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American Rum Seminar


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Rum was the original American spirit before the Revolution in the 1770s, fueled by cheap and readily accessible molasses from the Caribbean colonies. The number of small distilleries across North America was astounding. The tax on molasses was a principal factor in the American Revolution.

Several centuries later, craft rum distilleries are again sprouting up across America at an astounding pace. National, regional and local rums distillers are gaining well-deserved attention -- with many making their mark as true artisan spirits -- winning awards and setting new standards for authentic, hand-made rum.

At The New American Rum Revolution seminar, participants will explore rum's past, taste rum's present and listen to predictions of rum's future as they sample ten outstanding examples of great American rum.

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American Rum Seminar

  1. 1. By Robert A. Burr @RobsRumGuide #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  2. 2. Rum was America's first most popular spirit. Distilleries were established in great numbers across the land. Molasses was plentiful and inexpensive. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY As the emerging British colonies struggled to establish themselves with basic industries and infrastructure, the importation of spirits was challenging and expensive, so the production of local rum was critical. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  3. 3. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY Much has been written about America's early rum industry by talented authors with insight into the subject of American Rum. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016 Ian Williams ”Rum: A Social and Sociable History of The True Spirit of 1776" Wayne Curtis ”and a BOTTLE of rum: The History Of The World In Ten Cocktails"
  4. 4. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY Distribution was a challenge. It made sense for distilleries to be established wherever populations were growing, chiefly along the Atlantic coast before the American Revolution. Rum fueled America's need for distilled spirit. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  5. 5. Molasses Was Money It was not unusual for American products shipped to the Caribbean islands to be paid for with their abundant supply of molasses, especially from the French territories. This friction with the British establishment led to tighter rules and restrictions against French imports into the colonies. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY Rum Was Money Although rum from British colonies was a valuable and prized commodity in England,  American rums soon gained a reputation for top quality to the point where they were used as currency in cross-Atlantic trading. Massachusetts and Rhode Island were especially well regarded for their cane spirits.When smugglers found opportunities – 
 British rules were openly ignored. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  6. 6. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY American Rum makers filled their old molasses barrels with fresh rum to be loaded onto ships crossing the Atlantic. The combination of the wet barrels, the rocking motion of the ships and the time it took crossing the Atlantic, produced an unique style of rum favored by sailors. The triangle trade between Europe, West Africa and the Caribbean fueled the grand expansion of cane plantations. The increasing availability of cheap molasses for New England benefitted and greatly expanded America's rum production. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  7. 7. Rum Begat a Revolution England's ban on slavery in the late 1770s, as well as increased taxes on molasses for the American colonies signaled the beginning of the end of this era -- and fueled the fires of the coming American Revolution. Rum Reduced By the mid-1800s, as the new American population continued to reach further west in the Appalachians and Mid-West and South, American rum production was greatly supplanted by Bourbon, Whiskey, Rye and American brandies. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  8. 8. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY Prohibition was the final nail in the coffin for most rum producers that managed to carry on through the early 20th century. Nearly all the American rum stills were shut down. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  9. 9. AMERICAN RUM HISTORY The phenomena of the 21st century Rum Renaissance and the rapid establishment of local and regional distilleries across the land offers hope that America will once again enjoy a vibrant and robust rum production industry. Ever since the American Revolution, our rum industry has been in steady decline, until… In the 21st Century, new producers are cropping up in every corner of the United States. Rum distilleries are being established across the country. American Rum is the rise, again. #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  10. 10. Ladies and gentlemen: We now present for your edification and delight… evidence of the AMERICAN RUM HISTORY #AmericanRum #TOTC2016
  11. 11. RUM DISTILLERS IN AMERICA Tailwinds Distilling St. George Spirits St. Augustine Distillery Montanya Distillers Maggie’s Farm Distillery Richland Rum Distillery Drum Circle Distilling
  12. 12. TAILWINDS DISTILLING Traildragger White Rum Traildragger Amber Taildragger Coffee Plainfield, IL. Est. 2012 Never chilled or carbon filtered the spirit because as their label states it "removes to much of the spirits raw cane charm” No added coloring to make the rums appear darker and don’t add sugars after distillation. Every batch of the Amber rum is a single barrel release
  14. 14. ST. GEORGE SPIRITS St. George California Agricole Rum St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum Alameda, CA. Since 1982 100% California sugarcane. Fermented and distilled in small batches in 500-liter copper pot still. A barrel-aged expression, St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum (40% ABV), was aged in French and American oak
  16. 16. ST. AUGUSTINE DISTILLERY Pot Distilled Rum St. Augustine, FL. Est. 2014 Three stills, 750 gallon copper pot still, 500 Vendome copper pot still, 60 gallon copper pot just for making gin. Reusing bourbon and whiskey barrels from internal use for the rum. Designed from scratch to be a Destination Distillery to appeal to vibrant tourism industry in community
  19. 19. MONTANYA DISTILLERS Crested Butte, Colorado. Since 2008 Made from pure sugar cane, mixed with pure mountain spring water, add yeast and let it ferment for a week or more, and heat it in Alembic copper pot stills. Aged in American oak barrels that previously held Colorado Whiskey from distilleries in Denver. Colorado’s altitude positively affects almost every aspect of fermenting, distilling and barrel aging, and they heat their buildings with the stills. Coffee Montanya Platino Montanya Oro Montanya Exclusiva
  22. 22. MAGGIE’S FARM DISTILLERY Pittsburgh, PA. Est. 2013 Airline Overproof Rum White Rum Spiced Rum Queen’s Share 100% turbinado sugar to produce their rums. Smaller barrels to age their rums, specifically use only used rum casks. These used barrels allow more of the rum flavors from the natural chemistry to come forward
  25. 25. RICHLAND RUM Richland, GA. Est Single State Old Georgia Rum Handcrafted with pure sugarcane – including homegrown cane from the proprietor’s Estate in Richland, Georgia – and natural water from the Georgia Aquifer. From soil to still to bottle, Vonk controls the entire process, a novel production method
  26. 26. RICHLAND RUM
  27. 27. RICHLAND RUM
  28. 28. DRUM CIRCLE DISTILLING Sarasota, FL. Est. Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Siesta Key Spiced Distiller's Reserve Spiced Beer Barrel Finish Spiced Siesta Key Silver Siesta Key Gold Using only the highest grade molasses available, all from Florida grown sugar cane. Still is a hybrid German-built still that can be used as a stand-alone pot still. The pot still rum ages in used bourbon barrels and used apple brandy barrels. Also the first rum company to age rum in used beer barrels, starting a mini-trend in the industry.
  30. 30. Kōloa Rum Company Headquarters
 Kalaheo, Kaua`i, Hawaii
  31. 31. Olokele Sugar Mill
 Gay & Robinson Plantation
  33. 33. Mt. Wai`ale`ale 
 One of the Wettest Spots on Earth
  34. 34. Our 1210-Gallon 
 Vintage Copper Pot Still
  35. 35. Kōloa Rum · The Lineup
  36. 36. Other Products
  37. 37. 5-Bottle (50ml) Sampler Pack
  38. 38. Mai Tai · Rum Punch · Pineapple Passion RTD Cocktails 200ML · 1.0L · 1.75L
  39. 39. Kōloa Rum Proudly Served Onboard Hawaiian Airlines
  40. 40. Kaua`i Coffee Rum
 Made with Kaua`i Grown Coffee
  41. 41. Awards and Accolades
  42. 42. Current Distribution United States Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Washington DC and Wyoming. International Australia Canada (Alberta & British Columbia), China (Shanghai), France and Japan
  44. 44. Tasting Room & Company Store Kilohana Plantation – Kaua`i
  45. 45. Kōloa Rum
 One Taste Seals The Deal!
  46. 46. Tasting Room Sales Demographics 
 Customer Zip Codes (2012)
  47. 47. Website & Social Media
  48. 48. Point of Sales Materials
  49. 49. Supplier Support
  50. 50. Maha`ulepu – Kaua`i
 Hawaiian Airlines Hana Hou 
 In Flight Magazine
  51. 51. Aloha from the 
 Garden Isle of Kaua`i
  52. 52. Scotch • Dark wood paneled library • Smelly cigars Rum • Fun • Vacation • Beach
  53. 53. Why are we here?
  54. 54. Be honest!
  55. 55. 1. Own a distillery 2. Have experience 3. Acquired knowledge 4. Made Contacts 5. Been a drinker REQUIRED RESOURCES
  56. 56. 0 for 1
  57. 57. 0 for 2 and 3 The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein
  58. 58. 0 for 4
  59. 59. 0 for 5 “I’d hate to be a teetotaler. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that’s as good as you are going to feel all day.” Dean Martin
  60. 60. Gubba Rum Timeline
  61. 61. Caribbean Vacation
  62. 62. Local Product
  63. 63. Import to US?...
  64. 64. Make our own!
  65. 65. This little piggy went to market
  66. 66. Gubba Rum
  67. 67. Wicked smooth.
  68. 68. Steve’s Business Theory: Part 1
  69. 69. Steve’s Business Theory: Part 2
  70. 70. Steve’s Marketing Tips: #1
  71. 71. Steve’s Marketing Tips: #2
  72. 72. Steve’s Most Important Tip:
  73. 73. BAYOU® RUM & The New American Rum Revolution Tales of the Cocktail July 20, 2016
  74. 74. “Rum is widely viewed within the liquor industry as the next best thing.” – Global Rum Insights IWSR Rum : 3rd Largest Spirits Category 12% Of All Dis=lled Spirits Consump=on In US Premium Rum 7% CAGR Proj. Through 2020 +1M 9L Cases Standard Rum -1% CAGR Proj. Through 2020 Value Rum -3% CAGR Proj. Through 2020
  75. 75. *hTp:// “CraW Spirits are the products of an independently-owned dis=llery …where the product is PHYSICALLY dis=lled and boTled on-site”* •  Bayou Rum uses 100% raw, unrefined sugar and molasses sourced from local farmers in Louisiana •  Made completely by hand: Fermenta=on, Dis=lla=on, Matura=on, and BoTling all done on site at the dis=llery
  76. 76. “Louisiana Rum from the Heart of Sugarcane Country” •  Sugarcane first brought to Louisiana over 250 years ago by a Jesuit Priest •  The rich soils of the mighty Mississippi River Delta allow sugar cane to thrive in Louisiana area •  Sugarcane is a grass, and some varietals are sweeter than others. Louisiana sugarcane is some of the sweetest in the world. •  Now a $2 billion industry in Louisiana
  77. 77. Largest independent rum dis=llery in USA Bayou Rum Dis,llery
  78. 78. “Sugarhouse” recipe inspired by early Louisiana rum makers and op=mized in each of the 4 components of flavor profile: •  BeTer Louisiana ingredients !  M.A. Patout & Sons: oldest opera=ng USA sugar mill since 1829 !  Fresh Louisiana molasses & raw unrefined sugar •  BeTer Fermenta=on !  Pasteuriza=on before to naturally eliminate bacteria & wild yeast !  State-of-the-art temperature management & sanitary environment •  BeTer Dis=lla=on with Pot S=lls !  Proudly HANDMADE RIGHT HERE IN USA !  HandcraWed Vendome genuine copper pot s=ll dis=lla=on •  BeTer Finish !  Obsessively-consistent opera=ons and quality assurance methods -Gas Chromatograph (GC) & rum exper=se !  Mul=ple batch marrying period + ex-bourbon barrel aging !  BoTled on site with deep well triple-filtered pure water (soW, charcoal, RO) BAYOU® RUM Tastes BeTer
  79. 79. Bayou Rum Dis,llery Team: Award Winning Collabora,on Dis=lling & Produc=on •  Jeff Murphy previously dis=lled for Privateer rum, Rebecca Creek, and brewed beer in Singapore Blending & Quality Assurance •  Reiniel Vicente previously aged & blended award winning rums for Oliver & Oliver in the Dominican Republic
  80. 80. BAYOU® Rum is handcraWed, pot dis=lled American rum produced from fresh Louisiana sugarcane for an award-winning flavor.
  81. 81. Bayou Select – Limited Edi,on Select Barrel Reserve “The rum for bourbon drinkers” How it’s Made •  Aged in Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam barrels up to 4 years using the Solera aging method Tas=ng Notes •  BuTerscotch, nutmeg, caramelized nuts •  Oaky, sensuous finish How to Drink •  Best enjoyed Neat / On the Rocks •  Rum Old Fashioned or spirit-forward, classic cocktail Awards •  2016 Gold Medal Best-in-Class Aged Rum @ Miami Rum Renaissance Fes=val each boTle is signed and numbered by the dis=ller & blender
  82. 82. America’s Most Decorated Rum 82 /awards
  83. 83. 1. America’s Rum Bayou® Rum is… 2.  HandcraWed: Pot-Dis=lled & boTled in USA •  Produced with fresh Louisiana sugar cane which is naturally Gluten-Free 3.  Most Awarded American Rum! •  82 awards and growing
  84. 84. Nielsen Scanner Data – USA Craft Spirits Overview results ending June 20, 2015 sales performance "  Bayou® Rum is #1 CRAFT RUM BRAND with a 52.8% share of total US market!
  85. 85. Bayou Rum USA Expansion Map CA NV OR WA ID UT AZ NM TX AK CO WY MT ND SD NE KS OK MI WI MN IA MO AR LA MS AL GA FL SC NC TN KY IL IN OH PA VAWV NY ME DE RI CT MA VT NJ NH HI MD/DC 2016 Launch / Relaunch 2017 Feb/Mar launchPending Control - TBD updated 06.19.2016