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How technology influence our daily life

The influence of technology

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How technology influence our daily life

  1. 1. How Technology influence our daily life The influence of negative and positive
  2. 2. The technology let the human to the place they do not want to go.
  3. 3. It is psychological powerful
  4. 4. It changed our own traits
  5. 5. The negative influence of technology 1. People cannot pay more attention on each other. 2. Human would lose the ability of conversation. 3. The technology clean up the human relationship. 4. People start stopping caring others. 5. Technology compromise the capacity of self-reflection. 6. People lost confidence. 7. They experience the empathy. 8. People become more anxious and panic. 9. The connection of technology expresses the emotion but does not solve the underlined problems.
  6. 6. CONNECTION AND ISOLATION  The technology connect people to each other obviously, but actually it isolates the human relationship in the real world.
  7. 7. The correct way for using the technology  The technology gives people the opportunities to redefine the human connection.