a variety of MS server products: Detail on AWS and License Mobility with SQL Server:
  8. 8. Over 20 Windows + SQL AMIs to Choose from •  Windows Server 2012, R2 •  Windows Server 2012 + SQL 2012/14 Standard, Web & Express •  Windows Server 2008 •  Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2012 Standard, Web & Express •  Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2008 Standard, Web & Express •  Other Windows/SQL based AMIs…. •  7 Windows OS versions, in up to 19 languages •  11 SQL Server versions/editions 8
  9. 9. Window and .NET Developer Center One stop for all tools, documentation, scripts, videos, and sample code to help you run .NET on the AWS Cloud 9 Develop Design, Build, and Run .NET on AWS •  AWS SDK for .NET •  AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio •  .NET container for deploying on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Manage Automate and Scale Windows on AWS •  AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Connect Get connected and join the community of developers running Windows and .NET on AWS •  Community Forum •  AWS on Github Learn Expand and Explore the possibility for .NET on AWS •  Links to valuable articles •  Sample code to download
  10. 10. Reference Architectures
  11. 11. Dole runs Microsoft SharePoint in AWS AWS really helps us increase operational efficiency and so far, saved us at least $350,000. Chris Romes Sr. Director of Engineering Substantial increase in efficiency and reliability SharePoint instances can be added in minutes Supports globally distributed BI and mobile applications
  12. 12. Options for Running SQL Server on AWS SQL Server on Amazon EC2 "   License Included or (BYOL) "   Use provided AMIs or install on EC2 (same licensing) "   Full SQL setup, tools, administration, etc. "   User will need to do all the work such as EBS configuration/tuning, Patch management, DR (snapshots, recovery), HA setup and Maintenance Amazon Relational Database Service – SQL "   License Included – SQL Express, Web, Standard or BYOL – Standard, Enterprise "   Fully managed RDBMS service "   Automated maintenance, patch management "   Built-in DR – Automated backup & recovery "   EBS tuned – up to 30,000 IOPS using PIOPS EBS "   Support for SQL Agent & Tuning Advisor "   Diagnostics, CloudWatch metrics "   Tune engine parameters "   No shell, super user, or direct file system access
  13. 13. Ideomed runs Microsoft SQL in AWS "Our first release targeted children with asthma. While we had high hopes for Abriiz, we were astounded to see an 85% reduction in emergency room visits.” Keith Brophy, CEO Scalability, security, HIPAA compliant and agility of using tools like SQL Server on AWS Supports globally distributed BI and mobile applications
  14. 14. Countdown to 14 July 2015 … •  49 weeks away •  End of extended support –  Windows Server 2003 –  Windows Server 2003 R2 If XP is a guide, a large number of organizations will not be ready…
  15. 15. Windows Server OS platform •  Industry Analysts say: •  70-75% of the servers in F5000 are Windows Servers •  Windows Server 2003: •  20 million in production today •  Survey says - 220 F1000 IT responses •  Only 24% have a WS2003 remediation plan •  75% want to, or are considering, migrating to the cloud
  16. 16. What does “End of Extended Support” mean? •  No more patches and updates without a custom support agreement –  Vulnerabilities in web servers running IIS on Windows Server 2003 will no longer be patched –  Vulnerabilities in other internet-facing services (e.g. DNS) no longer patched –  Services and applications hosted on Windows Server 2003, even if supported, become more vulnerable •  You can still get support, but it will be expensive 16
  17. 17. Why are Customers still using 2003? •  Windows Server 2003 released April 24 2003 •  Windows Server 2003 R2 released December 6 2005 •  Why are customers still running an 11 year old OS? –  It just worked –  Didn’t prioritize migration –  Didn’t have a need to upgrade –  Customer are not aware of that End of Support is coming 17
  18. 18. How big is the problem? •  Greater than 20 million servers running Windows Server 2003 in December 2013 18
  19. 19. Let’s Do the Math In some organizations, 30-50% of servers (or more) are running Windows Server 2003 •  If you have: –  1000 servers running Windows Server 2003 –  If they migrate 3 applications every weekday –  50 weeks x 5 days= 250 days –  250 days x 3 = 750 applications You will miss the end of support deadline!
  20. 20. Measure Twice & Cut Once •  Assess migration candidates •  Importance of Application / Service –  Number of users –  Business Impact •  Complexity of Migration –  Migration tool or path? –  New version of application required? –  Application data –  Configuration data •  Plan your migration carefully •  Test your migration plan
  21. 21. Gaining Migration Expertise •  Learn by doing •  Each workload has its own gotchas •  Start with the “Meat and Potatoes” workloads first –  If you start with the most complex workloads, you’ll delay the easy stuff –  Always good to get a few runs on the board –  Allows your team to build momentum 21
  22. 22. Migration Showstoppers •  An application that runs on Windows Server 2003 doesn’t run on Windows Servers 2012/R2 •  Unusual Hardware connected to servers •  You may be unable to migrate some workloads –  Migrate everything you can and then come back to deal with what you can’t migrate –  Minimize the number of remaining Windows Server 2003 22
  23. 23. Why AWS for modernization? AWS Resources for the Win 2003 Migration scenarios •  Rehost: –  Applications migrate easily •  Replace: –  Decommissioned applications can be stored in the cloud for audit purposes while you only pay if you run the application •  Rebuild/Rewrite: –  Sandbox environment for dev and test –  Robust environment for .Net SDK, Visual Studio plug-in, PowerShell Scripts, SQL Server etc.
  24. 24. Tools to Help with Windows 2003 Migration
  25. 25. Cloudamize
  26. 26. AppZero migration – Disrupt the status quo Application extracted on demand from source machine (datacenter or cloud) to target machine (cloud) App migration Source Destination
  27. 27. Enterprise Application Migration AppZero does for apps what VMs do for machines VAA AppZero extracts existing enterprise applications and packages them into VAAs that can be provisioned and run natively on any OS, machine or cloud, fast. Source Machine Destination Machine Extract Copy & Run Dissolve & install Discover
  28. 28. Today’s migration options •  Manual installation/scripting –  Often the only way to get applications onto a hosted service (until now) –  Very labor intensive, expensive, and takes a long time •  Virtual Machines (P2V or V2V) –  Requires manual remediation of hostname/IP in the application –  Does not address different OS migration –  Does not address different security, back-up, monitoring migrations –  Slow to migrate; VAA 10 to 100 times smaller/faster to move –  MSP and PaaS destinations only want the app/middleware •  AppZero’s extraction, transformation and rehosting –  App migration is more flexible; change OS, security, monitoring, etc. –  Fastest way to move enterprise applications (minutes vs. days) –  De-risk migrating production applications to the cloud Good Better Best!
  29. 29. 2/20/2014 Test Drive – Try it now for Free! SharePoint 2013 BIG IP for SharePoint SharePoint PM tools SQL Server AlwaysOn SQL Developer Lab Exchange 2013 HA Exchange Server 2013 Metalogix Archive Manager The Test Drive program enables customers to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using Microsoft server software on AWS. Developed by APN Consulting and Technology partners, these labs are provided free of charge for demonstrational purposes. Each Test Drive lab includes up to 5 hours of complimentary AWS server time.
  30. 30. Summary •  Leverage your existing investment in your Microsoft products •  Develop a migration plan –  Understand the tools that can assist your migrations –  Migrate easy workloads first –  Migrate difficult workloads later –  If you don’t beat the clock, attempt to minimize exposure •  Going forward: develop a Server OS Lifecycle plan 30
  31. 31. Next Steps •  Visit the Microsoft pages on the AWS website to get the latest announcements, case studies, white papers, or other information on SharePoint on AWS: – – •  Visit the Windows detail page for more information on pricing for Windows on AWS: – •  Email any questions to
  32. 32. Expand your skills with AWS Certification Exams Validate your proven technical expertise with the AWS platform On-Demand Resources self-paced-labs Videos & Labs Get hands-on practice working with AWS technologies in a live environment Instructor-Led Courses Training Classes Expand your technical expertise to design, deploy, and operate scalable, efficient applications on AWS