Cleveland & Western Reserve Digital Text Collection Project - Suzhen Chen & Richard Wisneski


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Cleveland & Western Reserve Digital Text Collection Project - Suzhen Chen & Richard Wisneski

  1. 1. 2010 CALA MW Annual Conference Cleveland, Ohio and Western Reserve Digital Text Collection Project Suzhen Chen Richard Wisneski Kevin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University May 22, 2010
  2. 2. InstitutionCase Western Reserve University (CRWU) Founded in 1967 (federation of Case Institute ofTechnology founded in 1881 and Western ReserveUniversity founded in 1826) A private research university in northeast Ohio ~10,000 studentsKelvin Smith Library Main library of CWRU ~ 1.7 million volumes ~ 60 library staff
  3. 3. Project (What)Cleveland, Ohio and Western Reserve Digital Text Collection project A collection of digital resources of history of Cleveland, Ohio and Western Reserve date from early 19th century to early 20th century The collection covers various topics including women of Cleveland, religion, housing etc. About 100 text files added to the collection, more to be added including some manuscripts
  4. 4. Project(Why) Online representation of the collection Provide resources for historians, scholars and others who are interested in Cleveland, OH and Western Reserve Serve the learning and teaching purpose Promote scholarly communication Long term preservation of regional history
  5. 5. Metadata standard Intended users Project Types of needs materials Metadata Standard Subjects, Genre Preservation needs …
  6. 6. TEI: Text Encoding Initiative  A consortium that develops the standard for representing texts in digital form.  Maintain encoding guidelines for text  Often applies to humanities, social science and linguistics
  7. 7. Example:Projects from other institutions:Shakespeare Quartos ArchiveNewton Manuscript Project (University of Sussex)Early American Digital Archive (University of Maryland)
  8. 8. Example of TEI Header<titleStmt> <editionStmt> <publicationStmt>…
  9. 9. Example of an encoded text
  10. 10. TEI Metadata Standard Mark up specific genres such as prose, verse,drama Mark content structure such as paragraphs,divisions Mark up feature of a text such as quotations,footnotes etc. Mark up texts for literary and linguistic analysis
  11. 11. Example
  12. 12. Example of an encoded text <lg> <l rend="font-size(110%) indent(-60)">"Fury said to</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(-40px)">a mouse, That</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(0px)">he met</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(10px)">in the</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(20px)">house,</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(17px)">Let us</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(5px)">both go</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(-7px)">to law:</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(-23px)"><hi rend="italic">I</hi> will</l> <l rend="font-size(100%) indent(-26px)">prosecute</l> <l rend="font-size(90%) indent(-40px)"><hi rend="italic">you.</hi> —</l> <l rend="font-size(90%) indent(-30px)">Come, Ill</l> <l rend="font-size(90%) indent(-20px)">take no</l> <l rend="font-size(90%) indent(-7px)">denial;</l> … </lg>
  13. 13. TEI Metadata StandardProvides various manifestations of a text or audioIndependent of applicationsTEI is extensibleAccommodate encoding methods for data processingneeds and analysisFor better description, organization and classificationof information
  14. 14. ImplementationStaffFundingTime management…
  15. 15. Cleveland, Ohio and Western ReserveDigital Text Collection project Establish Finalize the workflows, Trainings are project policies and provided procedures Run through optical character Text files recognition scanned software – Abbyy FineReader
  16. 16. Procedures Spelling check for the texts Create TEI headers Bibliographic description, revisions, source of text Encode the text Quality control
  17. 17. Implementation Workshops In-house documentations for best practice Standards On line resources Examples for completed work Assistance from supervisor Learn from each other
  18. 18. Example of an In-housedocumentation
  19. 19. Cleveland, Ohio and Western Reserve Digital Text Collection project For future metadata conversion, exchange, facilitate metadata harvesting and federated search Facilitate metadata sharing and cross- collection searching
  20. 20. Future ImprovementMake text searchable through webHave hyper linked, referenced electronic resources
  21. 21. Resources WWP Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding: ml Teach Yourself TEI: http://www.tei- A Gentle Introduction to XML: http://www.tei- A Companion to Digital Literary Studies:
  22. 22. References TEI: Text Encoding Initiative, “TEI: Text Encoding Initiative,” 2010, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Cataloging Section. “Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report,” 1998, r.htm TEI By Example Project, “TEI By Example Project,” 2010,…