FM Fragrance Catalogue - Spring 2013


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FM Fragrance Catalogue - Spring 2013

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FM Fragrance Catalogue - Spring 2013

  1. 1. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 1productcatalogueNo.18 2013FMCOSMETICSUKLtd
  2. 2. 2Golden revolution!Alistofpremieresthatawaitsyouinourcataloguesissimplyastonishing!Afterveryinnovativeβ-GlucanActivebodycareserieswearepleasedtointroduceanotherspectacularcosmeticnovelty-GoldRegenesiscreams.Itisanewgenerationofluxuryanti-ageingcosmeticsbasedonactivecolloidalgoldparticles,developedspeciallyformatureskin.Whilemakingtherecipeforourcreamswewerelookingforthebestingredientsthatarebiocompatiblewiththeskin.Ourlongresearchpaidoff.Nowweareproudtointroduceournoveltiestoallofyou,especiallytowomen:GoldRegenesisanti-ageingday,nightandeyecreams.TherecommendationformenisournewnaturalbodywashwhichsupplementsourSkinLabCollection.Thedesignofthewholeseriesunderwentalittleface-lift,andnowtheylookevenmoreexclusive.Thatisnotall:nowSkinLabnaturalwarmbodybutter,naturalsoapbar,naturalbodycreamandalltheBodySignCollectionproductsaremarkedwitha“V”sign.Itisacertificatefortheproductsthatarenotonlynaturalbutalsomadeaccordingtointernationalideasofvegetarianism.Weareconstantlymonitoringtheperfumerytrends.Thisseasonournewfragrancepropositionscaptivatewithwealthoffragrancenotes.Theyarelively,vibrant,andambiguous.Someoftheperfumebottleswereredesignedinordertolookmoreelegantandmodern.Caringforouryoungestcustomers,AquaMagicseriesisnowwidenedwithhairshinedetanglingsprayandultra-lightbodywashfoam.Theywillmakeeverybathatrulywonderfuladventure!Ihavealreadychosenmyfavouritenoveltiesfromthiscatalogue,nowitisyourturn!Enjoyyourshopping!ArturTrawińskiFMGROUPWorld2
  3. 3. contentsG O L D R E G E N E S I S C O L L E C T I O N N E W !L U X U R Y C O L L E C T I O N W O M E N N E W !L U X U R Y C O L L E C T I O N M E N N E W !Y O U T H C O L L E C T I O NC L A S S I C C O L L E C T I O N W O M E NC L A S S I C C O L L E C T I O N M E NH O T C O L L E C T I O NP H E R O M O N E C O L L E C T I O NF L O w er C O L L E C T I O NB O D Y C A R E C O L L E C T I O N U N I S E XB O D Y C A R E C O L L E C T I O N W O M E NB O D Y C A R E C O L L E C T I O N M E NR E F R E S H I N G C O L L E C T I O N M E NB O D Y C A R E C O L L E C T I O N – H A I RB O D Y C A R E C O L L E C T I O N – F E E Tβ - G L U C A N A C T I V E C O L L E C T I O NS P A S E N S E S C O L L E C T I O NB O D Y S I G N C O L L E C T I O N W O M E NS K I N L A B C O L L E C T I O N M E N N E W !A Q U A M A G I C C O L L E C T I O N C H I L D R E N N E W !L I S T O F P R O D U C T S A C C O R D I N G T O F R A G R A N C E F A M I L I E Sp.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.4-78-9, 12-3210-11, 33-4142-4344-4950-5152-5354-5556-575858-6162-6364-6566-6970-7172-7576-7980-8182-8586-8991FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 3Help us help others!www.golden-tulip.comF U N D A T I O N
  4. 4. NEW4Mature skin care complex.Colloidal gold particles: reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis influence skin moisturisation and nutrition restore natural shine and vitality of the skin activate natural immune system are bioavailableC O L L E C T I O NGOLDREGENESISNewgenerationofanti-ageingcosmetics!Gold Regenesis collection
  5. 5. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 5
  6. 6. FM kn2ANTI-AGEING NIGHT CREAM 50 mlFM kd1ANTI-AGEING DAY CREAM 50 ml nourishes and intensively regenerates the skin, reduces wrinkles while you sleep and contours face shape colloidal gold accelerates absorption of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin stimulating its renewal hyaluronic acid intensively moisturises the skin and supports skin repair processes liquorice root extract stimulates collagen synthesis, restores skin elasticity and suppleness red grape resveratrol has antioxidant properties, delays skin ageing process rose oil aids maintaining hydrolipid balance and natural glow coconut oil nourishes and slightly oils the skin luxury formula was developed specially for mature skin (40+) apply in the evening on a thoroughly cleansed skin visibly reduces wrinkles, restores elasticity and ensures optimal moisturisation colloidalgoldstimulatesrenewalofskincells,accelerates productionofcollagenandelastin,reducesskin discolourations redgraperesveratrolaffectsskinrepairprocessesandprotectstheskin fromharmfulexternalfactors bioactivecomplexbasedonhyaluronicacidbindswaterindeeplayers oftheepidermisensuringhighlevelofmoisturisation AfricantreeEnantiachloranthabarkextractsoothesirritations, normalisesseatglandsfunction,preventsskinfromglistening liquoricerootextracthasanti-inflammatoryproperties,preventsskin fromdiscolourations oatbeta-glucan,allantoinandD-panthenolintensifytheeffects ofanti-ageingandmoisturisingingredients luxuryformulawasdevelopedspeciallyformatureskin(40+) foreverydayuse£379.80/1l£18.99£379.80/1 l£18.99NEWNEWChoosetherightcosmeticusingoursamples.6 Gold Regenesis collectionC O L L E C T I O NGOLDREGENESIS
  7. 7. GOLDENOF F E RFM ko3ANTI-AGEING EYE CREAM 20 mlFM G199BEAUTY CASE restores elasticity and smoothness of delicate skin around the eyes fights the ageing symptoms, wrinkle formation and discolourations colloidal gold stimulates production of collagen and elastin, regenerates and optimally moisturises the skin guarana seed extract stimulates microcirculation and inhibits wrinkle formation Centella (Centellaasiatica) extract smooths and firms the skin kiwi and sophora root extracts even out the skin tone red grape resveratrol and oat beta-glucan intensify the effects of colloidal gold allantoin and D-panthenol ensure proper moisturisation level developed specially for mature skin (40+) tested under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. for everyday use, apply in the morning and evening practical and elegant with very modern quilting on the sides delicate satin finish, stiffened with foam with lining closed with a zipper diameter: 20 cm height: 9 cmOne-time purchase of the whole set of GOLD REGENESIScosmetics (day cream + night cream + eye cream) allows youto buy BEAUTY CASE JUST FOR £1!Thisofferisvaliduntil31August2013orwhilestocklasts.£849.50/1 l£16.99£1.00NEWFM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 7
  8. 8. FM 357 NEW!Strong powdery iris aroma with a distinct accentsof rose, patchouli and mimosa, enlivened bysunny notes of mandarin and pink pepper.Fragrance notes:Head notes:mandarin, pink pepperHeart notes:rose, mimosa, iris, patchouliBase notes:vanilla, sandalwood, tonka beanNew definition of femininity.PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£390.00/1 l£19.50NEWThis fragrance captivated meimmediately. It is surprising,it blossoms on the skin with immensestrength. It holds a certain mysteryand yet it’s something very feminine.I recommend it!8 luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMEN
  9. 9. FM 358 NEW!Ultra feminine fragrance weaved with whiteflowers on a delicate base of sandalwood andcedar. Envelopes with misty note of vanilla,refreshes with slight waft of bergamot andblackcurrant.Fragrance notes:Head notes:bergamot, blackcurrantHeart notes:jasmine, lily of the valleyBase notes:cedar, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanillaNEW£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 9
  10. 10. FM 332 NEW!Light sporty scent with refreshing accordsof green apple, mint, fern and mandarin,enhanced with energising note of ginger.EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£195.00/1 l£19.50NEWFreshness of the scent and designerpackaging. I recommend it!Fragrance notes:Head notes:green apple, mint, mandarinHeart notes:ginger, sage, fernBase notes:oak moss, sandalwood, musk10 luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMENModern and passionate.
  11. 11. FM 333 NEW!Dynamic chilly scent made for the amateursof modern aromas. Fresh citrus notes competewith warmer cedar and violet accents.NEWFragrance notes:Head notes:mandarin, lemon, bergamotHeart note:galbanum, violet, nutmegBase notes:vetiver, patchouli, cedar£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 11
  12. 12. 12C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMENPowerofscentScent reflects our character,aspirations and dreams.It allows your thoughtswander to distant placesin time and space.It etches in memory deeplyand even after many yearsit’s recalled in mindwith great intensity.It attracts and magnetises,connects people equally sensitive.Question “What is that scentyou’re wearing?” is one of thenicest compliments.Choose your scentand be remembered!luxury collection
  13. 13. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 13
  14. 14. FM 359 NEW!Effervescent, pulsating, magnetic, intensive– unique composition of sensual jasmine,heliotrope and ambergris, complemented withrefined accords of orris root, myrrh and cashmerewood.£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM 296The classic elegance found in a sublimecomposition of lily, jasmine, cardamom, andgreen mandarin, emphasised by the freshness ofopuntia, olive and cedar tree.C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMENNEWSCENT!Fragrance notes:Head notes:jasmine, heliotropeHeart notes:cashmere wood, orris rootBase notes:myrrh, ambergris, olibanum14Crystal power of collection£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%
  15. 15. FM 318Light composition of energising mint,intoxicating peony, jasmine, cedar and labdanumresin.FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 15£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%
  16. 16. 16Intoxicating, perfectly balanced.C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMENFM 355Combined fruit notes of lemon, yuzu with lotusflower, complemented with oriental accords ofsandalwood, cedar and vanilla. Very tempting,feminine composition.£390.00/1 l£19.50PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%luxury collection
  17. 17. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 17FM 353An intense aroma of roses, orange blossom andjasmine, delicious notes of caramel and vanillawith a pinch of neroli make this compositionintoxicating with its unique sweetness.£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM 309Exotic combinationof black tea extract,jasmine, cardamomand sandalwood.FM 308Delicate and charmingaroma of jasmine, honey,orange blossom and tealeaves.
  18. 18. FM 281Hot and vibrant aromasof the most beautifulroses, currants andstrawberries.Pleasantly warm, delightfullyfeminine.A bit of luxuryin a retro style.FM 313Compelling combination of lemon, sweetraspberry and honey notes with intoxicatingflavour of orange blossom, jasmine and herbalaroma of patchouli.NEWDESIGN!on/of fNEWPUMP£499.80/1 l£24.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%18 luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMEN
  19. 19. FM 356A pinch of exotics andhandful of femininityexpressed with originalaromas of frangipane,violet, myrrh andpatchouli.FM 297Bold combination of tradition and modernity:aromatic collage of white roses, peony, patchouli,orange blossom, sweet apples, sandalwood andvanilla.PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 20%£566.33/1 l£16.99NEWDESIGN!on/of fNEWPUMP£499.80/1 l£24.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 19
  20. 20. C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMENFM 303Seductive scent of blackcurrant and pear,combined with peony, cotton flower and woodnotes.FM 304Stylish blend of passion flower, freesia, iris andylang-ylang with freshness of mandarin, kumquatand oriental notes of sandalwood.£390.00/1 l£19.50PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM 354Calm, relaxing scent of cotton flower, rose andcyclamen emphasised with powdery iris note.PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£499.80/1 l£24.99Tempting, intensely floral.20 luxury collection
  21. 21. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 21
  22. 22. Different faces of femininity.C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMENFM 319Aromatic figs, citrusfruits, caviar, figtree, musk andambergris – a braveand ambiguousfragrance.£733.00/1 l£21.99PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 20%22 luxury collection
  23. 23. FM 306Sophisticated combination of tempting aroma ofpear, jasmine, patchouli, styrax japonica and hotspices: ginger and saffron.FM 305Charming scent which combines notes ofbergamot, rhubarb, rose, patchouli and tuberose.£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£439.80/1 l£21.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 23
  24. 24. Desired, lustful...LUXURYWOMENFM 322Cheerful blend of juicygrapefruit, sensual notesof jasmine, hyacinth andwarm scent of cedar andwhite musk.FM 323Sweet and very femininefragrance. Combinationof rose, magnolia,watermelon, apple andcedar.£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O N£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%24
  25. 25. FM 321Fruit cocktail with pear, peach andnectarine that blooms with delightfularomas of jasmine, rose and musk.FM 320Romantic blend of damask rose, violet and juicyblackberry with sandalwood and patchouli.£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%NEWDESIGN!NEWDESIGN!FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 25
  26. 26. Seductive, alluring...LUXURYWOMENFM 287Tempting aroma of Tonka bean, Chinese liquorice,ambergris, almond tree and jasmine.FM 293Rich and warm aroma of vanilla, ivy, mandarin,jasmine and cedar.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O N26
  27. 27. FM 317Seductive aroma of juicy peach combined withlilac, pink pepper, patchouli and ambergris.FM 283Provocative and sensualaroma of nectarine,orange blossom andmusk.FM 284Delightful and energeticcombination of pomelo,ginger and orchid.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%NEWDESIGN!FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 27
  28. 28. You have to have them!LUXURYWOMENFM 289Wonderful etude in which sandalwood, rose,jasmine and saffron play the main roles.FM 291Enchanting aroma of juicy raspberries, roses,vanillas and patchouli.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%luxury collectionC O L L E C T I O N£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%28
  29. 29. FM 292Nicely refreshing composition of lychee, plum,mimosa, violet, jasmine and teak wood.FM 298Explosion of citrus energy surrounded by a subtlearoma of roses, osmanthus, peony, sandalwoodand patchouli.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 29
  30. 30. All different, all beautiful.LUXURYWOMENFM 351Beautiful fragrance extending betweensensuality of absinth, ambergris, sandalwoodand subtlety of freesia and juicy peach.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%luxury collectionFM 162Oriental scent of Egyptian musk combinedwith sweetness of honey and vanilla.FM 192Compelling notes of tiare flower, lily, orangeand sweet honey.C O L L E C T I O N£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%30
  31. 31. FM 141Crystal clear accord of ice warmed by the notesof pomegranate, peony, ambergris and musk.FM 142Highly addictive mixture of vanilla, sandalwood,Bulgarian rose and tuberose.FM 146Mysterious blend of fresh Jamaican pepper,freesia and hibiscus.Alsoorder:showergel(146g),bodybalm(146b),antiperspirantroll-on(146r)FM 147The only composition in which the notes ofmandarin, lychee, plum and lily of the valleyinteract so perfectlyAlsoorder:showergel(147g),antiperspirantroll-on(147r),hairfragrance (147h)FM 149Seductive blend of cherry blossomand frangipane flowers with tanaka tree.£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%NEWDESIGN!FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 31
  32. 32. FM 352Velvety scent captivating with sweetness ofjasmine, orange blossom, patchouli and honey.Draws you in and seduces.FM 286Emphasising the sensual, mature aroma of rose,patchouli, amber, bergamot and orange.Two fragrances for collectionC O L L E C T I O NLUXURYWOMEN£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%32
  33. 33. FM 198Eccentric combination of tobacco leaves,bergamot, cypress, jasmine and patchouli.FM 300Light, dynamic composition of grapefruit, lemonand bergamot with lavender and cedar notes.Alsoorder:showergel(300g)...two for him!C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMEN£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 33
  34. 34. luxury collectionFM 327Wild aroma of grapefruit, vetiver, patchouli,labdanum resin complemented with wooden andpink pepper accords.C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMENModern approach to luxury.£339.80/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%Reviews of awardedfragrance FM 329:Suchastylishbottle,myhubbywearsashisdaytimefragrance,healwaysgetssuchgoodcomplimentsfromwearingit.Scent-the Scene, facebook, 29 May 2013Ireallylovethisfragrance,fresh,sophisticatedandlastingsmellallnightlong.Steve Johnnie Walker, facebook, 29 May 201334
  35. 35. FM 329Sensual and modern – that is the fragrance ofbergamot and lavender combined with vetiver, aniseand black pepper.£339.80/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 35
  36. 36. C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMENFor men with collectionFM 326Seductive mix of birch leaves, African violet,cardamom and sensual musk.FM 328Elegance and charm uniquely combined incardamom, fennel, lavender, patchouli andvanilla notes.£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%36
  37. 37. Dominant wood note.FM 151Sophisticated aroma of musk, amber, rosemaryand African geranium.FM 152Carefully selected combination of spicy notesand white pepper.FM 160Delicate aroma of tomato leaves, blackcurrant andwater flowers.Alsoorder:showergel(160g),antiperspirantroll-on(160r)FM 169Relaxing aroma of Sicilian mandarin and spices.Alsoorder:aftershave(169s)NEWDESIGN!£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 37
  38. 38. C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMENVery oriental, very seductive!luxury collectionFM 302Simple and verymasculine fragrancebased on flowers, orangezest, oriental spices andambergris.FM 325Freshness and energy of nerola combined withintoxicating notes of cardamom, patchouli,cedar, vetiver and absinthe.£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£195.00/1 l£19.50EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%38
  39. 39. FM 301Strong aroma of cedar wood, coriander,ambergris and resin, enhanced with energeticnotes of lemon and mandarin..FM 199Rich and complex composition of mint, tangerine,cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and leather notes.Alsoorder:showergel(199g),bodybalm(199b),antiperspirantroll-on (199r)NEWDESIGN!£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 39
  40. 40. NEWSCENT!For men who loveunpredictability.£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%C O L L E C T I O NLUXURYMENluxury collectionFM 195Mix of coriander and cardamom smokedwith a pinch of refined tobacco.FM 334 NEW!Woody and fruity blend delights with lightness ofgrapefruit and orange, refreshes with sharpnessof two kinds of pepper.Fragrance notes:Head notes:grapefruit, orangeHeart notes:geranium leaves, black pepper,rose pepperBase notes:cedar, vetiver, patchouli£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%40
  41. 41. 552,00 PLN/1 l55,20 PLNEAU DE PARFUM 100 mlconcentration 16%FM 331Daring wood and leather notes complementedwith juicy pear and orange, flavoured withnutmeg and fresh patchouli.FM 330Chilly breeze of fresh bergamot, hawthorn andangelica strengthened with sweet notes ofhoney, caramel and musk.£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%£169.90/1 l£16.99EAU DE PARFUM 100 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 41
  42. 42. Trendy gadget not just before a party.C O L L E C T I O NYOUTHYouth collectionFM 88STRAWBERRY FRUITExtremely appealingcombination of freshstrawberries, wildraspberries and sweetnotes of vanilla.Onlywhilestocklasts!Joyful citrus fruit notesenriched with delicatechords of sandalwoodand cedar.Onlywhilestocklasts!FM 90TRENDY BOY£449.50/1 l£8.99EAU DE TOILETTE 20 ml£299.67/1 l£8.99EAU DE TOILETTE 30 mlFM 88bBODY BALM 200 ml has a light, creamy texture enriched with vitamins B5 and E allantoin gives your skin a healthy and beautiful look for daily care of all skin types allergen-freeOnlywhilestocklasts!£39.95/1 l£7.9942
  43. 43. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 43
  44. 44. BUSINESSFM 07 Charming aromas of sweet pea, freesia andjasmine.FM 98 Refreshing power of citrus fruits deepened withsweet flowers and wood notes.Alsoorder:pheromones(98f), hot!(h98),showergel(98g),handandnailcream(98c)FM 271 Aroma of juicy papaya, kiwi and pomegranatecombined with a kittenish scent of vanilla, hibiscus, orchid andambergris.CHARMINGFM 15 Crystal pure aroma filled with sweetness ofvanilla, lotus and rose, slightly revived with freshness offreesia.FM 25 A harmonious blend of freesia, iris, passionflower, exotic fruits and white cedar.Alsoorder:hot!(h25),showergel(25g),antiperspirantroll-on(25r)FM 28 Subtle scent bewitching with freshness ofmelon, gillyflower, cyclamen, white lily, decorated with lotusflower.£399.66/1 l£11.99PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 20%Classics at its best.44C O L L E C T I O NCLASSICWOMENclassic collection
  45. 45. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 45
  46. 46. DELICATEFM 13 Light, girlish aromaof sun-drenched peach, grapefruit,rhubarb and wild rose, strengthenedwith ginger and cinnamon accents.FM 27 Vivid and full offreshness fragrance of pear, kumquatand peony, enriched with sublimefrangipani, cedar and patchouli notes.FM 81 Eccentric scent ofmagnolia, lily of the valley, roseand violet, complemented withthe gentleness of apple and greencucumber.Alsoorder:pheromones(81f), hot!(h81),showergel(81g),bodybalm(81b),antiperspirantroll-on(81r),hairfragrance(81h),handandnailcream(81c)TIMELESSFM 08 Appealing compositionof fresh citrus notes, Japanese basilwith a sweetness of rose, ylang-ylangand Tonka bean.FM 21 Warm, dreamy scent ofrose, jasmine and ylang-ylang flower.Alsoorder:hot!(h21),showergel(21g),bodybalm(21b)FM 132 Exclusive andmysterious aroma of gardenia, peony,orange, ambergris and tuberose.ROMANTICFM 23 Sweet and veryseductive notes of tangerine, jasmineand vanilla.Alsoorder:pheromones (23f),hot!(h23),showergel(23g),bodybalm(23b),antiperspirantroll-on(23r)FM 174 Scent conjured upfrom fresh lilies, freesia, magnoliaand jasmine.FM 181 Playful and kittenishscent where you find citrus fruit,redcurrant and water lily.FM 401 Red currants and redpepper in playful combination withjasmine petals, peony, rose and sweetpanna cotta.SWEETFM 16 Fascinating andfabulously sweet mixture of toffee,pear and orange. Based on sensualscent of orchid and light notes ofpatchouli.FM 20 Sensual rose, delicatefreesia and seductive orchid,immersed in black tea, patchouli andmusk aromas. Pure sweetness!FM 26 Oriental blend oforchid, magnolia and paprika.FM 80 Intriguing aroma ofgreen mandarin, violet, strawberrysorbet and caramel popcorn.FM 263 Amusingcombination of jasmine, tuberose,lily of the valley and musk with a bitof citrus and tropical wood.FRESHFM 06 Delightful mix of citrusfruits and oak moss notes.FM 30 Rich, yet fresh scentof freesia, rose, heliotrope, lily of thevalley and lemon blossom.FM 33 Refreshing power ofjasmine, white rose, bamboo, appleand lemon.Alsoorder:pheromones (33f),hot!(h33),showergel(33g),bodybalm(33b),antiperspirantroll-on(33r),handandnailcream(33c)SPORTYFM 272 Essence of youth andenergy, inspired by juicy mandarin,raspberry, freesia, violet, iris andsandalwood.EXTRAVAGANTFM 14 Unforgettable, deepexperiences guaranteed thanks tothis unusual blend of coffee, vanilla,orchid, rose and blackcurrant notes.FM 24 Exotic bouquet basedon dominating aromas of mango andmandarin.FM 32 Intriguing andambiguous aroma of mandarin,blackberry and mango mixed with thesweetness of honey and chocolate.Alsoorder:showergel(32g)£399.66/1 l£11.99PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 20%46Classics – always on time.C O L L E C T I O NCLASSICWOMENclassic collection
  47. 47. FM 09 Deeply memorableextract of green fruits, vanilla andmusk.Alsoorder:hot!(h09)FM 101 Mysterious aroma ofwhite musk, vanilla, incense, orangeblossom and pear.Alsoorder:pheromones(101f),showergel(101g),bodybalm(101b),antiperspirantroll-on(101r)FM 173 Slightly oneiricmixture of bitter almonds, vanilla,musk, moss and Jacaranda tree.Alsoorder:showergel(173g),bodybalm(173b),antiperspirantroll-on(173r),hairfragrance(173h),handandnailcream(173c)FM 180 Timeless, seductivearoma of raspberry, lychee, freesia,rose, patchouli and vanilla.SENSUALFM 05 Intriguing aroma ofsandalwood, coriander, rose andvanilla.Alsoorder:hot!(h05),showergel(05g),bodybalm(05b),antiperspirantroll-on (05r)FM 12 Hypnotic fragrance ofpassiflora, vanilla, maple tree andjasmine.FM 177 Free your senseswith a scent of saffron, incense,vanilla, bergamot and orangeblossom.FM 185 Feminine andincredibly sensual aroma of jasmineand basmati rise.SEXYFM 17 Seductive scent createdby combination of apple, freesia,tuberose and jasmine.Alsoorder:hot!(h17)FM 183 Sexy blend ofhelleborus flower, pink pepper,cranberry, massoia tree and vanilla.FM 402 Energetic andseductive mix of extremes: refreshingnotes of grapefruit, mandarin andpink pepper dipped in sweet vanillawith a hint of coffee.CLASSYFM 19 Shimmering fragranceinspired by unique cherry and coconutaromas which sparkle with sensualnotes of tuberose, gardenia andpeony.FM 34 Fresh wave of citrusfruits, hyacinth and iris with a hint ofpatchouli and pink pepper.Alsoorder:showergel(34g)FM 257 Striking, yetsophisticated composition of unusualblend of daisy, rose, jasmine, muskand patchouli.FM 400 A temptingcombination of bergamot fruit,belladonna and pomegranate withfloral notes of water lily and hibiscus.The composition is completed by afusion of cedar wood and musk.PROVOCATIVEFM 10 Fresh notes ofmandarin, rose, ivy and Africanorchid.Alsoorder:showergel(10g),bodybalm(10b)FM 18 Radiant notes oforange, grapefruit and bergamotmixed with the sweetness of jasmineand rose.Alsoorder:pheromones(18f), hot!(h18),showergel(18g)DARINGFM 03 Modern and youthfulblend alluring with jasmine, orchid,sandalwood and tiare flowerflavoured with pink pepper.FM 29 Hot and daring scentof tropical fruits with a slight hintof spiciness obtained given byredcurrant, cyclamen and musk.FM 97 Crazy and extravagantscent of daffodil, lily of the valley,freesia, gardenia and oak moss.Alsoorder:pheromones(97f), hot!(h97),showergel(97g),bodybalm(97b),antiperspirantroll-on(97r)FM 125 Spinning aroma ofmandarin, gardenia, green pea andalmond.MYSTERIOUSFM 01 Complexity of femininepsyche is expressed in a blend ofgreen tea, lemon and cranberry withnotes of snow-white flowers.FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 47
  48. 48. Mini classics.C O L L E C T I O NCLASSICWOMENclassic collectionFM 232 The most beautifulscents of peony, fresh violet leavesand Baie rose.FM 237 Provocative andkittenish notes of peony, blackcurrantand vanilla.FM 239 Vibrant, intensefragrance of iris, Ceylon tea andcampanulas.£499.33/1 l£7.49PARFUM 15 mlfragrance 20%NEW DESIGN!48
  49. 49. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 49
  50. 50. BUSINESSFM 54 Mysterious aroma ofbergamot, mint, sage, lavender, cedarand oak moss.Alsoorder:pheromones(54f)FM 55 Light and very elegantscent of fresh apples, sweet vanilla,exotic wood and aromatic resin.FM 68 Stimulating scentof cedar wood, lavender, tobacco,bergamot and lemon.FM 207 Noble woodaroma broken with the freshness ofpatchouli, mandarin and apple.ELEGANTFM 42 Sensual cypress,pink pepper and cardamom aromas,elevated with sweet notes of vanillaand Tonka bean.FM 57 Paradise compositionof apple, plum, cinnamon, pepper andJamaican rum.Alsoorder:hot! (h57)FM 64 Elegant and sensualaroma of mandarin, anise, musk andolive tree flowers.Alsoorder:pheromones(64f),hot!(h64),showergel(64g),antiperspirantroll-on (64r),aftershave(64s)FM 208 Ultramodernfragrance seducing with sharpnessof pink pepper and sweetness ofmandarin.FM 223 Charmingcombination of iris root absolute,tuberose, sandalwood, musk andwhite leather notes.LIGHTFM 93 Modern, livelyfragrance of bergamot, ginger,lavender and ivy.FM 134 Captivating aromaof mandarin, bitter orange, seaweed,rosemary, patchouli and cedar.Alsoorder:pheromones(134f),hot!(h134),showergel(134g),antiperspirantroll-on (134r),handcream(134c), aftershave (134s)FM 135 Surprising intensityof mandarin, bitter orange, santolinaand ambergris.DARINGFM 45 Modern, seductivearoma of patchouli, vetiver andcoffee flower, wrapped in refreshingcitrus fruits. For those who really likehaving fun!FM 52 Hypnotising scent ofcitrus fruits, apple, cinnamon andgillyflower.Alsoorder:pheromones (52f),hot!(h52),showergel(52g),bodybalm(52b),antiperspirantroll-on(52r),handcream (52c),shavingfoam(52p),aftershave (52s),aftershavebalm(g002)FM 63 Seductive compositionof provocative lavender aroma,lemon, patchouli and orange blossomnotes.FM 210 Captivating with itsfresh aroma of mandarin, basil, mintand pear leaves.£239.80/1 l£11.99EAU DE PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 16%50Fragrances always modern.C O L L E C T I O NCLASSICMENclassic collection
  51. 51. FM 224 Sugarcane, vanilla,ambergris, nutmeg and jasminecreate a sweet and a very seductivecomposition.SPORTYFM 43 Energetic scent ofcardamom, pink pepper, mandarin,coriander and freesia.Alsoorder:hot! (h43),showergel(43g),antiperspirantroll-on(43r)FM 62 Dynamic notes ofmandarin, lemon and ginger wrappedin frosty mint aroma. Eruption offreshness.FM 225 Sophisticated aromabased on ebony and teak wood witha violet leaves, lavender, ginger andcitrus fruit notes.FM 451 Fresh scent with purewater notes deepened with a stronglyenergizing rosemary, cardamom andsequoia.FM 452 Strong hit ofrefreshing mint combined withtangerine and cypress.LIBERATEDFM 65 White fir blended withambergris and violet leaves. Unusual,a bit rough, yet constantly temptingcomposition.FM 110 Combined powers ofvanilla, musk, amber, orange blossomand lily of the valley.Alsoorder:pheromones(110f),showergel(110g),antiperspirantroll-on(110r),aftershave(110s)FM 450 Citrus prologue oftangerine with lemon and bergamotopens a rich etude in which coriander,cardamom and pink pepper arestarring.DETERMINEDFM 51 Multidimensional,modern fragrance overflowing withsweetness of citrus fruits, jasmine,anise, cedar and cocoa.FM 56 Inflaming your senseswith extracts of honeysuckle, juniper,resin and cedar.Alsoorder:pheromones (56f),hot!(h56),showergel(56g),antiperspirantroll-on(56r),aftershave(56s)FM 189 Vivid and pulsatingcombination of grapefruit, raspberry,lavender and heliotrope.FM 226 Crystal breeze offresh notes of citrus fruits, hyacinth,lily of the valley and massoia tree.FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 51
  52. 52. luxury collection£566.33/1 l£16.99PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 30%£339.80/1 l£16.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 24%LIMITE DE D ITION52Hot, intensive, strong...The most beautiful ClassicCollection fragranceswith higher fragranceconcentration: even stronger,more appealing and charming.C O L L E C T I O NhotF O R W O M E Nfragrances availableFM | h05, h09, h17,h18, h21, h23, h25,h33, h81, h97, h98F O R M E Nfragrances availableFM | h43, h52, h56,h57, h64, h134HOT collection
  53. 53. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 53
  54. 54. Feelthechemistryoflove.Pheromonesareoneofthemostpopularaphrodisiacs.Whencombinedwithbeautifulperfumestheyhelptostimulatethesensesandfeelexceptionallyattractive.B E F O R E A B I G D A T E :FM | 18f, 23f, 101fB E F O R E an I M P O R T A N TM E E T I N G :FM | 97fF O R W O R K :FM | 33f, 81f, 98fPheromonesarescentlessandperfectlyharmonisewithfragrancecompositions.Forladies:£449.67/1 l£13.49PARFUM 30 mlfragrance 20%54 pheromone collectionMore than just a beautiful scent.C O L L E C T I O NPHEROMONE
  55. 55. W H E N T H E R E I S AB E A U T I F U L W O M A NI N V O L V E D :FM | 52f, 110fI N A B U S I N E S S S I T U A T I O N :FM | 54f, 64f, 134fWHEN YOU HAVE TO SHOW YOURSTRONGER SIDE:FM | 56fFormen:£269.80/1 l£13.49EAU DE PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 16%FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 55
  56. 56. Feel the power of flowers!FM 71Jasmine flower fragrantpoem. Accompanied with lilyof the valley, cedar and muskit is a delightful tribute tofemininity.FM 72Exotic, slightly melancholiccomposition inspired bytiare flower. Enriched withnotes of freesia, lime andcedar became a basis for thecharming feminine scent.FM 74New vision of ylang-ylang.Wrapped in warm aromas ofambergris, honey, jasmineand resin it delights withsweetness, recalling thetropical heat.FM 75Amazing rose spectacle.Well known scent of citrusfruits, blackberries and peonyimpresses again.£259.80/1 l£12.99PARFUM 50 mlfragrance 20%C O L L E C T I O NFLOwerflower collectionOnlywhilestocklasts!56
  57. 57. LIMITE DE D ITIONFM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 57
  58. 58. FM 100rFRAGRANCE-FREE ANTIPERSPIRANTROLL-ON 50 ml special formula eliminates the effects of excessive sweating enriched with moisturising ingredients which nourish delicate skin of the armpits leaves no stains on your clothes easy application contains no ethyl alcohol fragrance-free for both men and women£149.80/1 l£7.49PERFUMED ANTIPERSPIRANT ROLL-ON50 ml contains antiperspirant substances which ensure feeling of freshness throughout the day enriched with moisturising ingredients which nourish delicate skin of the armpits ideal for dynamic, active women leaves no stains on your clothes easy application contains no ethyl alcohol its fragrance perfectly harmonises with the most popular perfumesfragrances available FM | 05r,23r, 25r, 33r, 81r, 97r,101r, 146r, 147r, 173r£149.80/1 l£7.4958Combine it with everyscent you like!Take care of your skin.BODY CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NC O L L E C T I O NBODY CAREuNISEXBODY CAREWOMEN
  59. 59. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 59
  60. 60. CONVENIEN T FL I P-TOPCAPPRACTICAL AN D ECOLOGICAL!PERFUMED SHOWER GEL 200 mlPERFUMED BODY BALM 200 ml contains complex of moisturising ingredients which helps maintain proper skin hydrobalance provitamin B5 regenerates the epidermis and soothes irritations carefully selected ingredients provide proper skin care and silky smoothness wide range of fragrances well matched with perfumesfragrances available FM | 05g, 10g,18g, 21g, 23g, 25g, 32g, 33g,34g, 81g, 97g, 98g, 101g, 146g,147g, 173g contains moisturising ingredients which actively reinforce reconstruction of hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, such as glycerine which restores skin elasticity and firmness provitamin B5 has soothing and regenerating effect vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals, slowing down the aging process addition of soothing allantoin provides silky smoothness and ideal elasticity of the skin fast absorbing for daily care of all types of skin its fragrance perfectly harmonises with the most popular perfumesfragrances available FM | 05b, 10b,21b, 23b, 33b, 81b, 97b,101b, 146b, 173bbalm samples available FM | 23p,33p, 81p£34.95/1 l£6.99£39.95/1 l£7.9960 BODY CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NBODY CAREWOMENSmooth and fragrant every day.
  61. 61. PERFUMED HAND AND NAIL CREAM 100 ml rich in moisturising ingredients which provide pleasant smoothness and softness to your hands enriched with vitamin A which nourishes the skin and stimulates collagen biosynthesis provitamin B5 accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces the aging symptoms contains allantoin which soothes and eases irritations for daily care of hands and nails available in several attractive fragrancesfragrances available FM | 33c, 81c,98c, 173c£599.00/1 l£5.99HAIR FRAGRANCE 50 ml leaves beautiful, delicate fragrance on your hair rich in ceramides, being a natural hair component which nourish, regenerate and smooth the hair contains pro-vitamin B5 which penetrates deep into the hair structure, strengthens it, prevents split ends, facilitates combing and moisturises the scalp specially selected polymers gently fix the hairstyle, give shine and add volume to your hair contains ingredients that prevent electrostatic effect does not weigh down or make your hair dry for all types of hairfragrances available FM | 81h, 147h,173h£119.80/1 l£5.99FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 61
  62. 62. PERFUMED ANTIPERSPIRANT ROLL-ON 50 ml contains intensively moisturising ingredients special formula eliminates the effects of excessive sweating its fragrance perfectly harmonises with the most popular eau de parfum leaves no stains on your clothes easy application contains no ethyl alcoholfragrances available FM | 43r, 52r,56r, 64r, 110r, 134r, 160r, 199r£34.95/1 l£6.99PERFUMED SHOWER GEL 200 ml based on carefully selected cleansing and nourishing substances provitamin B5 soothes, regenerates and prevents skin inflammation complex of moisturising ingredients leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch wide range of fragrances which perfectly harmonise with the most popular eau de parfum leaves a delicate protective layer on the skin for daily care of all skin typesfragrances availableFM | 43g, 52g,56g, 64g, 110g, 134g, 160g,199g, 300g£149.80/1 l£7.49CONVENIEN T FL I P-TOPCAPPRACTICAL AN D ECOLOGICAL62Take care of your skin!BODY CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NBODY CAREMEN
  63. 63. PERFUMED HAND CREAM 100 mlPERFUMED BODY BALM 200 ml contains urea which perfectly softens and intensively moisturises hand skin rich in vitamins A and B5 having strong regenerating and protective properties complex of moisturising ingredients provides proper skin care its fragrance perfectly harmonises with the most popular eau de parfumfragrances available FM | 52c, 134c contains substances providing proper skin moisturisation, including glycerine, D-panthenol and allantoin which stimulate, reconstruct and regenerate skin cells absorbs perfectly, leaves no sticky layer on the skin its fragrance perfectly harmonises with the most popular eau de parfum for daily care of all skin typesfragrances available FM | 52b, 199b£39.951 l£7.99£599.00/1 l£5.99FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 63
  64. 64. SHAVING FOAM 250 ml makes your shaving easy effectively softens your beard paraffin oils protect the skin against excessive dryness aloe leaf extract moisturises and regenerates the skin allantoin soothes irritations and accelerates wound healingfragrances available FM | 52p£29.96/1 l£7.4964 REFRESHING collectionC O L L E C T I O NSmoothness without irritations.REFRESHINGMEN
  65. 65. AFTER SHAVE BALM 100 mlAFTER SHAVE 100 ml contains ingredients that moisturise the skin and soothe irritations shea butter and panthenol eliminate redness and burning sensation delicate alcohol-free formula quick absorbingfragrances available FM | 52(g002) and masculine,wood & floral scent with refreshing citrus notes (g001)Onlywhilestocklasts! enriched with soothing and refreshing ingredients contains allantoin to alleviate irritations intense and long-lasting fragrancesfragrances available FM | 52s, 56s, 64s, 110s, 134s,169s£99.90/1 l£9.99£79.90/1 l£7.99FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 65
  66. 66. CHALLENGE:T H I N A N D F L A T H A I R2 STEP COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT:S H A M P O O + C O N D I T I O N E RGOAL:C L E A N , S H I N Y A N DB E A U T I F U L LY F L U F F YH A I R P R E P A R E D F O R T H ES T Y L I N GFM w12FINE AND FLAT HAIR CONDITIONER 150 ml extracts of algae and aloe moisturise and make your hair shiny specially selected ingredients provide a push-up effect and optically increase hair volume makes hair easy to brush and model, does not weight down your hair, eliminates electrostatic effect rinse out after use leaves pleasant floral scent light formula£39.33/1 l£5.90FM w10FINE AND FLAT HAIR SHAMPOO 200 ml for care of hair that is thin, flat and difficult to model extracts of algae and aloe vera nourish and soften hair specially selected ingredients provide a push-up effect and optically increase hair volume moisturises, makes wet hair easy to brush and eliminates electrostatic effect for daily use leaves pleasant floral scent£34.50/1 l£6.9066Healthy, soft and shiny CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NBODY CAREHAIR
  67. 67. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 67
  68. 68. CHALLENGE:hair that is d R Y,B R I T T L E , D A M A G E D B YD Y E I N G , D R Y I N G A N DS T R A I G H T E N I N G2 STEP COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT:S H A M P O O + C O N D I T I O N E RGOAL:C L E A N , S O F T , S T R O N G A N DI N T E N S E LY S H I N Y H A I R wheat proteins and ceramides A2 help regenerate damaged hair, making it look healthy extracts of algae and aloe make your hair become softer and shinier day by day its ingredients intensively moisturise and nourish, do not strain your hair, making it easy to brush and eliminate electrostatic effect rinse out after use leaves a delicate floral aroma£39.33/1 l£5.90FM w09DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR SHAMPOO200 ml extracts of algae and aloe intensively moisturise, strengthen, nourish and regenerate hair specially selected ingredients make hair more flexible, soft and smooth, easy to brush and eliminate electrostatic effect leaves a delicate floral scent£34.50/1 l£6.90FM w11DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR CONDITIONER150 ml68 hair CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NBODY CAREHAIRDamaged hair rescue.
  69. 69. CHALLENGE:D I S T U R B E D B A L A N C E O FT H E S C A L P, D A N D R U F FEVERYDAY TREATMENT:S H A M P O OGOAL:C L E A N B O U N C Y H A I R ,H E A L T H Y S C A L P A N D N OS I G N S O F D A N D R U F FCHALLENGE:E V E R Y D A Y C O M P L E X H A I RA N D S C A L P C A R E F O R M E NEVERYDAY TREATMENT:S H A M P O OGOAL:C L E A N , H E A L T H Y A N DS H I N Y H A I RFM w08MEN’S SHAMPOO 200 mlFM w06ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO 200 ml its ingredients, such as algae extract, soften your hair, make it easier to brush and eliminate electrostatic effect improves scalp condition, a solution for oily hair, has anti-dandruff properties for everyday use leaves nice spicy cedar scent soothes the scalp and restores its natural balance zinc pyrithione has antifungal properties, eliminating signs of dandruff Dead Sea minerals make hair more flexible, soft and shiny for regular use leaves pleasant fruity scent£34.50/1 l£6.90£34.50/1 l£6.90FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 69Beautiful hairand healthy scalp
  70. 70. FM s003SOOTHING AND REFRESHING GEL 75 mlFM s001SCRUB 75 ml brings relief to tired feet contains cooling menthol and moisturisers hamamelis virginiana extract helps reduce swelling chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory and cleansing propertiesOnlywhilestocklasts! delicate creamy consistency with pumice particles removes dead cells and reduces skin thickening, restoring its natural smoothness prepares the skin to absorb ingredients contained in moisturising cream contains active antibacterial and antifungal components fresh pineapple scentOnlywhilestocklasts!£79.87/1 l£5.99£73.33/1 l£5.5070 foot CARE collectionC O L L E C T I O NPleasure for the feet!BODY CAREFEET
  71. 71. FM s002DEEP MOISTURISING CREAM 75 mlFM s004ANTIPERSPIRANT 150 ml recommended for dry and rough skin contains active emollients and moisturisers provitamin B5 and wheat germ oil regenerate the epidermis making its thick layer more flexible helps the skin to restore its softness and smoothness beautiful citrus fruit aromaOnlywhilestocklasts! prevents excessive sweating and unpleasant odour active components regulate overactive sweat glands soothing ingredients make the skin look delicate and protect it from irritations and abrasionsOnlywhilestocklasts!£79.87/1 l£5.99£43.33/1 l£6.50FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 71
  72. 72. FM kn1MOISTURISING FACE CREAM 30 mlFM kp1SEMI-RICH FACE CREAM 30 ml contains nutritious, regenerating and slightly oiling ingredients based on oat beta-glucan which deeply penetrates the skin, actively rebuilding it and making it more flexible esters of higher fatty acids derived from linseed oil help maintain proper hydration level coconut oil and shea butter softens the skin enhancing its elasticity and making it smooth and pleasant to the touch allergen-free suitable for women at all ages; for daily use, morning and evening deeply hydrates the skin which regains vitality and healthy look day by day contains oat beta-glucan which supports collagen synthesis, regenerates the skin enhancing its tightness and reducing wrinkles sodium lactate, glycerine and hyaluronic acid protect the skin from dryness, leave a slightly oily film on the skin making it nicely smooth and soft to the touch esters of higher fatty acids derived from linseed oil make the skin more flexible and rebuild the lipid layer of the epidermis provides a uniform skin tone and restores brightness has a light texture allergen-free for all skin types, regardless of age; can be used in the morning and evening£449.66/1 l£13.49£449.66/1 l£13.49Choosetherightcosmeticusingoursamples.72Natural beauty from the oat grains.C O L L E C T I O Nß-GLUCANactiveß-GLUCAN active collection
  73. 73. FM sr1FACE SERUM 30 mlFM kt1RICH FACE CREAM 30 ml with a rich formula, for women at all ages; recommended especially for dry, dehydrated and weakened skin, exposed to harmful external factors contains oat beta-glucan and esters of higher fatty acids of linseed oil which provide adequate hydration level and elasticity of the skin argan oil regenerates the lipid layer of the epidermis vitamins and phytosterols of avocado oil have softening properties witch hazel hydrolat soothes skin redness and regulates secretion of sebum carefully chosen ingredients create a thin oily layer on the skin that protects it from dryness and harmful external factors allergen-free for daily care, morning and evening modern cosmetic for all skin types; especially recommended for acne-prone, sensitive, tired and dry skin contains active ingredients that prevent skin lesions, support cell regeneration, reduce redness and protect from harmful external factors colloidal silver has antibacterial and soothing properties oat beta-glucan moisturises and regenerates the skin esters of higher fatty acids of linseed oil, as a rich source of omega-3, 6 and 9 acids, improve skin condition, firm and regulate sebum secretion allergen-free for regular use, instead of cream, morning and evening serum can also be applied on the areas of your face and body that require special treatment£449.66/1 l£13.49£449.66/1 l£13.49Reviews of serum:Ilovethisfaceserumandisnowadailypartofmyskincareroutine...andalotofmycustomersagree!Ali Burgess, facebook, 29 May 2013ThefaceserumIfoundworkedreallywellwithdryskinandafteronlyacoupleofdaysnoticedmyskinwasbrighterandclearer.Sophie Louise Tate, facebook, 29 May 2013Lovethisproduct,myskinwasverydryandsorebutafterusingthefaceserumforafewweeksitfeltsupple,smoothandthecomplexionlookedsomuchbetter.Allison Brook, facebook, 29 May 2013Ilovehowitkeepsmyoilyskinshinefree!Rachel Nicolaou, facebook, 29 May 2013Join the group of satisfied users!FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 73
  74. 74. FM bn1MOISTURISING BODY BALM 300 mlFM cel1ANTICELLULITE BODY BALM 300 ml when used regularly, it gradually reduces the effect of the so-called orange peel, making your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach area visibly slender based on unique Anticellulite Forte complex which shapes your body and strengthens tissues extract of Centellaasiatica herb stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restoring proper skin density and elasticity, preventing stretch marks horsetail strengthens and regenerates weakened tissues, while caffeine from guarana seeds stimulates microcirculation, accelerating fat burning, firming and smoothing the skin l-carnitine enhances body shaping effect and reduces skin changes caused by cellulite thanks to beta-glucan and allantoin, the skin becomes well-hydrated and healthy-looking for regular use, morning and evening; for best results combine with physical activity and proper diet moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it become firm, elastic and velvety to the touch with its rich formula, based on oat beta-glucan, it effectively soothes irritations and regenerates the skin sweet almond oil penetrates the epidermis, smoothing and nourishing it, and it is rich in vitamin E which delays the aging process and protects against harmful effects of external factors triglycerides of caprylic and capric acids reinforce the lipid barrier of the epidermis, leaveadelicateoilyfilmandpreventwaterloss nutritious, light formula makes the skin nicely soft and smooth for every skin typeChoosetherightcosmeticusingoursamples.£43.30/1 l£12.99£39.97/1 l£11.9974Meet softness and silkiness!C O L L E C T I O Nß-GLUCANactiveß-GLUCAN active collection
  75. 75. FM kr3MOISTURISING & SMOOTHING CREAM50 mlFM kr2REGENERATING & NOURISHING HANDCREAM 50 ml created in response to the needs of dry and damaged hand skin and nail plates, constantly exposed to harmful external factors intensely nourishes and smoothes the skin, making it look healthy and well-groomed improves the condition of nails, making them gradually become harder and more resistant to damage contains oat beta-glucan and allantoin which actively regenerate damaged epidermis, protect against dryness and soothe the skin rice oil delays skin aging process castor oil strengthens and nourishes the nail plate improves skin tone, eliminating roughness and sensation of dryness moisturises and soothes hand skin for a long time, making it velvety smooth to the touch when used systematically, it improves skin tone and strengthens brittle nails enriched with lanolin and glycerine which actively firm and soften the skin nourishing oat beta-glucan regenerates dry skin castor oil strengthens and oils the nail plate protecting it from dryness gentle formula£239.80/1 l£11.99£239.80/1 l£11.99FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 75
  76. 76. 76Collectyourfavouritescentseries!Forladies:exotic, sweet vanillasubtle cherry blossomjuicy peachstimulating verbenaFormen:refreshing patchouliOurmostfrequentlyaward-winningcollection!spa senses collectionC O L L E C T I O NSPASENSES
  77. 77. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 77Internet users about our scrub:Thisisafantasticproduct.Iuseitalotandmyskinisalwayssilkysmoothafterusingit.Wouldhighlyrecommendthis.Mags Patrick, facebook, 29 May 2013Absolutelybrilliantproduct!!!!!Loveit!Victoria Kleizaite Tautke, facebook, 29 May 2013Have you tried our scrubs yet?If so, recommend them to others!SALT BODY SCRUB 250 mlFM bs01verbenaFM bs02peachFM bs03cherry blossomFM bs04vanillaFM bs05patchouli salt crystals cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells the skin becomes smooth, firm and pleasant to the touch the oily layer moisturises and leaves a delicate oily film on the body vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, slows down the skin aging process£39.96/1 l£9.99
  78. 78. BODY BUTTER 250 mlFM sm01verbenaFM sm02peachFM sm03cherry blossomFM sm04vanillaFM sm05patchouli perfectly moisturises and nourishes the skin contains shea butter and cocoa butter that leave a delicate oily film on the body and make the skin become delightfully soft, supple and smooth macadamia oil, due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant properties, slows down skin aging process linseed oil, rich in vitamins E and F, regenerates dry skin and protects it from adverse effects of external factors easy to apply thanks to its pleasant creamy texture leaves pleasant subtle scent on the skin£47.96/1 l£11.99SCENTED CANDLE 430 gFM sw01verbenaFM sw02peachFM sw03cherry blossomFM sw04vanillaFM sw05patchouli its scent matches other products of the same series spreads a wonderful aroma rustic design makes it a great interior decoration£33.72/1 kg£14.5078 spa senses collectionC O L L E C T I O NSPASENSES
  79. 79. BATH SALT 600 gShower gel 250 mlFM 01sverbenaFM 02speachFM 03scherry blossomFM 04svanillaFM 05spatchouliFM 001gverbenaFM 002gpeachFM 003gcherry blossomFM 004gvanillaFM 005gpatchouli natural sea salt from Brazil makes the skin soft, silky smooth and well cleansed calcium, magnesium, bromine, iodine, potassium and iron strengthen the skin and make it more flexible pleasant scent makes you feel more relaxed gently cleanses and moisturises the body skin becomes hydrated and well-nourished provitamin B5 has soothing effect beautiful scent stimulates the senses and stays on your skin for a long time£11.33/1 kg£6.80£27.20/1 l£6.80FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 79
  80. 80. 80FM bs1NATURAL WARM BODYBUTTER 65 gCherry & chocolateFM bs2NATURAL SOAP 140 gCherry & chocolate hand made from the highest quality natural ingredients delights with original design organic base consists of 98% natural ingredients of which 60% comes from organic farming high content of vegetable origin glycerine is responsible for intensive moisturising effect aloe extract soothes irritations and inflammations, softens and smoothes the skin tempting aroma of chocolate-dipped cherries after heating, the butter changes into aromatic massage oil contains highest quality natural ingredients, such us nutritious shea and mango butters which intensively moisturise and soothe the skin, protecting it from external factors and delaying the aging process natural beeswax restores hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, making the skin smooth, firm and pleasant to the touch coconut oil, cocoa and almond oil regenerate the skin and prevent from water loss captivating scent of chocolate-dipped cherries will pamper your senses53.50/1 kg£7.49£307.54/1 kg£19.99Containsnoparaffin,petroleumderivatives,parabens,silicones,PEGs,propyleneglycolsorartificialcolourings.For all the lovers of naturalproducts and chocolate...C O L L E C T I O NBODYSIGNWOMENbody sign collection
  81. 81. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 81FM bs3NATURAL SUGARBODY SCRUB 180 mlCherry & chocolateFM bs4NATURAL BODY MOUSSE 180 mlCherry & chocolate contains natural nutritious ingredients thanks to which it is ideal for demanding and dry skin shea butter and coconut oil contain vitamins A and E, minerals, fatty acids which penetrate, nourish and regenerate the skin borage oil contains gamma-linolenic acid which significantly improves firmness of the skin, making it supple and smooth silky texture of the mousse makes the application of this cosmetic product a real pleasure beautiful scent of chocolate-dipped cherries improves the mood and helps to relax for daily care contains high quality natural ingredients which intensively moisturise the skin cane sugar crystals thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing dead epidermis cells bits of dried cherries delicately massage the body and stimulate microcirculation rich, velvet base of this cosmetic contains coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil which moisturise and nourish the skin, making it supple and firm natural AHA acids influence renewal of cells and improve skin condition appetising scent of chocolate-dipped cherries makes the application a real pleasureBODYSIGNCOSMETICS,becauseofhighcontentofnaturalingredients,shouldbekeptinacoolplace,atatemperatureof4-25⁰C.£83.28/1 l£14.99£77.72/1 l£13.99
  82. 82. FM sl15 NEW!NATURAL BODY WASH 200 mlFM sl14NATURAL BODYCREAM 130 g based on high quality active and natural ingredients certified by Ecocert, NaTrue and COSMOS contains gentle low-foaming washing substances, no colourings vegetable glycerine moisturises and softens the skin enriched with hydrolysed oat proteins which effectively nourish and keep the skin in good condition ingredient that works as a natural moisturising factor (NMF) protects the skin from water loss provitamin B5 soothes irritations and regenerates refreshing wood and fruity scent perfect for everyday use based on natural ingredients for daily care perfect for dry parts of the body (elbows, knees) shea butter and avocado extract intensely moisturise and nurture dry skin coconut oil soothes and slows down skin aging process enriched with vitamins A, B, C, E and PP which improve skin appearance and prevent it from ageing almond oil smoothes the epidermis mineral salts and unsaturated fatty acids improve skin condition fresh woody and fruity scentDuetoahighcontentofwaxes,NATURALWARMBODYBUTTERandNATURALBODYCREAMmaygetcrystallisedwhichdoesnotaffectthequalityorpropertiesoftheproducts.Our new packaging contains evenmore SKIN LAB natural body cream!Containsnoparaffin,petroleumderivatives,parabens,silicones,PEGs,propyleneglycolsorartificialcolourings.£39.95/1 l£7.99£107.62/1 kg£13.99NEWDESIGN!82C O L L E C T I O NSKINLABMENskin lab collectionWealth of natural ingredients.
  83. 83. NEWFM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 83
  84. 84. 84Naturally excellent.C O L L E C T I O NSKINLABMENFM sl13NATURAL WARMBODY BUTTER 65 g designed to be applied when butter is warm, melted to a form of aromatic massage oil developed from the highest quality natural ingredients, such as shea and mango butters which nourish, sooth irritations and protect the skin from external factors coconut and almond oil regenerates and intensively moisturises the skin, preventing water loss natural beeswax makes the skin supple and smooth pleasant woody and fruity scent£307.54/1 kg£19.99NEWDESIGN!Containsnoparaffin,petroleumderivatives,parabens,silicones,PEGs, lab collection
  85. 85. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 85FM sl11NATURAL SOAP BAR 100 gFM sl12MATTIFYING EFFECTFACE CREAM 30 ml for daily skin care for every type of skin cream ingredients bring smoothing and mattifying effect enriched with aloes providing soothing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect hyaluronic acid and vitamin E support renewal of the natural protective layer of the epidermis light texture, does not strain the skin quick absorbing top quality handmade soap made from natural ingredients (98% natural ingredients from which 60% are from organic farming) organic base from which the soap is made is certified by English Soil Association and French Ecocert (organisations that certify organic products) high content of glycerine of organic origin provides very good skin moisturisation aloe extract combined with coconut oil sooth skin irritations its ingredients have moisturising and softening properties skin becomes silky smooth and soft leaves fresh woody and fruity aroma on the skin each soap bar is unique – different colour, shape and texture£240.00/1 l£7.20£65.00/1 kg£6.50
  86. 86. Mycie może byćprawdziwąfrajdą.FM d005 NEW!BODY WASH FOAM 200 ml intended for daily wash and care of your child’s delicate skin contains nutritious sweet almond oil which regenerates, slightly oils and makes the skin soft and smooth chamomile extract and allantoin accelerate renewal of the epidermis and soothe irritations plant glycerine provides deep moisturisation and softens the skin light foam makes every bath an unforgettable experience pleasant cranberry scent contains no parabens, PEGs, SLES, SLS, salt or soap hypoallergenic suitable for children 3 years old and overHygieneandcomfort!Dispenserpumpisveryhygienic.Justpressittoapplydesiredamountofcosmetic.£39.95/1 l£7.99NEW86 kids collection aquA magicC O L L E C T I O NAQUAMAGICKIDSBa t hi s f u n!
  87. 87. FM d004 NEW!HAIR SHINE DETANGLINGSPRAY 200 mlONOFFtriggercapiseasytouseandpreventsspillageofthecosmetic makes combing unruly strands of hair easy, hair becomes shiny, soft and fluffy for wet or dry hair no rinsing required prevents static hair contains provitamin B5 which has regenerating and soothing properties calendula extract, which moisturises and nourishes hair and scalp, also has inflammatory properties ultra-light spray formula does not contain parabens or colourings juicy melon scent easy to apply suitable for children 3 years old and over£39.95/1 l£7.99NEWFM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 87
  88. 88. 88FM d002SHAMPOO & BODY WASH 2 IN 1 200 ml combines the qualities of a mild baby shampoo and nourishing body wash created to meet the needs of the youngest lovers of water adventures does not sting the eyes facilitates combing the hair and makes it become soft and shiny rich in provitamin B5 which regenerates and soothes irritations contains marigold extract which perfectly moisturises child’s delicate skin hypoallergenic does not contain PEGs, salt, soap, SLS, SLES or colourings tropical fruit aroma suitable for children 3 years old and over£39.95/1 l£7.99C O L L E C T I O NAQUAMAGICKIDSkids collection aquA magicMa g i cb a t h .
  89. 89. FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 89FM d003FIZZING BATH TABLETS 3 x 40 g designed for kids to ensure a happy bath time, full of colours and sparkling bubbles contain nourishing grape seed oil which moisturises child’s delicate skin avocado oil soothes irritations, regenerates and protects the body from water loss based on safe for child’s sensitive skin food colourings joyful scents of mango, pomegranate and black currant each of the three tablets will fancifully change the colour of water: blue, pink or yellow, but they will not leave stains on child’s skin or bathtub no allergens or parabens hypoallergenic fragrance composition suitable for children 3 years old and over£54.08/1 kg£6.49
  90. 90. 90Meet the incredibleCC creamfrom our FM GROUP MAKE UPcatalogue!Discover originalhomeperfumesin beautiful flasks!Check out our newFM GROUP FOR HOME catalogue!Take a look at what else you can find inour FM GROUP MAKE UP catalogue!Furthermore, meet our mineralcoloured cosmetics: highly pigmentedeyeshadows, automatic eye pencils,foundations, powders, correctors, lightconcealers, lip sticks and lip glosses,modelling mascaras, most fashionablenail lacquers and conditioners. Everythingyou need to create uniqueand long-lasting make up.Meet products that willchange your home forever: scented linen sprays,wardrobe fragrances,vacuum fresheners,moisturising soaps,perfect laundry liquids,fabric softeners, washing-up liquids, dishwashertabs, specialised kitchenand bathroom cleaningproducts which will makeyour everyday choresa fragrant pleasure!
  91. 91. All prices in our catalogue include 20% VAT.FM GROUP product catalogue No. 18 is valid from May 2013.The offer included in the catalogue is valid from May 2013, while stock lasts or until a new catalogue is introduced.The catalogues, Marketing Plan and other advertising, promotional and information materials that are issued or explicitly approved by FM GROUP World are the only authorised sources of information for the purpose of selling andadvertising the FM GROUP products.L I S T O F P R O D U C T S A C C O R D I N G T O F R A G R A N C E F A M I L I E SP R O D U C T S F O R M E Nintense medium intense delicateP R O D U C T S F O R W O M E Nfragrance family fragrances pheromonesHotCollectionshower gel body balmantiperspirantroll-onhair fragrancehand and nailcreamFLORALfruityFM | 10,17,19,125,180,181,281,291,303, 400 17 10 10FM | 29,75,271,272,292,304,305,321,322,323FM | 25 25 25 25orientalFM | 14,20,132,147 147 147 147FM | 71,97,183,306,317,352,353,401 97 97 97 97 97FM | 8,74,146,232,239,297,308,318,354,355 146 146 146water FM | 7,15,28,141,174green FM | 1,81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81aldehyde FM | 21 21 21 21citrus FM | 13,283,298woody FM | 3,27,30,72,320,351CITRUSlemon FM | 33 33 33 33 33 33 33mandarin FM | 23,296 23 23 23 23 23orange FM | 6ORIENTALfloral FM | 9,101,257,263,309,402 101 9 101 101 101fruity FM | 12,98,237,284,286 98 98 98 98woody FM | 26,142,162,293,359spicy FM | 24,173,177 173 173 173 173 173ambergris FM | 32 32WOODYfloral FM | 185,287,289,313fruity FM | 319,358CHYPREfruity FM | 5,16,34,80,149,192 5 5, 34 5 5woody FM | 18,357 18 18 18oriental FM | 356FRUITYfruity FM | 88 88fragrance family fragrancespheromo-nesHotCollectionshower gel body balmantiperspirantroll-onhandcream shaving foam after shaveafter shavebalmCHYPREfruity FM | 169, 210 169woody FM | 56 56 56 56 56 56animal FM | 110 110 110 110 110ORIENTALfloral FM | 52, 223, 302, 328 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52fruity FM | 325spicy FM | 199, 224 199 199 199ambergris FM | 64 64 64 64 64 64woody FM | 51, 301, 326WOODYfruit FM | 55, 90, 195, 208, 330,333patchouli FM | 160, 198, 207, 327, 331,334 160 160vetiver FM | 45, 65, 151, 152, 329, 450oriental FM | 42FOUGEREfern FM | 43, 135, 332 43 43 43lavender FM | 54, 63, 68, 189, 225, 300 54 300CITRUSlemon FM | 57, 62 57mandarin FM | 134, 452 134 134 134 134 134 134orange FM | 93WATERcitrus FM | 226green FM | 451FM GROUP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 91
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