Victoria de mello mcp application, aiesec in brazil 2014-15


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Victoria de mello mcp application, aiesec in brazil 2014-15

  1. 1. Jul/2010: Gira Mundo Project Co-creator and first coordinator @SS Most intense experience in AIESEC. Leading 10 trainees in a summer period when the LC had 11 members. Gira Mundo became a national project and today is runned by 18 LCs in Brazil. Outcomes: Trainees (10), NGOs (5) e sponsor (British Council). Matching (9 de 10), account, service, auditing. Part of CISV International and British Counil’s Global Changemakers network for social activists May/2011: National Manager – EduAction NST AIESEC no Brasil National Matching support for the biggest Project in AIESEC in Brazil: 20 trainees matched in a short period. Visa, auditing and coaching 6 LCs. Throughout this experience I was possible to understand the national network. Feb-Mar/2012: Make it Possible Project AIESEC in Lisbon, Portugal Intern in the biggest project of AIESEC in Portugal. Delivering Millennium Development Goals workshops in the public schools in Lisbon. Outcome: - Biggest volume at the same time ever seeing in AIESEC in Brazil (61 trainees in July and 78% of overall quality achievement in evaluation) - 6 new projects: 3 of them now included in the national portfolio - 2 times prized as top #1 LC in national conferences (CONADE, June for the results of the 1st semester and CONAL, December for the results in the 2nd semester) - #2 in RE in IGN region (#1 AIESEC Uninorte, Colombia) MC VP iGCDP AIESEC in Brazil Coaching the network, strategic management and guidelines for over 50 LCs in the network. Main results achieved: 80% growth in all processes up until now, social projects development framework based on the Social Business Framework. Matching efficiency and network engagement for better Delivery Results. 2 times NST: 2012.1 and 2012.2 Educational Program Manager and Third Sector Manager GCDP ICX AIESEC in Brazil Coaching the network Program development, knowledge information, quality measurement. National task force Project development: responsible for designing the whole GCDP ICX projects portfolio for the network in 2013. Responsible for delivering the strategies for Expansion in GCDPi: CEED program delivered and concept and training for the Ignite Project. Responsible for delivering in the 2nd semester the biggest program of AIESEC in Brazil, training about the Third Sector and how to best improve and explore the NGO potencial in the cities. Dec/2012 – June/2013 United Nations Office in Nairobi Intern in Civil society relationship development with United Nations Assist in the development, maintenance and regular follow up of communication related activities within the Branch. Assist UNEP in its preparations 14 Global Major Group Stakeholders Forum and Governing Council. Assist UNEP in the Rio + 20 Follow Up. Preparation of an analysis of the GMGSF outcomes, with respect to civil society positions and achievements. Assist in the development and implementation of follow up activities such as the designing of new systems for increased public participation in UNEP, to interact with all Major Groups and support Rio+20 follow up (including Sustainable Development Goals and post-2015). Strategic management (Fin&Legal, Executive Board) Holistic analysis of the office as a whole, to work in the area of Finance enabled me to develop a more strategic point of view of processes. Management measurable, administrative tools and the ability to visualize a design, and also feature a more strategic and long term plan. Risk management, possible GAPs and MoS. Operations & External Relations (GCDP ICX and Public Relations) Certainly the area that have more experience and affinity. Development of the ability to plan, execute and pay attention to details regarding a project. Moreover, developing selling skills (business: financing and non-corporate: RA TN), stakeholder focus, team management and results orientation. Areas of main experience VP GCDP ICX 2012 @SS RA: 178 (top #1 Brazil) | MA: 132 (top #1 Brazil) | RE: 107 (top #1 Brazil) MC Echoes 2013-14 Victoria de Mello / +55 11 942066504 Skype: victoriabmfs MCVP iGCDP
  2. 2. 1. Who are you? Why are you standing for MCP 2014|15 of AIESEC in Brazil Once a good friend told me that, in order to find out who I am, I should discover what would be my contribution to the world. What would be the action that moves me, that take away my sleep and makes me give the step forward. Hard as it is, year after year AIESEC gives me a new challenge, and so on, I find out new verbs, new reasons, but, in the end, the passion remains the same. Victoria was 10 when she discovered she wanted to change the world. Joined a theater group with older people and she learned how makes a difference and feel like the next 8 years would be full of passion and commitment within that place. At 14 Victoria found that other people also wanted to change the world, and feel that, that tickle in the throat not was not enough, she needed to feed this anxiety. Was in school, in History class, when she saw a child crying over the remains of the Berlin Wall and a new reality rebelling. And she, not as much as a child, cried, without knowing what she felt. She just did not understand what she wanted from that time had but one thing she knew certainty: She wanted to fill this anxiety, this agony, and feel that the child felt. At age 16 her world was changed. A trip, a backpack, the world before her eyes for the first time, the independence flashing in her hair and new people and discoveries. Since then, life has not been the same. Who knew Victoria before and after that know what I'm talking about. Victoria was 18 when she decided he wanted to change himself, so to change the world, in AIESEC. I have a long-term perception that makes me realize opportunities often overwhelmed, I developed in my years of VP a holistic vision of the organization, which gave me a strong sense of the final product of AIESEC. Furthermore, during my trajectory in AIESEC I never failed to see opportunities as external additions and potential benefits not only for me as professional, but also for the organization. I am often considered restless, and my engine is completely driven by passion and dedication to what I do. I have a proximal and a simple relationship that benefits the development of the people I lead. I believe in the power of a good conversation and I think that professionalism should be in the everyday relationship. I have a great sense of implementation and I recognize the work done by my team as a results-oriented culture, counterbalanced with a team united and focused, constantly revising processes. I consider myself a creative visionary, I believe in my potential to change and acknowledge my career at AIESEC as a proof of my resilience. I like being in contact with the network, to take challenges and learn from them. For sure, the hardest decision I ever had to take, to apply for MCP is to definitely have a strong a powerful decision upon lives of thousands, is to finally have the say and the duty to make it happen. The little girl who crossed the crocky orange door of AIESEC Salvador never knew that once she’d be standing in front of everyone she ever admired to fulfill her own promise of development. If I could come back 4 years ago, I’d say to that little girl: “It was all worthy, and in the end it ended up pretty good. Life is exactly like this challenge AIESEC is providing you”. Changing the world can be pretty simple, and I want for people to understand that. I am applying for MCP of AIESEC in Brazil because I want AIESEC to be seen not only as a platform for leadership development but also as a concrete way to put ideas into action. I want for 2014-15 to be finish as the year that we were able to finally take a stand into what operations are able to do: we have to do MORE, we have to do better, but with one condition: we have to do it NOW.
  3. 3. 2. What is the leadership that should describe your team, how would you ensure that and what kind of leader you need to be for that? Brazil needs a value driven and daring leadership. It is our individual and collective values which guide our actions. Once we identify a strong set of values, they can act as an anchor and at the same time propel us further to take risks & try new things in our journey through this organization. Why take risks? AIESEC gives you the platform to take those risks, explore those new opportunities which progress the individual and hence the organization forward. Nowhere else will we be presented with the option of doing the kind of things we do “AIESEC is about leadership” We know that, right? Leadership is the ability to inspire, produce results and change realities from a proactive and focused attitude. It is the power to transform a necessity into a result. What is the next step that needs to be given? What we still need to do in order to make sure in addition to developing the young Brazilian we will be broadcasting this development to other young people and so engaging and developing all young people on the planet. Not lacking in tools, not lacking in capacity and not lacking in engagement we need to be present in most sectors, in more plural realities. How to analyze Brazilian society today and not see youth as a relevant actor? This is the only way we can create a MOVEMENT. 3. What is the relevance of youth leadership in the Brazilian society, how would you make AIESEC known for being the “youth leadership provider of the World”? “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself and his beliefs. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
  4. 4. 5. When would you say AIESEC in Brazil achieved 2015? What needs to be done for that? 2015 is simple: 2015 is a breakthrough today that needs to be understood in a gradual way , 2015 is a clear landmark and its vision exists today because of simple actions that were taken and that conditioned AIESEC in Brazil to what it has become today. 2010 concludes with a simple trend: AIESEC was not fulfilling its true role and potential, this way 2015 vision showed us that for us to understand the fullness of our impact we need to gain reach, relevance and objectivity. Organizational ambition to challenge risk of organizational satisfaction of status quo AIESEC 2015 and BHAG push AIESEC to provide more and better experiences to young people being more aggressively externally and more value-driven internally. 2015 is still far: 2015 is far when we realize how far we are far when we have experiences being delivered incomplete, when we still have communication being poorly made and people having the worst experiences of their lives due to a lack of alignment and understanding of our limits . Key organizational realization is implementation: We need to understand why we are getting bigger. It allow us to reconnect and reinforce the purpose of AIESEC which is giving the whole organization a key shared value and momentum for the organization. AIESEC 2015 pushes the organization to become more externally oriented as we are pushing our products to the market, but the only way we can do it is by delivering more experiences and give back to the market what it is giving to us. We need to become even more customer centric! - It will increase value of in our current products and penetrate key new markets based on key customer orientation principles. - Transform operation behavior to be truly aligned with our why and our customers need: Constant evolvement of product improvement, process and delivery improvement and new product development based on customer feedback. This way, AIESEC will open up, be more inclusive and remove barriers of engagement with our purpose and values. Local relevance through constant product delivery and improvement to serve the needs in the local marketplace this way reaching clear and direct societal impact in the world. Key turning points for 2015 reach and engagement: - Evolution of ELD products & experience delivery structures on the basis of NPS feedback. - Improvement of the demand & supply management systems to ensure high volume delivery by countering differences in numbers of available EPs & TNs globally in different backgrounds. - Increased accessibility of the AIESEC experience physically & virtually.
  5. 5. 6. What does AIESEC give to the world and what does AIESEC in Brazil give to Brazil? “O jovem brasileiro quer conhecer o mundo (66%) e ser feliz no trabalho (47,9%), além do desejo de formar família (38,5%)” (PUCRS, 2013) How we’ve missed the chance to change Brazil’s future And it’s all unpaid. Isn’t it? Winter protests has shown us how hard LEADERSHIP is needed in the country, started out as a strong and cohese idea, that turned out to become different points of view, perceptions and wonders altogether. AIESEC tought me the power of strong and powerful leadership – regardless its source. AIESEC provides this to the world. We are naive enough to believe in the power of what year position, 6 weeks internship and leading a project can do to our lives, and we do it properly, and we do it because we care. The point is: are we doing it right? Are we really giving to the world what the world need? We believe in leadership through exchange experiences – living and/or providing it, and in the moment we run away from this responsability we are running away from the true reason why AIESEC is relevant to the world. If protests in Brazil were held by one million AIESECers, maybe it would turned out differently, maybe PEC 37 and Calheiros would be out right now, maybe priviledged forum for politicians would be over – but the question is: How can consider changing the world and having a strong and powerful impact in our country if we are currently not doing what we are supposed to do. It's the time of volunteering, for the first time in decades volunteering today can be recognized as a work activity. Young people now sees volunteering as a career opportunity and the activity is increasingly identified as mandatory in selection processes in the labor market. And before all that, the young Brazilian fits. We are capable of BIG CHANGES and we shall not run away from our responsability of making true and strong changes in the world and specially in our country. Our product is STRONG and RELEVANT, why don’t we expand and make it bigger for our people and country? Since its creation in 1970, AIESEC was shaped into the context of the world, being faced with different challenges and obstacules – expanding its reach, AIESEC got into many different contexts, in Brazil it faced Dictatorship, it survived the Cold War and remain strong and alive throughout the years. Though, is AIESEC giving to the world what the world has been giving to AIESEC? AIESEC provide a strong platform for young people to develop LEADERSHIP, practical and experimental LEADERSHIP. As simple as it is, by providing this experience the student is faced with daily challenges that are able to develop true understanding of life, work and human interaction. Data from AIESEC IT Consolidation, approximattely from 2002 on.
  6. 6. 7. What will AIESEC in Brazil remember about the 2014|15 term? Supply & Demand Development We are strongly responsible for IGN and we do need to build ultimate strategies in order to reach our final goals Smart marketing focused on conversion for ELD Digital media is reaching people and places never imagined, AIESEC should take a bold stand and understand to reach like never before Customer experience translated into process optimization Making what can be simple, simplified and complexify whatever had to be complex in order to deliver meaningful experiences External connection focused on institutional consolidation and ELD For years we hear: "AIESEC is such a bubble!", we have a strong product and we know perfectly how to deliver and understand it - it's time for us to leverage our reach and make our product wider. Front and back office alignment: TC for Growth Direct societal impact: GIP and GCDP MoS Our members have to understand how, what for and why should they work. Talent Capacity should continue as a priority and has to be translated into smart actions By understanding better what we are doing we are able to deliver direct societal impact, we are able to develop leadership in every experience and sustainable solutions to our partners and stakeholders. Key Milestones GIPi: 550 GCDPi: 3700 GCDPo: 3500 GIPo: 800 GIP kick-off and maturity streghentup by sales culture and client orientation GCDP Volume and Customer Cencricity by smarting our financial model, increasing our conversion rate and developing leadership in every experience
  7. 7. Key principle #1: Don’t destroy what is working, evolve based Key principle #2: Ongoing improvement on market and Key principle #3: process of product customer need Strategies to be strategy and delivery localized based on local based on real time market and customers customer feedback Presently our network is in an needs to ensure local extremely unbalanced state. While relevance of products. entities are reaching maturity and 100 X in 3 years, some are still struggling Challenges Next Growth with organizational and internal sustaining Solutions: Point pointed out: capacity, this way the holistic network growth: development becomes imperative. 8. What are the next steps for the network development path? Challenges regarding making growth happen: • Innovation and standardization in reception/delivery process and customer service • Functional synergy between front and back office • Sales capacity for GIP Key Growth Driver: • GCDP Volume • GIP Accuracy • Expansion development under operations strategies • Membership efficiency and smarter operations • Sales and finance driving growth • Improving delivery process and customer service • Talent management evolution, knowledge management and internal communication • Synergy and initiative programs among different functions • Finance driving growth • Focus on sales for sustaining GCDP projects • New structure and management of expansion • Project managers empowerment based on results achievement • Supply and demand solutions based on Entity Development • GIP growth based on short-term development • Financial sustainability model • IT system to guarantee smart linkages between operations and the market
  8. 8. 9. What will be the changes that will leverage the volume of AIESEC in Brazil ELD realizations during the 2014|15 term? Talent Capacity and Planning leading HR measureme nt for growth Purposedrive status leading into high performance culture implementati on Financial model for GCDP Growth and Sales Capacity for GIP Maturity Conferences: Evolution of Conferences to drive thought & strategies Summits & LC visits driving implementation Cluster & programme based summits to drive focused growth EB Conferences for Q2-3 and Q4-1 Delivery Making it SMART 1. Loyalty and expansion of our key customers: a. Through the student market: GCDPo expansion with products for universities and private colleges and technical courses b. Through companies and organizations: Small and medium enterprises leveraging their results Expansions Focus on development of existing expansions through ELD programme delivery (oGCDP for university based & iGCDP for city based) Sales and SU for manpower at LC level for capitalization. Cluster & Programme based summits to drive focused growth LCs being coached specifically to deliver expansions 2. Understanding and measuring our impact: a. Showcasing for GCDP (OGX and ICX: appearing in media as a strategy for projects and EPs GCDPi as internal and external marketing for OGX programs) b. Reports to partners to ensure an understanding of the processes ensuring loyalty and opening our portfolio of opportunities. 3. Evolution of pilot productsof EwA and LLC: a. Consolidation of a proposed public engagement, taking into account the enhancement of operations b. Structuring the database and connectivity of our products and Alumni involvement forming a stronger network based on the development of entrepreneurial leaders who are already on the market. c. Local level relationship based on oGIP opportunities and market. To EXPAND our reach is to SMART UP our operations for FOCUSED growth in order to generate a CHANGE MOVEMENT. Is very important to understand that we are reaching a level of maturity and evolution and in a crucial year for reaching 2015 vision everything comes down to na evolution and an improvement strategy of what is already working well.
  9. 9. Leadership in every GCDP Experience: Relevance: - Is the product that more easily grows, and it have to be better sold in order to generate sustainable growth. - Ensures that we act directly in the development of youth in Brazil and in Community Development - We need to consolidate and operationalize our processes with QUALITY, to give evolution to our portfolio making it SUSTAINABLE, ensuring growth and long-term impact. We do it by... - We need to strengthen our impact through projects and ensure a measure and notoriety of our work - Consolidation of the structure of delivery and monitoring of Hosts as EPs as tools of engagement - Our trainees are powerful tools for recruiting new EPs and awareness of the work done by us - Leadership guaranteed in every GCDP experience by implementing follow up strategies and understanding of the impact in co-deliery for EPs. Making it FOCUSED Strengths d. GIP upscale Relevance: - Is our most unexplored market - Brazil needs leadership and driving innovation to bring vision to leverage our global economy - Lack sales culture (late RA), little immersion in suppliers (late MA) thus compromising results and loyalty of our customers (and EPs TN Takers), which directly affects the QUALITY of our product and our delivery. We do it by… - Increasing sales culture through a focused and timely action based on Supply & Demand in the global network offers MA and ensure efficiency and ease of approach for RA. - Incentives for sales people points would encourage the practice. - CLO as driver strategy for re-RA and fidelity. - Ensure the use of XP as international curricular activity from our approach with universities b. Maturity of our leadership Relevance: - The development of our leaders should be something easily understood and followed We do it by.. - Processes defined learning: soft skills / management tools capabilities and integrated strategies with the market - Membership flow understanding and tracked taking into consideration education and knowledge cycle of a member c. Empowerment of our Enablers Relevance: - Achieve student market and corporate sector - Fundraising for projects (benefits and dream brand) We do it by... - Our product as our main promotion strategy and understanding in a local level - Institutional Marketing: Action, communication plan for the operational areas and internal communication 4. Design a SWOT analysis of the organization a. Purpose-driven membership that better understand the Why and puts AIESEC first - We are open to innovation and we fastly implement national and international strategies Network understands culture change and the LCPs are key enablers for change GCDP Maturity of operations and processes AIESEC Leadership development based on personal development , AIESEC as the main source of selfknowledge and inner strenght Relatively stable financial model Weaknesses We do not know exactly the way we are impacting and how we are reaching the world and our relevance Members are connect to the WHY but not connected to the HOW; we still discuss and question ourselves about quality over quantity or doing more. Messages, guidelines and strategies are yet challenged by our status quo once we try to reach all of our members. We don’t know how to reach and forward our messages into our customer. Strongly unbalanced network with LCs having similar markets and completely different results Here’s the deal: we understand, we know focus but we do not do! Growth GIP globally: although we are growing in the program, there is still a great lack of understanding of our impact through the program and lack Talent Capacity for selection and development. Opportunities Today we are responsible for new languages ​and behaviors. We have the power of inspiration, we can influence both young and older. And besides, we have a high power consumption overall, being primarily responsible for increasing the difference. In 2015, we want to engage and develop every young person on the planet. If we think in these global events and the way that AIESEC propose to develop young people, have a supportive environment to indulge in what we propose and really impact on society. We will be the largest share of global population and terms in our hands the primary tool for disseminating ideas, the Internet. And us, while Brazil have a key role in the global scenario, especially before our hermanos. We need to start leading sustainable development initiatives for Latin America. As citizens and AIESECers. Our emphasis on economic development is not reaching indeed the success of our neighbors, and this relationship needs to be prioritized soon, since Brazil to grow and export, is at risk if you are not on your side also strong allies Threats Young acquired critical sense, the young middle class has changed and grew. We need to monitor these changes as well. The way we communicate has gained even more momentum and brought global village and reinforced the critical sense of the youth today. Brazilian society is moving faster. We're really watching the economic growth? We're really growing as much as we believe? Many of the biggest challenges the world faces – ranging from HIV/AIDS, global warming, food crisis and drought due to overpopulation and scarcity – require among other things technical solutions and leadership that is value driven within that. AIESEC’s relevance in providing leadership to young people should therefore take this deeply into consideration. We are still very sensitivity towards the market, which ends up creating nuances in our operations in face of any instability (strike of federal, European crisis) and to top it off, yet we are getting into a phase of stagnation of our growth / convenience for some LCs.
  10. 10. GCDPi 11. How will you work together with the national council (CSN) to fulfill the potential of AIESEC in Brazil? Values - Innovation coming from LCs - Connectivity between Clusters - Social responsability towards national plenary Governance - Participation in decision making (Steering Team, Working Groups) - Transparency (Monthly, Quartley and Financial Reports) - Accountability (Increasing participation of SubCommittees in decision-making process) Results - Market understanding coming from the MC to the LCs - Growth supported by national strategies - Sustainability of operations worked upon reaching new segments GCDPo GIPi GIPo •Relevance: As an outreaching growing country, social projects become everyday more needed in the society •Financial model based on cross-based investments and revenues •National sales based on social sustainability and funds for LCs •Smart supply agenda and national matching focused on issue segmentation •Quality and minimum standarts induction based on LC capacity growth model •Relevance: The middle class in Brazil is getting bigger and bigger – yet while growing, opportunities for social responsability and development are limited. •IGN requires Brazilian knowledge and growth strategies – yet becomes mandatory to understand and develop the region in order to potencialize our results internally •Smart conversion and marketing strategies for potencial reach – we need to continue on reaching and understanding our public •Co-delivery role modeling: it became fundamental for our internal growth and understanding to professionally deal with our customers, by also taking na active role upon experience management. •Relevance: SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are the backbone of all economies and are the key source of economic growth, dynamism and flexibility in emerging and developing economies . • Sub-product evolution leaded into market relevance understanding leading into a relevant product for local needs •Sales force improvement based on education development of the member and its selection •Sales incentive and national tracking based on sub-product evolution and focus for LCs •External training and production model for sellers based on local partners pushing results •Relevance: Youth in Brazi is facing an everyday challenge: market competition, international environment and technological change. To learn from the best, to understand the segment gets everyday more important and undeniable. •Market based segmentation based on sub-products and micro-management efficiency towards reaching students and universities unexplored •IT smart selection based on student and company profile based upon reaching fast matching process and targeting its goal. •Education sub-product smart supply development based on IGN development for faster approach. 10. What are top 3 strategies to make sure that all our programs (GIP, GCDP, TMP, TLP) grow like never before, develop leadership for its participants and creates loyal customers? •GIP focus on development of strategies for sellers and rewards for them •GCDP induction and back-office alignent towards ELD goal •Conference strategic model and induction minimuns TMP •PM induction and fast learning process with KPIs tracked nationally •Career plan based on ELD needs for the focus of the LC •Internal communication strategies to reach them strategically TLP