1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014?        In fact it is a question about 3...
full of passion life.         What are the Worlds needs? According to The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) rapport for 2...
happen two new opportunities that AIESEC has to cope with, but that bring great possibilities as well.         First of th...
The first table presents expected realizations on global level with percentage of growth in each yearand whole term. What ...
5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for 2013– 2014 term (have ...
to communicate with Romanians who doesnt speak English, but are interested in achieving mutual goals.         This is why ...
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General questionary


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General questionary

  1. 1. 1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014? In fact it is a question about 3 different issues. First is about AIESEC. Why AIESEC? For whole my life I felt different from anyone surroundingme. Sometimes I was even forced to resign of meeting few friends because of the way they changed and mystrong care about my values, what could not work any more. Sometimes I felt sad because of this specifickind of loneliness. For whole this time I was aware of the fact that the reason of this, is me. But I didnt wantto change. In June 2011, with my flat-mate we were invited for barbecue by one of my flat-mate’s friend, whowas an AIESECer. I will never forget this evening. I knew most of people there, because we were at fewparties before. But there were two people Id never met before. Eduardo from Columbia and Jenny fromChina. Without these foreigners it would probably be just next party with those people. But, when today, Iremember that evening I dont even know where to start the story. First time in my life I talked to someonefrom China and South America, I was so excited that I finally can use my English, and that I still rememberit. Because of these guests, after some time, almost all Polish people started to dance some strange dance.They didnt care that there are like 20 other barbecues around. I didnt understand, but I liked their self-confidence. But what I liked the most, were conversations. We werent talking about parties, computers andcars, but about Polish history in XIX century, Colombian international relations and philosophy. I finallyfound friends that I was truly similar to. LC in Kielce was in big troubles by that time, caused, as I found latter, by previous EB. And it wasJennys first day in Poland. They didnt have accommodation for her yet, so she was suppose to share bedwith one of AIESECers by 3 nights. But in our flat we had 2 free rooms. Then, I didnt even know that this iscalled “buddy”, but this was my first, unofficial, position I took. Since then Id been being involved in more and more AIESEC activities. With every step I wasdiscovering that this is the place I belong. Because AIESEC does not only accept individuals, but needsthem. The answer for two last parts “Why now?” and “Why Romania” is now only a part of “GoldenCircles” – “What” area. Romania?, because after my internship there I just felt in love with this country.Studying Romanian culture is for me amazing opportunity to discover new areas withing European Culture Iam interested in. Now?, because in my personal opinion and opinion of few more experienced in AIESECpeople, MC is the best level of AIESEC to use my skills, knowledge and experience, giving me in exchangeeven more of them.2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC? This question is a little bit philosophical. I believe that world does not expect anything from us. Whatis more, I am pretty sure that even the World itself doesnt know the answer for this question. It is even moreimportant in AIESEC, where we pretend to be real leaders. In my opinion the question for AIESECers shouldlook more like: “What AIESECs leaders should expect the World and Romania to look like in the future". Asleaders we have a right to design plans for the future, but as leaders we are the only ones who are responsiblefor the future. But trying to give an answer for the question I will split it into two parts. “What are needs in Worldand Romania, that AIESEC can fulfill?” and “What new standard AIESECs leaders should provide to theWorld and Romania?” During my internship in Romania I could see two contradictory positions that Romanians take. Verysad one and very hopeful one. First is the fact that a lot of Romanian young people plan to leave the countryin the future. Both, AIESECers and my students in small town of Urziceni believe in themselves, but dontbelieve in Romania. Or maybe they are just selfish. But, fortunately, not everyone belongs in Romania to the first group. There is another group ofpositivist patriots (in opposition to the romantic patriots). They talk about their country being proud ofachievements but aware of mistakes. In my life I have visited over a dozen countries, I lived by longer termin four of them. I met people from over 50 countries. There is only one country in the World that citizens ofare better in positivist patriotism – Pakistan. I believe that this is amazing Romanian potential. I believe thatwhat Romania needs from AIESEC is to realize to the youth this potential. Because the pair: the potentialand all of economical and social problems in Romania gives Romanians great chance to live important and Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania
  2. 2. full of passion life. What are the Worlds needs? According to The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) rapport for 2013there are at least 23 areas in the World where there is a strong threat of armed conflict. One of main reasonswhy AIESEC has been founded for was to give future leaders change to meet and break stereotypes in orderto avoid conflicts like this. Personally I strongly believe that AIESEC took a very important role in achievingthis goal in Europe. During whole AIESECs existence we developed and expanded our areas of interest andunfortunately, sometimes I think that we forgot about this important goal. Although I am aware of the fact,that we are not able to stop all conflicts quickly, I believe that we should keep working having this idea inour minds. Because there is still a lot to do … 23 areas. But, as I mentioned, as leaders we should create brand new standards. The World of XXI century is alot different from the time when AIESEC has been created. Even if we can feel very safe in Europe, andprobably there will be no war in nearest future on our Continent, there are still few problems that we shouldtry to solve. Mainly I mean economical problems that cause social ones. What is more, I can see a big chancefor this in AIESEC, because we already have whole infrastructure needed to do this. All that we have to do isto design new topics for our GCDP projects. Topics about economical awareness, delivered by preciselymatched trainers (f.ex: EP from poor African country delivering a workshop together with EP from richdeveloped country). However it may be hard to imagine now how projects like this could be realized now,when a lot of LCs have problems with matching, I believe that Romania could be a good place to lead thewhole process, because of its position in Europe, EU, and the World (More info in specific questions aboutmy strategy).3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania?Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant? Trying to describe AIESEC in Romania from foreigners point of view in context of this question Iwould like to focus on 3 main areas: Romanian AIESECs image in eyes of AIESECers from differentcountries I talked about this to, Romanian economical situation and Romania-UE relations. Next few paragraphs I base on my conversations with AIESECers from Poland, Croatia, Serbia,Bosnia and Herzegovina and a little bit on opinions of EPs met in Romania during my staying there (The lastfactor may be very subjective). Image of AIESEC in Romania is comparatively very good. Unfortunately,sometimes it is caused by not so good image of Romania. People, comparing Romanian AIESECs resultswith their stereotypes about the country, are impressed. Very important part of Romanian positive image is made by project gROw. This project is knowneven in Committees that had never sent EP for it. In my LC printed TN form of this project was on our news-wall since I entered the office first time, and is being updated with every next edition (In total, there were 2EPs on gROw from our LC). In LC Osijek (Croatia) when I asked if would they be interested in me invitingLC members for gROw at their LCM, they told me that they already posted the information on LCs mailgroup. In almost all other situation, when I talked to any “older” AIESECer, she/he heard about it. This isamazing potential that AIESEC in Romania could use to increase the impact made by even different projects.Having one project with great brand it is a lot easier to transfer the brand to other projects and wholeAIESEC in Romania. Having in mind, of course, that quality of any other project connected by brand togROw would have to be of very good quality. Another good opinion Ive heard about AIESEC in Romania is the way all members are treated.Professionalism in AIESEC Romania is also a part of very good image. Economical situation in Romania taught me a lot about statistics and reality connection. I wasextremely surprised observing that everyday life of people in Romania and people in Ireland is very similar.Then I asked myself: “How is it possible, that in my house in Poland, in my house in Ireland and in houses ofmy Romanian friends everything looks so similar? Even if, according to statistics, there should be a hugedifference.” (GDP (PPP) per capita in Romania ~12.000USD, Ireland 48.000USD). Then I realized that whatgenerates huge GDP are international companies, and in fact those companies dont influence our life somuch. This is why AIESEC in Romania has different objectives than AIESEC in Germany, Great Britain etc.(Because of specific situation of AIESEC in Ireland, I am not even trying to compare AIESEC in these twocountries) But, we must realize that since Romania is a part of European Union, probably, with every singleyear there are going to be more and more international companies in Romania which opens for AIESEC inRomania a lot of new doors. What is even more important, in the term of office 2013-2014 there might Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania
  3. 3. happen two new opportunities that AIESEC has to cope with, but that bring great possibilities as well. First of them is planned Schengen zones enlargement, second is the 2014-2020 EU financial term. Inthe first one, in my opinion AIESEC in Romania can earn a lot. However there are few countries that needvisa to Schengen and dont need to Romania, in fact it is not a big amount of countries. But for those whoneed visa to both it is an important argument for applying only for projects in the zone. All that AIESEC hasto do in this area is to cope with all logistics about the enlargement. Second of them gives AIESEC in Romania amazing opportunity to increase ELD realizations. (Morein point 5. and specific questions at the strategy part)4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievements from2010 and key things that should happen in the next 3 years. In order to answer this question I have prepared analysis presenting 2015 measures and goals onboth: global and Romanian level with comparison between them. Below you can see screen-shots of tablesand I enclosed the document to my application for those interested in learning more about the document (Thedocument is sent in "ods" and "xls" version, but has been created in OpenOffice, and this is why there is arisk of errors while using Microsoft Office. The document is d eveloped on the basis of sources available on:myaiesec.net > Analysis > Entity Report and: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10169680). Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania
  4. 4. The first table presents expected realizations on global level with percentage of growth in each yearand whole term. What is not included in the table is global realizations rates. In fact in: - TMP: 2011 assumption had not been achieved (60969/70000), in 2012 neither (79402/81000) - TLP: 2011 assumption had been achieved, in 2012 had been achieved even a goal for 2013 - GIP: 2011assumption had not been achieved, in 2012 still even the goal for 2011 had not been achieved. - GCDP: 2011 assumption had been achieved, in 2012 had not (17625/18500) However global realization rates are relevant, should not make an influence on domestic results,because we should care about own results regardless of the results of other countries. This is why here Iwould like to focus on relations between Romanian results and 2015 goals and MoSs. At this part of explanation of the analysis for Romania I would like to draw your attention to fewmore expectations. First of them is the relation between expected growth in TMP and three other programs.This difference means that it is strongly recommended to focus on growth in quality, not in amount. Allcommittees are expected to achieve higher results by using comparatively smaller teams (twice moremembers should achieve 3-4 times higher realization in other programs). To achieve this goal, we shouldfocus on Talent Development area. Achieving goal like this may be done by two ways: spending more timeon project by team members, or by implementing solutions that will increase our efficiency. However,theoretically, both of these solutions can be used in same time I would advise to focus on the second one.Apart obvious reasons like: we should “strive for excellence”, higher efficiency may motivate better thanwasting time, etc, let me note that in voluntary organization such as AIESEC expecting from members tospend every single free time on working for the organization can cause a variety of pathologies. Another important fact is that it is recommended to achieve higher growth in TLP than in TMP.General relation should look like: 3 TMP realizations for every 1 TLP. This is why despite of fact that in2012 there was 46% decrease in TMP, the 3:1 relation has been achieved. This is why I am far from criticalopinions about the decrease, because I find it as a positive effect. Now the goal for next years should be to toachieve growth proportional to expectations expressed in percent. Theoretically, for Romania one of solutions that could be useful in achieving growth could beopening new Local Committees and reopening the one in Ploiesti. From foreigners point of view, analyzingjust statistics I can see some potential in few cities. But on the other hand, because of being foreigner I thinkthat there are at least two reasons, why, despite some help, I shouldnt lead process like this. To do this thereis very specific data needed, and specifics of the process requires Romanian language. One of my ideas that should help to achieve the expected growth is to organize a chain of workshopsorganized by specialized organization responsible for implementing knowledge about European Union,knowledge focused on EU funds. The idea is that by building “EU funds awareness” in business-mans andNGOs minds. This process should make it easier to convince them to take TNs. More TNs means biggerneeds in TLP, TMP and potentially bigger realizations in all programs. Unfortunately in 2012, comparing with 2011 in Romania there was growth only in OG GCDP (6%).What is even more important the difference between raised and realized statuses in all programs is high. Thisis why, in my opinion, the main challenge for MC in Romania 2013-2014 will be IC matching. More EPscoming to country means higher satisfaction of OC members and OCPs, this means smaller amount of skips. I believe that this will the biggest challenge because of few factors. First is the fact that the financialcrisis decreases middle class (main target for AIESEC internships) in many countries and for people fromcountries, where crisis doesnt make such a big impact or even is positive for - like China or Brazil – the costof traveling to Europe is very high (tickets, visa process, OGX fee). Second is the high possibility, that in2013 Romania will join Schengen Area. Whole this process may strongly influence decrease in ICrealizations. However, on of the most possible dates of the enlargement is before the 2013-2014 term, in thisterm MC will be strongly responsible of controlling new know-hows implementation. My main idea how to increase amount of people interested in visiting Romania for GCDP projects isto organize “inter-LC-EPs-exchange”. Romania is one of biggest countries in Europe, but without fasttransportation. But, on the other hand is culturally diverse. This is why from foreigners point of view itwould be extremely attractive to have an opportunity to spend more time in each part of the country. Moreabout this idea you can read in specific questions about strategy. Coming back to the analysis, in next three years AIESEC in Romania should strive for yearly growthof over 20%. However this number may terrify I strongly believe that if our whole organization could noticeover 30% of growth in 3 of 4 our programs, Romania can do even more! Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania
  5. 5. 5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for 2013– 2014 term (have in mind the connection between our products and external environment). First of all, I would prefer to focus on quality on numbers of ELD realized. Having in mind thatevery single ELD realization should be valuable. What is even more important, if we want to “Engage anddevelop every young person in the world“ and “fulfill humankinds potential” sometimes we should evenadvice some of applicants to our organization, or even members to choose other organization. However itmay be considered as extremal opinion, let me explain. Imagine a girl, who is applying to AIESEC. She is very active and full of positive energy. Her CV isgreat. But, asked a question: “What do you love the most in your life?”, “Animals” she answers. At thebeginning of her first project as OC, she already knows everything. She is not afraid of phone calls, ofmeetings with coo in a big company. But the LC has some difficulties, there were 2 skips in their team.Because she is very active she takes more responsibilities. It is very tiring, but she is responsible and staystill the end of the project. Finally Talent Manager has one more TMP realization. So far this story sounds like it was perfect. But in fact it is the worst what can happen in AIESEC. Doyou believe that now, when she finish this project, is she going to apply for next one? Probably no! Did shedevelop any skill? Is her (useful outside AIESEC) knowledge bigger? Is her potential fulfilled? No! And allthis because her values are different than AIESEC values. She loves animals. Now imagine that good Talent Manager at their first review board, after the first question, askedsecond one: “Ohh, animals! That is great! Have you heard that in our city few days ago a group of peoplecreated new organization that works with animals? Here you have their card! But, please, call me if you willmanage there to do something that will help your beloved animals.” One year latter the same girl came tothank and commend the achievements. She said: “I am not sure if you remember me, but a year ago you gaveme this card and asked to come again if I will achieve something big. So, here I am”. And now, imagine thestory … Now, I would like to introduce you my friend. Two terms ago in my LC, EB made a huge mistake.They focus so much on something they called “quality”, that at the end of their term they had 10 membersincluding EB. So, the previous EB had to manage somehow to increase number of members. After half ayear they had huge retention, so they had to do this again. And here the friend of mine comes. I rememberthe LCC I met him at. He was so weird. He didnt speak English. He was almost like a caveman, didnt knowhow to behave. Interrupted speakers in the least proper moments. Today Paweł, because this is his name, is an OCP of one of our most important project “CareerDays”. It is not PBOX, but it is a project that without it our LC probably couldnt exist. We expect the projectto bring about 3500 euro of profit. He goes for business meetings with the most important and the richestpeople from our region. According to our plan we hope to invite for the event at least 10 internationalcompanies, at least 30 national-level-known companies from our region and another 20 regional-level-known. And now imagine, that Paweł applied to the animal-carrying organization, and they didnt have goodTalent Manager... … … Pawełs story is not the most interesting, showing what real AIESEC spirit is, story Iknow. Do you want to hear this one? Ask me at the conference about the most meaningful moment I haveever experienced in AIESEC :] This is why, first of all we should focus on quality, not on numbers. *More specific answer for the question in specific questions: strategy.6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014 term? Describe which will be the keymilestones you commit to strive for during next term. What AIESEC in Romania will remember is incredibility hard question. Mainly because I would feeluncomfortable by setting such a big goal for a body that I cannot be sure if I will be a member of. What iseven more important about the body I would be just a part of. I believe that this is a question that MCEBelect should be asked at SprinCo in March 2013. MC is a team and it is very important for every candidatethat our private aspirations, however essential, are going to form mutual goals of whole EB. Our aspirationshave to be reconciled with each others aspirations. The above idea caused in me a need to prepare more projects, than even I believe are possible toachieve. Here I also must add that because I am not Romanian, in fact some parts of my ideas are probablyunachievable without MC team-mates help at least until I will learn Romanian language up to level sufficient Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania
  6. 6. to communicate with Romanians who doesnt speak English, but are interested in achieving mutual goals. This is why I can present my potential contribution to the MC team, being aware of the fact thatsuccess of these projects strongly depends on the teams mutual goals. My contribution can be presented in alist of milestones: – Reaching an agreement with an organization responsible for the implementation of knowledge about EU funds and their compatibility with our projects. – Creating at least a pilot project "Teen OC Team" – project building our positive brand among youth, engaging and developing teenagers potential and activating futures AIESEC leaders generation. – Encouraging LCs to organize projects using hosting families – in opinion of at least few EPs in Romania extremely interesting offer for specific kind of EPs. – Creating based on economical and political awareness GCDP project that objectives would cope with challenges brought to us by XXI century – set of workshops designed by AIESECers, based on professional knowledge delivered in teenagers relevant language. – Implementing “interLCs” foreign EPs exchange – logistically hard because of division of labor between LCs, but very interesting from potential EPs point of view. *More specific information about projects in specific questions: strategy7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why. What is amazing about AIESEC in Romania is the fact, that it really has a chance to win this award.Using terminology we use to compare countries I would say that AIESEC in Romania is developing one. Itmeans that there are huge opportunities waiting for this country and AIESEC there. AIESEC in Romania has a stable position and good brand within AIESEC network. In countries thathave a lot of realizations it is comparatively difficult to make a large increase. In countries that that havesmall amount of realizations it is easy to make an increase, but the overall amount will still be small. This iswhy from formal point of view AIESEC in Romania has this chance. Considering the fact that Romania even in economically hard time during the Worlds crisis is able toachieve good results. Even exactly in time like this is able to organize project like gROw means that thiscountry has great potential. When I think about all EU grants that will come to Romania by European SocialFund, all companies that will have opportunity to compete with other countries because of EuropeanRegional Development Fund, and advantage that Romania may have according to EUs plans about CO2emissions, I see that this may be the chance we should use, because even if we are non-profit organization,our results strongly depend on potential of our sponsors. And this may increase in Romania greatly. I cannot promise now that we will win the award. But I can make it sure that I see a real potential todo this, I truly believe that it is possible and I want to be a part of this process. Damian Gorlicki Application for the post of MCVP GCDPi, AIESEC in Romania