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CDG Qualifications


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Corporate Design Group, Inc. specializes in complete interior environments for
commercial, healthcare and residential projects. Our comprehensive services include
Space Measurement Services LASERtech Floorplans, Programming, Space Planning,
Interior Design, Finish Selections, Tenant Improvement Standards,
Furniture Planning, Procurement, Construction Administration, Exterior Paint Renderings, Floor Covering Sales & Installation, Millwork Elevation Drawings and Details,
Office Furniture, Budget Preparation and Analysis, Custom Furniture Design, Art and Signage Programs

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CDG Qualifications

  1. 1. OUR COMPANY who we are Welcome to Corporate Design Group, Inc. CDG was founded in 1991, by Carol E. Parra-Little. Carol’s vision was to create a firm that could take care of client needs from project inception through construction and beyond. is is accomplished by way of creative design work, reliable resources and good business practices. CDG has not only achieved this vision, but over the years has found many new and innovative ways to deliver those services. e team is powered by mutual respect, quality of character, open interaction, and a synergy that empowers individuals and inspires creative thinking. Culture at CDG translates into strong working and personal relationships. Simply put, CDG cares about who their clients are, where they work, and the value of the product they deliver. e result is inspired design, and satisfied loyal clients. CDG is dedicated to making your design experience a truly enjoyable one. “CDG’s abilities, understanding of our vision, and excellent performance has always impressed us” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Ken Macias Macias, Gini, & O’Connell, LLP c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  2. 2. OUR SERVICES what we do Corporate Design Group, Inc. specializes in complete interior environments for commercial, healthcare and residential projects. Our comprehensive services include: Sustainable Interior Products & Services Space Measurement Services - LASERtech Programming & Space Planning Interior Design & Finish Selections Tenant Improvement Standards Furniture Planning & Procurement Construction Administration Exterior Paint Renderings Floor Covering Sales & Installation Millwork Elevation Drawings & Details Office Furniture Budget “Sustainability Art and Signage Programs can only be Whether your project is large or small, our designers work closely with you to understand achieved your vision and evaluate your needs. CDG delivers innovative, personalized design through solutions that reflect your style preferences. better design.” -Edwin Datchefski CDG is a Proud Member of: (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  3. 3. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Our Green Services our path LASERtech - Laser Measured As-Built AutoCAD Floorplans & BOMA Area Calculations Specifications of Sustainable Interior Finishes Specifications of Sustainable Interior Furnishings Procurement & Installation of Sustainable Finishes and Furnishings including Recycle of Old Interior Finish Products As a proud member of e Green Cabinet we stand ready to deliver the best overall sustainable solution to the commercial building industry and our economy. Please visit www.mygreencabinet.org for more information. Benefits Our green services offer the potential to support LEED points: Rapidly renewable materials Products with Low/No VOC Adhesives & Coatings Low-emitting materials Use of regional materials & manufacturers Recycled products made from post consumer & post industrial waste Products with long useful life, and products that are modular or reconfigurable, provide lower cost on a life-cycle basis. Multiple manufacturers of Greenguard Certified low-emitting interior finish products available. Products and services that are healthy for the end user and good for the environment are socially responsible. (916) 781-6543
  4. 4. LASERTECH how we do it Our technology combines a state-of-the-art Bluetooth laser measuring device, and a hand held Fujitsu LT pen-tablet computer with our LTS Survey Software. Moving from room to room, the laser measurements are downloaded directly into the computer, enabling our field technicians to create preliminary CAD drawings on site, with little to no interruption to the tenants. e survey closure process confirms the accuracy, eliminating the need for return trips. We can locate and record everything visible. Typical detail includes walls, doors, windows, stairwells, elevators, plumbing fixtures and building millwork. Final drawings are prepared in our CAD Center, using the AIA-NCS layering standard or custom layering convention if required. Deliverables include our bound Building Report with hard copy plans, electronic CAD files and web ready graphic files on CD. “Lasertech is the best measurement tool any property owner, manager or broker can ask for to showcase their property.” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 -Sharon Cawley FJM Investments c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  5. 5. COMMERCIAL our expertise CDG understands that businesses today face a staggering list of challenges. e need to incorporate rapid technological developments and accommodate flexible reconfiguration of work teams has increased, along with addressing the concerns in areas such as ergonomics, productivity and ambiance. And of course, your business never gets a second chance to make a first impression. e design team at CDG incorporates innovation, collaboration and current design concepts for a wide variety of industry applications. ese include: Office Environments Manufacturing & Distribution Financial Institutions Club House Facilities Law Firms Government Offices CDG carefully focuses on the individual requirements of each of our clients. We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with you and your business because this ensures that design elements are customized to reflect your corporate image and culture. “Your design and planning capabilities continue to be an outstanding showpiece to our clients” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Dean Forman Genovese Forman Burford & Brothers c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  6. 6. HEALTHCARE our expertise CDG has extensive experience designing for the healthcare industry. Our understanding of medical specialties ensures accurate selection of appropriate materials to accommodate equipment and maintain patient comfort. Our designs can make small areas appear larger and can artfully hide equipment in cabinets when not in use. Furniture selection is customized to meet each client’s functional, aesthetic, and space requirements. Our portfolio includes award-winning and innovative designs for a wide variety of healthcare applications including: Hospitals Imaging Centers Medical Office Buildings Alternative Medicine Private Physicians Behavioral Health Clinics Dental Physical erapy Rehabilitation CDG strives to create a healing environment and calming atmosphere for patients and staff. We use our extensive network of interior design resources to provide endless options for all style preferences and budgets. “CDG was my choice initially because their efficiency set them apart from others. They provided creative ideas for design, and complete support through out the process.” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Ann Bulis Roseville Orthopedic c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  7. 7. ASSISTED LIVING our expertise CDG has worked with a vast array of Assisted Living Facilities. Our understanding of appropriate materials, color theory and facility processes make us a leader in the development and implementation of superior Assisted Living interiors. Our designers take pride in providing a welcoming atmosphere that imitates the home. We use state of the art technology to provide durable products that feel warm, not clinical. We use colors that evoke a sense of security, and we do it all with great respect for the needs of the residents and staff alike. Our portfolio includes innovative interior solutions for a wide range of facilities including: Assisted Living Children’s Care Homes Alzheimer Facilities Active Senior Apartments Independent Living Skilled Nursing Adult Day Care Long Term Care “We have worked with CDG over “Nor need we power or splendor, wide hall or lordly dome; the good, the true, the tender, the years these form the wealth of home” - Sarah J. Hale 1788-1879 because they understand the special requirements of senior healthcare facilities. They are creative, professional and complete projects on time and within budget. In short, we trust them.” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Matt Neal Director of Operations c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  8. 8. CAROL E. PARRA-LITTLE Chief Executive Officer Carol brings a lifelong passion for design to her company, CDG. With over 30 years of experience as an interior designer, Carol oversees a group of equally committed designers each working towards a united goal of creating unique interior solutions of exceptional value. “ Life is not measured by As a certified interior designer, owner and CEO of CDG, I believe that it’s all about service – how you can offer the kind of creative solutions that result in positive the number of breaths outcomes. By focusing on service, our clients are able to enjoy the design process we take, but the that we provide, and benefit from the outcome. moments that take our breath away.” I have a passion for working directly with tenants during the leasing phase. I know that providing an efficient and attractive space plan and detailed costing information –Author Unknown serves our clients well, and greatly minimizes costly change orders. The quality of our Design Experience work is of utmost importance to me. Since 1978 Principal Each client comes to us with unique project requirements, and is relying on us to help Certified Interior Designer #0682 them fulfill their vision. A family law practice has different space and aesthetic needs Licensed General Contractor than a litigation firm. In healthcare, an Internal medical practice will have different needs than that of a surgeon. Learning those nuances to me is fascinating and very Education fulfilling. Being able to investigate the inner workings of different types of businesses, Bauder College Sacramento Associate of Arts, Interior Design improve their productivity, and impact how they will be perceived by their clients, is truly a rewarding experience. And the energy we receive from our clients feeds our Awards & Affiliations passion to be even more creative, more innovative. DPI-Best Practices Network 2006 National Award, Outstanding Member What is also rewarding is the volunteer work I’ve been doing with Soroptimist of the Year International of Greater Sacramento and several other community organizations. I have enjoyed serving the community on many levels. I appreciate what I’ve learned AIA Central Valley Chapter, Affiliate Member and gained from all my experiences – personally and professionally. I am most proud of the work the CDG team did for Hurricane Katrina Relief through Red Cross. Green Cabinet, Board Member IIDA & CCIDC BOMA, Member Since 1986 ASID Design Excellence 1996 (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Soroptimist International of Greater Sac., Past President c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  9. 9. CHRISTINE HORTON Design Director The world of art came naturally to Christine, who found that form of self-expression early in childhood. Drawing and painting were her true passion and source of pride fueling her to become an art major at California State University, Sacramento. It was through this art program that she ultimately discovered the field of Interior Design. She realized that she could be creative in the business world and this reality changed her focus. “ Dance like no one is watching, love like At CDG, no one is an island. We’re a great team and share a similar passion for you’ll never be hurt, perfection and accomplishment. Seeing the job completed successfully is my sing like no one is constant goal, and the joy of achievement is its own reward. I also enjoy the fluidity listening and live like of this work -- whether it’s managing the various projects, coordinating installations, its heaven on earth.” or coming up with innovative design solutions. No two projects are the same, and –William Purkey that’s wonderful because I love variety. Working at CDG allows me the balance in live to have a fulfulling career and a family that thrives. Design Experience I began as an intern at CDG while majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Fine Art Since 1997 and have been working as a Designer at CDG since 1997. Obviously, I enjoy what I Senior Associate Designer Certified Interior do, and the opportunity has allowed me to grow and develop a very rewarding Designer #6155 career. Education California State University, The work I do at CDG offers diverse experiences and challenges. I am most proud of Sacramento, CA the project that we did for the Kiwanis Family House, which is a facility with a similar Bachelor of Arts in purpose to the Ronald McDonald House. We were able to obtain donations from Interior Design many of our vendors which contributed greatly to the success of the project. Together, we helped a lot of families by creating comfortable, peaceful spaces for Sierra College, Rocklin CA them during difficult times. AA in Liberal Arts Awards & Affiliations I feel very fortunate being who I am in a world that totally supports both my personal NCIDQ and professional life. CCIDC BOMA- Building Owners and Managers Association of Sacramento & the Central Valley (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  10. 10. KELLY GILBERT Senior Associate Designer Having previously created a vision for her own home & garden store, Kelly appreciates the hands on connection that comes from working with a client in selecting elements which provide just the right fit. Kelly strives not just for good design, but rather successful design that is tailored to each individual client. With over 10 years of experience, Kelly believes that by listening to the client, assembling the relevant team of experts, and embarking “ The real voyage of on a collaborative project, a leap is made from good design to exceptional design. For Kelly, the victory comes in walking away discovery consists not in seeking new from a project where the client can occupy their space, content landscapes, but in with both the form and function. having new eyes.” –Marcel Proust At the very heart of interior design lies challenge: The challenge to find “THE” solution for each Client, be it big or small. Working as a Senior Designer at Corporate Design Experience Since 1998 Design Group, Inc. allows me the opportunity to meet challenges head-on, and to Senior Associate Designer experience all aspects of our ever-changing field. Each day brings room for growth Certified Interior and improvement, as projects are never the same twice. Designer #6447 Although a large concentration of my practice focuses on Tenant Improvement Education projects, I strive to touch and take part in as many aspects of the interior design California State University, process as possible. The scenarios, challenges, and solutions are limitless. For me, this Sacramento, CA is the attraction of the interior design profession. Each project along with its circum- Bachelor of Arts, stances, requirements, and team is always unique, thus inherently so is each outcome. Interior Design Program FIDER Accredited It is my goal to assemble carefully crafted teams of industry experts to partner with, be they within our firm or external resources. Creating projects out of a collaborative Awards & Affiliations effort ensures the finest outcome possible. In sharing knowledge and drawing from NCIDQ the expertise of others, not only does the team benefit, but most importantly the CCIDC Client benefits. AIA Central Valley Chapter, Affiliate Member Member of Green Cabinet (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  11. 11. 1201 K STREET project profile Project Name: 1201 K Street Location: Sacramento CA Project Scope: Comprehensive lobby remodel design services for commercial office building with first floor restaurant & pub. Services include LASERtech Floorplans as-built drawings, finish selections, furniture selections & procurement, lighting, bid documents/design drawings, contractor interviews, construction administration, sculpture Features: Commissioned sculpture Custom Terrazo flooring (extending from interior to exterior) Custom designed guard desk ird space meeting area with custom furnishings “In addition to being an amazingly gifted design company, i can attest that CDG operates with excellence, respect, integrity and accountability.” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 John H. McKee V.P. Property Management 1201 K St. c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  12. 12. CHAPA-DE INDIAN HEALTH project profile Project Name: Chapa-De Indian Health Program, Inc. Location: Grass Valley, CA Project Scope: Comprehensive Interior Design Services, Including Interior Finish Selections, Lighting, Flooring, Furnishings Selection & Procurement, Millwork Design, Construction Administration, Signage and Art. Included: Medical Services Dental Behavioral Health Alternative Medicine Women’s Health Records Department Administration (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  13. 13. CITYGATE ASSOCIATES, LLC project profile Project Name: Citygate Associates, LLC Location: Folsom, CA Project Scope: Comprehensive owner-occupied building with tenant lease space. Services included interior finish selections, lighting, flooring, furnishings selection & procurement, millwork design, square footage calculations, construction administration, signage and art. Features: Custom Drywall for Logo Signage Executive Office with River-rock Fireplace & Library Custom Hardwood Flooring Details Multimedia Conference Room Adjacent tenant space designed for easy expansion “I feel like I hired the dream team” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 David DeRoos, Owner Citygate Associates, LLC c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  14. 14. COMSTOCK JOHNSON ARCHITECTS project profile Project Name: Comstock Johnson Architects, Inc. Corporate Office Location: Mather, CA Project Scope: Designing work stations and furniture for an architectural firm. Services included furnishings specifications, detailed 2-D and 3-D furniture design, procurement and installation. Features: Custom design elements for aesthetics & functionality Quality products and installation for long furniture life cycle Flexibile for future reconfiguration Compact storage solutions save space and provide multiple functions Custom mobile teaming solutions “CDG has helped make our projects better by listening and providing the appropriate design options and solutions for our clients and us. In our business, we Area of Work have a choice with whom we work, and that is why we continue to choose CDG.” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Daniel P. Eriksson, AIA, Principal Comstock Johnson Architects, Inc. c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  15. 15. KNOX, LEMMON, ANAPOLSKY, & SCHRIMP project profile Project Name: Knox, Lemmon, Anapolsky, & Schrimp, LLP Location: Sacramento, CA Project Scope: Comprehensive space planning and design solutions for a downtown law firm. Services included LASERtech Floorplans as-built drawings, furniture inventory and layout, interior finish selections, lighting, flooring, furnishings selection & procurement, custom furniture design, millwork design, construction drawings and construction administration. Features: Custom flooring designs Storage Solutions Custom designed reception desk Integration of crown molding and wood base for upscale design Reflected ceiling /soffit plan “CDG’s excellent space planning skills helped us effectively evaluate multiple office sites. Their responsiveness and efficient designs resulted in a comfortable space that works well and meets our business needs.” Angela Schrimp de la Vergne (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Knox, Lemmon, Anapolsky, & Schrimp, LLP c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  16. 16. INSWEB CORPORATION project profile Project Name: INSWEB Corporation Location: Gold River, CA Project Scope: Comprehensive design solutions for the relocation of a forward-thinking web-based firm. Services included LASERtech Floorplans as-built drawings, full inventory and relocation services from the Bay Area in less than a week, interior finishes selection and design, lighting, flooring, furnishings selection & procurement, millwork design and construction administration services. Features: Inventory and coordination of temporary operation location Custom flooring designs Specialized wall graphics Interior & exterior Signage Solution Custom Reception, Conference and Privacy elements “We love what you did with our offices and enjoyed working with you to design the right concept for our team. Kudos for such great work!” (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 Mark Guthrie, President and COO InsWeb Corporation c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  17. 17. MILTENYI BIOTEC, INC. project profile Project Name: Miltenyi Biotec, Inc., Germany Location: Auburn, CA Project Scope: Interior design and furniture design solutions for Germany-based biotec company. Services included furniture inventory and layout, interior finish selections, lighting, flooring, furniture selection & procurement, custom furniture design, millwork design, and coordination with German Architectural Team. Features: Custom flooring designs Custom designed reception desk Specialty ceilings and lighting Integration of European design elements “CDG is a highly professional and talented organization.” Ira Marks V.P., General Manager (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  18. 18. SIXELLS, LLC project profile Project Name: Sixells, LLC Blairwood Apartments Location: Fair Oaks, CA Project Scope: Model Home project for housing development company. Services included turn-key interior design finishes, furnishings, lighting, artwork & accessories for condominium living. Features: Beautiful Granite Countertops Stainless Steel Appliances Durable & Attractive Wood Laminate Flooring Custom Decorative Window Treatments CDG provided fast turn-around time for condensed construction schedule. (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  19. 19. UNIVERSITY ENTERPRISES, INC. project profile Project Name: University Enterprises, Inc. California State Univesrsity, Sacramento Location: Sacramento, CA Project Scope: University Auxiliary Administrative Office. Services included interior finish selection, flooring installation, furnishings specifications, detailed 2D & 3D furniture layouts, procurement and installation. Features: Specialty Glass Panel Elements Innovative Carpet Design Architectural details creatively emphasized in flooring design Price competitive, affordable solutions Cheerful breakroom for employee well-being Maxon Systems Furniture provides flexibility for future reconfiguration. (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m
  20. 20. USA PROPERTIES FUND, INC. project profile Project Name: USA Properties Fund, Inc. Terracina Clubhouse/ Leasing Office Location: Elk Grove, CA Project Scope: Interior design concept and finishes selections included flooring, millwork, wall finishes, tile design, furnishings selections, layout and procurement; accessories, artwork and window treatments for the community clubhouse. Features: Specialty restroom tile designs Activity room with youthful feel for family’s enjoyment Comfortable and inviting lobby for attracting new tenants “We are proud to partner with CDG on our acquisition and renovation of apartment communities. Their designs and fresh ideas make our Clubhouse and office spaces up-to-date, functional, and easy to live with. Their space planning has enhanced our office environment by adding efficiency with their thoughtful concepts. ” Karen McCurdy Sr. Vice President (916) 781-6543 CA Lic.#782941 c o r p o r at e d e s i g n g r o u p . c o m