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General questions mcvp corporate development


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General questions mcvp corporate development

  1. 1. 1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESECRomania 2013 – 2014?My desire to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania in 2013-2014 comes from an inner drive that at times isso clear to me and it speaks so powerfully to my mind and my soul that there is no doubt in it and thatsometimes I am afraid of my own daring attitude to push forward into the misty, foggy future withnothing but a torch of passion and a sword of pragmatism to guide me.Whenever I think about the future, I realize that I can truly influence it in a meaningful and positive way,going beyond what one person could achieve. You see, I’ve always had this feeling inside that I didn’tnecessarily want to spend my life working for someone else’s pursuit of financial wealth and that thereis an alternative to the mercantile, money-oriented, lacking-in-meaning, production-consumer duality-driven outright bullshit that the US market system has been throwing in the eyes of the world since theend of World War II. But the financial pressures have almost extinguished this belief in me. That is until Ijoined AIESEC. Slowly but steadily this thing that is much more than an NGO has empowered me toaccept my own thoughts and become much more true to myself, to construct my own mission on thisEarth and to give voice and will to the volcano of passion, drive, ideas and purpose that lives inside me.Why the MC of 2013-2014? Because after the experience at RYLF 2012 (which was an experience I canonly fully describe in a novel) I feel the pulse of hundreds of members in AIESEC with a ton of passion,but not with a clear purpose. After having experienced it myself, I believe in the impact anddevelopment that comes with working for an exchange department coupled with the immense claritythat being present in the outside corporate market gives you. I see quite clearly what the evolutionarysteps in AIESEC Romania regarding Corporate Development during the following year should be, and Ibelieve I have a strong pragmatism as powerful as my passion that will contribute to the nationalnetwork, breaking the patterns that occur in AIESEC in general. These patterns shall be broken withincreased external relevance and presence; with a simple, clear message for the members; and byigniting the passion that lies within each and every one of the members and giving a clear direction tostrive towards.As I said before, I am also interested in the organizational development of AIESEC as I’m finding outwhat it did, I see what it does and I feel what it can do and honestly we’re just beginning to scratch thesurface. Regarding GIP incoming but not limited to, we have an enormous potential for growth so muchso that if we grow to have an average of 20-30 GIPi realizations per LC (40-50 for the big LCs), AIESEC willhave an important word to say on the external market and then we can become a major agent ofchange. This growth will not be driven by one person sitting in a chair in an office in Bucharest; it will bedriven by the fire and the tools that will be given from the MC to the LCs. At first a few LCs that will beinterested, then by showcasing, more LCs will adhere to the national network direction.This is how you start to move things. Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  2. 2. 2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expectingfrom AIESEC?I often ask myself what would happen if AIESEC would suddenly disappear from Romania. Who wouldbe affected if it ceased to exist? Who would honestly care if AIESEC didn’t exist anymore in Romania? IsAIESEC so indispensible to Romanian society?Sadly, apart from some high-school pupils and students, nobody would care that much for thedisappearance of AIESEC in our small patch of the globe. But what I do see is that AIESEC is absolutelyvital to the Romanian society if it stands any chance to evolve and take a coherent, cohesive shape.Because the state has failed horribly in providing a proper learning environment for young people,because none of the administrative institutions can help give purpose to a youngster’s life, becausecompanies only tangentially influence the well-being of my generation, there is a strong need for anentity that can deliver and provide solutions to these issues.This entity I believe is AIESEC and as mentioned above, there are plenty of problems that needaddressing and can be addressed by AIESEC. These problems are not only national, they are also global.Maybe some of these problems aren’t clearly stated, maybe a lot of people never thought of thesethings, but as society in general, there a lot of gaps that need to be filled and a lot of bridges to beconstructed.Regarding the World itself, I think AIESEC has the potential of taking the initiative in solving many of theworld youth problems as well as providing a clear sense of leadership and direction in regards to this.Humankind has plenty of issues in the current day & age that can only be addressed through leadership.And by leadership I mean the initiative of identifying the problems and finding solutions, the knowledgeand resourcefulness to implement the solutions, and the vision to drive the solutions forward in order toincrease their impact and their relevance.When it comes to Romania, the main problem is that civil society doesn’t exist and some people don’teven think about it. The state doesn’t represent the interest and well-being of the individuals, whilstnational culture is horizontal, with no moral compass, hierarchy of values and no ideas of verticality. Theleadership that is expected is that leadership which pushes society into shape and empowers youngpeople to have, strive for and achieve a better vision of tomorrow.3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, whatis the role of AIESEC in Romania?Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant?If we look at AIESEC as the societal organism that wants to develop the potential of young people andput this in the context of Romania, I think there is a multitude of shapes that AIESEC can take to fulfillthat purpose. Imagine Romania as a house, resting on the current structure: the institutions of the state(the government, schools, universities, hospitals etc.) as the huge foundational boulders, the corporatesector as the reinforced concrete, and the national culture as the old pillars that can fall at any moment. Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  3. 3. AIESEC is the mixture that is poured between these elements to bridge the gaps and give Romania astrong unified structure to stand on and develop.That being said and considering the current position of AIESEC within Romania, we can divide therelevance into two main areas: external relevance and internal relevance.External relevance: Seeing AIESEC Romania as a major agent in the external environment, we shouldstart to act like it. We need to have a stronger impact in the outside markets, to make it easier for thosewhom we impact directly to acknowledge us, to produce more products together with our stakeholdersand also to be better tuned to Romania’s reality as a country. Taking into consideration the X focus ofthe organization, we should also start growing on certain programs – think more impactful projects interms of numbers and frequency – and begin to develop more and more people. We have a tremendousopportunity for increased relevance if we start doing things bigger and in accordance to reality.Internally speaking, our members need a clear sense of direction and orientation towards X andbuilding something with continuity, enabled by the proper tools. From talking to alumni, some patternsarise within AIESEC. Where most MC strategies fail is that AIESEC in Romania is highly decentralized (theLCPs have the final word) and then the MC creates a national plan with the mindset that the LCs willfollow it, as a centralized system would do, resulting in confusion and frustration. Education within thewhole MEC has to be delivered with a clear purpose and continuity, it has to introduce the mentality ofcoordination at a national level and, last but not least, it must instill a strong work ethic leading to aresults-oriented behavior. Since exchange is the core product of our organization, there is a need for astronger sense of why we are doing this and for an acknowledgement of the ways in which we arecreating leaders.4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midtermambition. Evaluate our key achievements from 2010 and keythings that should happen in the next 3 years.Key achievements:- X sub-products- X orientation as the main driver- NPS score piloting- Alumni development in EBs and MC- X positions more clearly divided within the EB and MC- developing nationally-aligned projects that do not depend on one major external stakeholder- EwA & LLC criteria- counting of domestic programs and increase in their numberFirst choice partner: referring mostly to external stakeholders, one thing that directly needs to happenis to build on and improve the legacy of each term, since being consistent in our actions solidifies ourposition in the external market – and here I’m referring to qualitative transition. Afterwards, we need to Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  4. 4. develop more issue-based projects and make those issues known; point out how we are developingleaders through those projects; and strengthen our sub-product-based approach, so that we are knownin key areas (for example the corporate & student IT market niche). Close to 2015, we should increaseour position through more national partnerships based on one-to-one benefits – national alignments;and not just partnerships with the corporate environment, but with other NGOs to know of ourexistence.Global Youth Voice: we need to further extend our market reach and, following the case of the AI, alignthe implementation of YouthSpeak, which will enable us to have direct actions in youth-relevant issues.We should have more youth market knowledge, presence and research, strong branding on subprograms and products. People need something to identify with and the clearer the message, the easierto identify with. EwA hasn’t been really developed, but it’s where we have more impact than anywhereelse and that should be another direction. Additionally, we should also focus on brand awarenessincrease because there is no clear message of what AIESEC Romania is doing and what is its purpose insociety.Cross-generational positive impact: build on the Alumni Development culture and bring the alumnicloser to the organization (recruitment, BOA, trainings), while highlighting their impact. Part of thegrowth of iGIP and iGCDP can be supported by alumni becoming TN takers. On a developmental level,LCVPs develop a lot more than TLPs, but there are ways to bridge that gap, one solution being thecreation of a LEAD track for TLPs at conferences and focusing more on the role of the TLP as an overallleader, irrespective of the nature of the initiative.5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume ofAIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for 2013 – 2014 term (havein mind the connection between our products and externalenvironment)?->Providing continuous education on approach market segments by sub-programs->Outsourcing some processes from the X areas into support areas (Product sheets designed by Comm,Sales trainings created by TD with AD, matching interview frame created by TD etc.)->Create synergies between areas like OGX+COMM+TD, CD+AD, NCD+TD etc.->Upscaling national GCPs into national projects (showcasing, planning and implementation)->Focusing on creating and aligning national PBOXs and national recruitments, raising campaigns->Backwards planning based on efficiency, goal achievement rate and members available with eachdepartment and objectives divided by sub programs and market segments->Branding each sub program (ex: GCDP is Global Citizen, GIP IT is Global IT Program)->Product development with our partners for more relevant, more marketable and more financiallyproductive initiatives->Nationally aligned recruitments + raising campaigns + national projects (aligned in terms of commplan, branding and front-end activities) Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  5. 5. 6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014term? Describe which will be the key milestones you commit tostrive for during next term.The legacy that will be left after 2013-2014 is that we will always seek to improve by building on thethings that were before, not by reinventing the wheel. During this term, there was a strongimprovement on the national direction, resulting in increased results and a stronger culture of GIPi, GIPoIT and GCDPi. There was a clear direction and there is much more to develop, but in 2013-2014 thefoundation was laid for an immensely successful term that was about to follow and the point whereAIESEC started raising its voice and speaking clearly, strongly and youthful.Like I have mentioned in the last two questions, in order to build stability and legacy we need a stronglyqualitative transition at LC and MC level; growth and consolidation on sub programs; education onprograms and sub programs; education cycle well implemented and the legacy being that of resultsbecause there has been enough focus on processes so far.The concrete milestones for the term are the following: iGCDP national projects summer peak oGCDP summer peak oGIP follows modest after summer peaks a mindset oriented towards strong results begins to catch on more LCs align to national projects and drivers with specific action iGIP starting to build traction in summer with strong results in Re in autumn iGCDP winter peak (second wave of X results) consolidation on iGIP, IT & ET sub programs ->emergence of MKT & Technical in spring iGCDP & oGCDP summer peak with oGIP strong results strong growth on iGIP, constant results through ET-based projects and IT market penetration as winter is coming, there is a strong sense of MC unity and national coherence of LCs in MCC 2014 flows a mindset of continuity and bringing even greater results7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the GlobalExcellence UBS award. Explain why.The winner of the Global Excellence UBS Award is usually an MC that has an incredible increase in globalprograms, backed up by an also impressive number increase in domestic programs. This increase isusually brought not by some brilliant strategic plan, but by a SMART plan so simple that everyone canimplement it and so productive that results start happening in the first month.Why Romania will be the winner of The UBS award in 2014 is all based on the legacy of term 2013-2014.Based on the milestones which will occur, a strong growth on numbers will appear throughout the term,especially in the second half because the mindset of the country will be towards clear results, Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  6. 6. empowered by the education delivered. As certain sub programs as main drivers, we will see anemergence of other sub programs, leaving the beginning of the term 2014-2015 with a continuity ofmind-blowing results that help drive the national mindset. No small part in this is the MC culture as aunified team that firmly leads the country.Success comes for those who are too busy looking for it. We won’t chase it; we’ll chase our ownexcellence: an AIESEC Romania with the mentality towards moving the country and the World. Empowerment. Consistency. Passion