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Grp prjt 1 5

  1. 1. Lolita Cammas John Duch Kyle Jensen Daniel Slivka Team # 4 Captain Morgan Rum Part A: Brand Strategy Planning I. Business Description Captain Morgan is spiced rum created from sugar cane to make alcoholic drinks. This Caribbean rum took the molasses of the sugar cane to create its dark, distilled, strong spirit. Different plantations would take this raw rum and add their own herbs, spices and fruits to produce the spiced rum it is today. Captain Morgan Spiced Run is a growing product. Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America have been the hotspots in the rapid growth with the sales and market share growing over the past years. It has been around for a long time and has become the icon for spiced rums everywhere. Today there are over eight different variations under the name Captain Morgan ranging from affordable to high-end. Captain Morgan has sold over 10 million cases globally, becoming the second largest selling rum brand in the world today with a market share of 28 percent. The US, Canada and Western Europe are the key markets of Captain. These locations accounted for around 9 million of the 10 million cases sold. Diageo is at the top of the premium drinks business with many very famous beverages including Captain Morgan.Their focus is not just to maintain but also to drive top line growth margin expansion. They strive to innovate with their brands and to deliver consistent value creation for its shareholders over the long term. Using their extensive geographic range and large selection of products offered, they deliver on all consumers needs. 1
  2. 2. II. Brand Equity Brand Heritage: In 1944, The Seagram Company bought the Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica. The Levy brothers, a local family, had been mixing medicinal herbs and spices to the raw rum, aging, and bottling it. Samuel Bronfman, CEO of Seagram Company, discovered and liked the product and bought the rights to it. The Seagram Companystarted producing rum under the nameCaptain Morgan Rum Company, after the privateer Henry Morgan from Wales who was also a plantation owner and Governor of Jamaica in the late 1600’s. The Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum was introduced in the United States in 1984 and became a worldwide leading brand of rum. Later, in 2001, the “Captain Morgan” brand was sold to Diageo. Brand Identifiers: This brand is best identified by Captain Morgan dressed in a red silk robe as well as other common pirate apparel. He always has one leg resting upon something. Spiced rum was originally an island drink and is still advertised as one today. Palm trees and islands with plenty of sunshine build a tropical feel for potential buyers. Brand Domain: While Captain Morgan’s originally was only spiced rum, there are many variations of it today. By introducing a variety of rums we can hit a wider range of customer demographics from men to women to all different ages no matter what the occasion is. Since Captain Morgan likes to embody the pirate life or the paradise feel, it could sponsor vacations to distant islands or cruises. Brand Essence: “Live the pirate life!” Brand Differentiator: There are many different types of rum around the United States and the world. Some are dark, some are light, some are extremely strong, and some are not as strong. But there are some things that differentiate Captain Morgan Spiced Rum from other types of rum. When you buy Captain you’re buying trusted spiced rum that has a great reputation. Being one of the leading rums in the world it is not surprising that the taste and quality completely back up the reputation. 2
  3. 3. The Captain’s Pose Enlarge image 3
  4. 4. III. Brand Situation Brand Competitor Graph: Tropical Malibu Mount Gay Rum Sailor Jerry Black Hearts Captain Morgan Cruzan Tiki Lovers Bermudez Relaxed Special Occasion Prichards Crystal Bacardi Admiral Nelson Caliche Metropolitan Relaxed: Mount Gay Rum, Cruzan, Black Hearts Party: Malibu, Admiral Nelson, Bacardi, Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan Tropical: Malibu, Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan, Black Hearts Metropolitan: Admiral Nelson, Bacardi, Caliche 4
  5. 5. Brand Personality: If Captain Morgan Rum were a person today he would be Captain Jack Sparrow. This is because he embodies a sense of adventure and legend that the typical drinker of captain Morgan might be looking for. A pirate like Captain Sparrow would never look back, always participating in a life without limits; plundering towns for loot, sailing the high seas, and doing what he wants when he wants. Captain jack Sparrow would normally just take what he wants, but if he had to shop somewhere it would be at “Dress like a Pirate.” There he could buy anything from jewelry, to an eye patch or a peg leg for him and his mercenaries. When on land, Captain Sparrow would drive a Jeep because it is forever tied to freedom and adventure, which are both distinguishing qualities of a pirate. Social media would not be an option because maintaining a low profile for his criminal activity would be essential. 5
  6. 6. IV. Target Consumer Definition Target Description: Captain Morgan is among the most popular brands of Rum in the world. People around the world due to its iconic branding and advertising, buy it. It appeals to the party scene because it is a celebratory drink as well as a drink for letting go of daily stresses. After a long day of classes and studying, college students can pour themselves a captain and cola and start the party. Adults that are still young enough to enjoy a late night out but who have to work long hours,can sip on some vacation in a glass. This is why Captain Morgan’s advertising has always targeted the party scene as well as the vacation vibe. Target Description (Future) The future of Captain Morgan’s target market will expand its market to the more sophisticated drinkers. Growing up can be difficult and stressful; we now have jobs, we pay bills, we have kids and a glass of Captain Morgan on the rocks for just a few minutes can relieve some of those daily stresses. We aim to provide not only a drink for the party crowd but one for those who enjoy the taste of a cold glass of rum. Our chosen market may choose to drink rums that are not as well advertised because they don’t like to conform to what everyone else is drinking. Maybe another company spices their rum in a way that is an acquired taste to individuals that Captain Morgan just doesn’t provide. People should choose Captain Morgan for its quality, for its taste, for its heritage. We pride ourselves on being a Caribbean drink and never having lost that quality. 6
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