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Executive summary

  1. 1. For two years, I have been part of AIESEC Romania and have witnessed theamazing things it does. Just from my example, it took a mediocre student with no futureperspectives and pushed him into doing and learning things he never thought possible.From commuting a few days each week from one city to another just to be part ofAIESEC, to founding and leading AIESEC in his hometown, just after a few months ofexperience.This story isn’t just mine, I was just one other actor, because people beforeme, people who I worked with in EBs and LC and so many other people in AIESECRomania did the same things. They invested, they pushed themselves and proved thatimpossibility is just another challenge to overcome and they still do it time and timeagain, just to make sure we develop amazing people who will have that positive impactin society we need so bad. So my strategy (just like this organization) is all about the people – AIESECRomania’s members who deserve an organization that fully supports them, their needsand their ambitions and that challenges them to grow beyond their limitations. My first focus is on AIESEC Romania ensuring financial sustainability workingmore with the external environment and our stakeholders. In order to be able to investmore in our members we need to include this investment in our financial sustainabilityplan, which means we need to generate more revenue. Every need we have comesfrom our maket and stakeholders and every success and objective depends on themaswell. Not only they provide resources, but also education for our members and wholeorganization. It’s imperative that we are updated with the market and that we createproducts to suit both our needs. Another important thing is to make sure AIESEC Romania works properly as oneorganization and to do so, we need everyone to pull together. I want to concentrate onhelping every LC become self manageable, aware of its capabilities and having theknow-how to get the resources in order to perform above standards. As important as allthis, and probably even more is learning how to use the network and collaborate amongeachother, for mutual results. By combining the first two directions, we can create an organization with thecapability to grow beyond previous limitations and receive the official aknowledgementsit deserves. Sure, it requires some changes and that takes time, but still the biggest oneis to actually start exploring every possibility we have at our disposal. These are the steps I see AIESEC Romania taking and I wish we take themtogether, as one organization, because we’re not doing it just for ourselves, but forevery young person in Romania and the world. Radu Matei – for MCVP Organizational Development of AIESEC Romania “Impossible is just another realized objective!”