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Blaze automation profile 2011 by sridhar ponugupati

  1. 1. Presentation onProduct Profile of Blaze AutomationArjun ValluriManaging Director &Sridhar PonugupatiCEO, Blaze
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda1. Brief Introduction to Blaze : > History and People > Product Profile and Life Cycle of Products > Projects and Clientele2. Future Plans of Blaze3. Conclusions
  3. 3. History• Founded in 2006 – in a Research lab in IIITH, IET• Registered under ROC as a Private Limited Company in 2007> Embedded systems based company> Initial concentration : Design of integrating units with various standard security and automation equipment. Grown-up : Comprehensive Security and Automation Manufacturer> Experience: First security project with RBI Printing press of Mysore.> Success story: Fullerton credit company security Alarm system – 900 units integrated to a single call centre.> Associated with Microsoft Innovation Centre, Technology Development Centre, Labs at IIITH, JNTU etc..
  4. 4. PeopleNagarjuna Valluripalli – Managing DirectorNagarjun served as the Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer ofIntelligroup, Inc .Throughout the years, Nagarjun has received various awards such as:*NJ Fast 50 awards in the years 1995,1996,1997*NJ Fast 500 award in 1999, NJ Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in the years1995,1996,1997, NJ Ernst and young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner in 2001.*Var Business 500 Awards in 2000,2001,2002, Young Presidents’ Organization, Inc. In2003,Recipient of Ronald Reagan Technology Award from the World Business Forumfor 2004.Responsible for Industry out reach, Active member of Ideation teamof Blaze and expert in product conceptualization.
  5. 5. People Dr. Dave Irvine Halliday – DirectorFounder of NGO: “Light Up The World (LUTW)” (1997) LUTW has facilitatedaffordable Solid State Lighting systems in 53 countries.Founder: “Visionary Lighting & Energy India Pvt. Ltd. (VLE)”Professor Emeritus University of Calgary: Projects with Univ. of Calgary & MountRoyal University (Canada), and BVRIT (Hyderabad).Awards: Two dozen including - Rolex Laureate 2002, Tech Museum Laureate 2002,Saatchi and Saatchi Laureate 2003, Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Gov. ofCanada (2005), Honorary Doctorate, Aberdeen University, Scotland (2006), K. Y. LoMedal of the Engineering Institute of Canada (2008).Expert in Power Electronics, Solar Photovoltaic Systems and LEDLighting Systems desining
  6. 6. PeopleSarada Akkineni – DirectorSarada brings over 10 years of management experience from flagship telecomcompanies. Her experience spans a range of technologies including BroadbandNetworking, Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switches, High speed Routers andVoIP systems.During her career she has held management positions at Lucent Technologiesand Net2Phone and started her career as a software engineer at Cisco Systemsand interned as a network engineer at Bell Labs.Sarada Akkineni is currently responsible for managing hardwareengineering, software design and development of Blazes HomeAutomation Division.
  7. 7. PeopleSridhar – Chief Executive OfficerFounder Member of Blaze Automation, IET, BVRIT – Innovation Centre (nowMicrosoft Innovation Centre), ATL (Assistive Technology Laboratory), TDC(Technology Development Centre).Worked with Microsoft and IIITH on Digital Inclusion project for design ofTelemedicine equipment.IEEE’s Innovative circuit designer award, Faraday Award from IEEE for Solid stateLighting, Top 20 Programmers in world by Microsoft in 2005 through WESC,Sridhar is currently responsible for Business Development , Ideation , andIndustry out reach for Production and other strategic partnerships.Job profile also includes, managing hardware engineering, software designand development at Blaze.
  8. 8. Important Milestones and Achievements June 2006 : Participated and Stood in TOP 20 among 4000 Teams participated for Windows Embedded Challenge 2006 conducted by Microsoft, Seattle, USA. For the design of Pollution Buster. July 2006 : Collaborated with Institute for Electronic Governance for training programs in Advanced Embedded Systems for the JKC initiative. Oct 2006 : Executed LUTW’s WLED installation project in various parts of India Feb 2007 : Won National Science Foundation award for the design of Multi -purpose ROBOTIC platform for rescue operations. Jun 2007: Listed in TOP 200 for Imagine Cup – Korea in 4 divisions. .
  9. 9. Important Milestones and Achievements Dec 2007 :Completed Implementation of Zigbee based WSN for Security and Safety Applications. Dec 2007 : Executed/ Installed Security Alarm system Project in about 900 branches of Fullerton India Credit Company in less than 2 months. June 2008 : Successfully completed the Advanced Perimeter Security System design & Installation at Currency Printing Press of RBI, Mysore,India Jan 2009 : Delivered MO-TXT to Peter GOOD Man Co, Australia Feb 2009 : Collaborated with Light Up the World Foundation and VLE India for design of Worlds high efficient electronics for White LED lighting systems. July 2009 : Blaze’s Project was nominated and achieved “ INDIA’s First Platinum Green Home Award” from IGBC, India.
  10. 10. Important Milestones and Achievements Aug 2009: Completed manufacturing of BACNET enabled Security Gateway in India. Sep 2009: Achieved 92.7% efficiency in driving 1 Watt LED through DPMS. Nov 2009 : Manufactured first Indigenous Complete Home Automation System. Nov 2009: Participated in CPSE - 2009 at Shenzhen as the only Indian HA company. April 2010: Finished the Design of SSR based Lighting Gateway through Zigbee. Nov 2010: Development of Indigenous Multi zone Audio System May 2011: Implementation of IPAD based Home Automation System Nov 2011: Design and Development of Distributed Video Server and Client System Jan 2012 : MNRE ready Solar Home Lighting System , Lantern Design
  11. 11. Product Profile4 Broad Categories• Home/ Building / Office Automation• Security and Surveillance• RFID Technology• Embedded Systems Engg. Services
  12. 12. Product Life Cycle
  13. 13. 7 Stage Life Cycle 1. Ideation 2. Architecture / Design and Documentation 7. Marketing and Sales 3. Testing and Quality Control 6. Production 4. Standardization 5. Enclosure designing
  14. 14. 4 StageimplementationStrategy for every Task
  15. 15. Product Life Cycle at Blaze 1. Ideation Concepts to Reality
  16. 16. Product Life Cycle at Blaze 2. Architecture / Design and Documentation Accelerated Sample production
  17. 17. Product Life Cycle at Blaze 3. Testing and Quality Control
  18. 18. Product Life Cycle at Blaze 4. Standardization 5. Enclosure designing
  19. 19. Strengths 1. Ideation 2. Architecture / Design and Documentation 7. Marketing and Sales 3. Testing and Quality Control 6. Production 4. Standardization 5. Enclosure designing
  20. 20. Present Focus 1. Ideation 2. Architecture / Design and Documentation 7. Marketing and Sales 3. Testing and Quality Control 6. Production 4. Standardization 5. Enclosure designing
  21. 21. Product Profile – More Details with Application Examples
  22. 22. Product Profile – Automation• Automation: Home, Building and Office Automation > Occupancy based Lighting and Daylight harvesting > Lighting and Air-conditioning system control > Appliance Control > Smart Metering – Energy and Water consumption > Distributed Audio and Video > Home Theatre Automation > Fingerprint Access control and Security Alarm integration > Irrigation control, Swimming Pool Automation, Gate control ..
  23. 23. Automation Home Automation Smart Home Packages Multi-zone Audio Distributed Video Home Theatre system Touch Switch boards Automated Gates Home Security and VDP CCTV surveillance
  24. 24. Demonstration -1 Controls : 1. Lighting – Mood & Scenario 2. Fans – Speed and On/OFF 3. Air-conditioning Systems 4. Security Alarm System 5. Surveillance 6. Multi- Zone Audio 7. Distributed Video 8. Drapes / Curtains 9. Energy Mgt – Sensor lighting 10. Appliance Control 11. Telephony Systems 12. Presets 13. Energy Efficient Generator mgt 14. intelli Solar Power Harnessing
  25. 25. Demonstration -2 Multi Zone audio System 1. 8 Zone System 2. Selection of song and zone 3. 12 quick time Equalizers 4. Up-to 4 Effects 5. Real Time switching b/w zones 6. Repeat and Shuffle 7. Multi – level Search
  26. 26. Demonstration -3 1. Total Home Control 2. Intuitive User Interface 3. One page user Manual 4. Fail safe Architecture 5. Redundant Architecture 6. Control from anywhere 7. Multiple clients enabled 8. Co-exists with Manual system
  27. 27. Automation -Application Areas in various other segments Building Automation Office Automation HVAC Control Conference Room solutions Occupancy based Lighting A/V Distribution and Daylight Harvesting Distributed A/V solutions Asset tracking Access Control, Time and Utility metering and Attendance Management Industry specific process Asset Tracking using RFID Automation Access control and security Energy management Structured cabling Work force monitoring Energy auditing and Parking Management renewable incorporation
  28. 28.  Parking RFID  Moving In/Out GPS based Systems Facilities  Information Management  Video Streaming  Services of selected zones  Users viz., Car Parking  Child Tracking Catalog Integrated Township Security Management Management System  Maintenance  Requests  Issue Tracking  Administration Home BMS Automation  Video Door Phone  Biometric Access  Remote Controlled Switches Club House CommercialsTouch Screens ManagementProtocols  Office Spaces  Yoga & Meditation hall  School  Gym  Hospital  Spa with Jacuzzi  Shopping Mall  Billiards / Pool  Food Court  Skating Rink  Service  Swimming pool Apartments  Amphi-theatre  Multiplex  Star Hotel.. Confidential | BLAZE,
  29. 29. Home AutomationUser Interface Design Capabilities Windows Desktop / Tablet Windows 7 mobile devices Apple IPhone, ITouch, IPAD etc.. Android Mobiles and Tablet devices
  30. 30. Home AutomationProducts and Enclosures 1. Home Automation Server – 1 (Basic server with wired connectivity through RS 232/ 485 interface / Zigbee connectivity / Wi-Fi Built-in / ) Devices to be used with: a. Switch boards and RS 485 I/O module b. Dimmer module c. Analog input module d. PLC’s e. AC controls, External relays control, pool controls etc… 2. Home Automation Server – 2 ( With Built in Multi zone 4 / 8 channel Audio connectivity , Multi-zone Video Distribution system, RS 485 / 232 / Zigbee / Wi-Fi Built-in / ) Devices to be used with: a. Power Amplifier and Audio Server with processing unit. b. RS 485 I/O module c. Dimmer Module d. PLC’s e. AC controls, External relays control etc…
  31. 31. Home AutomationProducts and Enclosures 3. Multi zone Video Distribution System – For Home Theatre system and Multi zone Video distribution of the Repository + through external readers / Players + Memory devices + Wi- Fi. Devices to be used with: a. Projector control b. Power Amplifier control c. Video Source control d. Drapes control through a single system e. Lighting control in the Home theatre area 4. Home theatre System with Wi-Fi control for IPAD / ANDROID phone / Windows Mobile control. 5. I/O board for control of the following: Lighting, Fans, Dimming, Motion sensor i/p’s , switch i/p’s Motors,Drapes, Pools, electrical equipment etc.. 6. Switch boards with fan speed controlling. 7. Switches with just ON / OFF type controlling, Dimming, Fan speed control
  32. 32. Enclosures Identified Multi - Zone Audio Server
  33. 33. Enclosures Identified Advanced Home Automation Server
  34. 34. Enclosures Identified I/O module and Dimmer control units
  35. 35. AutomationOccupancy Based Lighting Systems Provide light when and where it is required – an egress path for late night workers eliminates unnecessary energy usage after hours.
  36. 36. Automation Occupancy Based Lighting – Sensors Energy Savings Private office 13–50% Conference room 22–65% Classroom 40–46% Restrooms 30–90% Corridors 30–80% Store areas (including warehouses) 45–80%
  37. 37. AutomationOccupancy Based Lighting – Day light HarvestingComponents1. Sensors (PIR, Ultrasonic, Dual Tech, Microwave)2. Controllers, Dimmers etc..
  38. 38. Home Automation System – Real Time Energy Consumption monitoring
  39. 39. Automation • Touch based Switch Boards and Sockets product suite
  40. 40. Product Profile – Security• Security and Surveillance : > Security alarm System and Sensors > Security Call centre software for monitored security systems. > Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems > Video Door Phone System > CCTV systems (Integration with Third party Hardware) > Solar Power Fencing System with CMS integration
  41. 41. Security Alarm Systems 13 Versions with PSTN, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi , TCP/IP , RS232 , Rs485 , Zigbee connectivity and Security Call Centre Infrastructure – 10K systems Features  100% Wireless Configuration  Installation by DIY (Do It Yourself)  Convenient Operation by Remote Control  Easy to Upgrade / Easy to Relocate  No Component Loss Danger  Phone Line Cut Alarm  No Component Loss Danger  Auto Dialing and High – fidelity Voice Message Playback on intrusion and many more……
  42. 42. Security Alarm Systems ARM/ DISARM control Remote Site monitoring High Fidelity Voice playback through Remote Key fob through Telephone at the time of Intrusion Built In Self Test and Remote PSTN Telephone or 100% Do It Yourself Watch Dog Timer enabled Mobile based Control configuration and Installation Multi User Control Enabled Wide Range of Hooter Selection for Various application areas PANIC and MEDICAL Emergenc enabled
  43. 43. Security Alarm Systems ARM/ DISARM control Remote Site monitoring High Fidelity Voice playback through Remote Key fob through Telephone at the time of Intrusion Built In Self Test and Remote PSTN Telephone or 100% Do It Yourself Watch Dog Timer enabled Mobile based Control configuration and Installation Multi User Control Enabled Wide Range of Hooter Selection for Various application areas PANIC and MEDICAL Emergenc enabled
  44. 44. Security Alarm Systems ARM/ DISARM control 100% Do It Yourself High Loudness configuration and Installation through Remote Key fob Built In Hooter Standalone – Low Power Consuming – Affordable
  45. 45. Security Alarm System- Accessories Wireless Shutter Wireless PIR Motion Wireless Vibration and open Sensors Detector Wireless Glass Break Detectors Wireless PIR Curtain Sensors Wireless Smoke and Gas Wireless high Loudness Leak Detector Siren module Also we are providing Wireless Heat Detectors, Gas Cut Off Valves, IR beam sensors and Pet Immune PIR sensors etc…
  46. 46. Security Alarm SystemsLarge Scale Customers:Crestron, Clipsal, AMX, Honeywell, GE Security, Control4, Z-Wave and many more existing players. Application Areas • Individual Homes as well as Apartments • Gated Communities • Small, Medium and Large Retail Stores • Mints, Banks, Government Agencies and ATM centers • Restaurants, Hotels etc.. • Schools[Examination Cell], Colleges etc.. • Temples and Endowment • PCO’s , Internet Centers and Bakers/ Food courts • Petrol Bunks, Large Storage spaces, Jewelers Stores etc…
  47. 47. Perimeter Security System – Solar Power fencing with CMS
  48. 48. Solar Power fencing with CMS – RBI Printing Press, Mysore
  49. 49. Solar Power fencing with CMS – RBI Printing Press, Mysore
  50. 50. Product Profile – Details (RFID Technology) • RFID > Labels of Different Configurations for various Applications > Application software for Handheld and Fixed readers of Motorola and other makes. > Solutions for inventory management and other track and Trace ApplicationsMaterial Handling Packing ,Tagging and Storage Dispatch management Verification and Sample Testing Warehouse Management
  51. 51. RFID - Components
  52. 52. RFID Application(APHMHIDC drug stores)
  53. 53. RFID Application(APHMHIDC drug stores)
  54. 54. RFID Application(APHMHIDC drug stores) RFID Inlay RFID Inlay Fixed Tag reader Setup converted to Label
  55. 55. Real Time Patient Tracking - RFID Application Active RFID TAG
  56. 56. Product Profile – Embedded Systems• Embedded Systems and other Product Design Experience > Solar based LED Lighting (Charge Controllers, LED drivers for various Luminaries, LED Flash Lights / Torch) > Vehicle Immobilizers > GPS vehicle and Assert Tracking systems > Metering (Energy, Water, fuel consumption) interfaces to Cloud > LED display boards > Advanced Street Lighting Management system > Zigbee based Energy meters, Wireless Sensor Networks for monitoring and Control > Asset Monitoring and control through Cloud > Micro Hydro Power Plant Automation (MSME funded project)
  57. 57. Cell Phone Tower Monitoring System in Cloud Aims of this System: a. Power Supply monitoring (UPS (Battery), Generator Fuel consumption and Mains failure) b. Alarm Monitoring and Reporting c. Power Usage in Shared sources d. Data Logging for vital Parameters and Alarms e. CCTV Surveillance and Imaging of abnormalities f. Access control for Authorized persons
  58. 58. Cell Phone Tower Monitoring System – Google Map’s Alarm: Begumpet Airtel Tower Mains Failure @ 12:30 on feb 24 Battery 10 voltage : 11.5 Volts Generator Fuel mismatch
  59. 59. High Efficiency LED Torch Light - Trailblazer
  60. 60. VLE’s MNRE WLED Home Lighting System 3watt Lamp – CREE Q5, 250 Lm net o/p CCU with Equalizer and low operation current in times of idle
  61. 61. VLE’s WLED Home Lighting System
  62. 62. LED Lighting Controllers and Turnkey solution (Excess, Novotel)
  63. 63. Sensor Network for Patient Health Monitoring
  64. 64. Sensor Networks – Health care Scenario
  65. 65. WSN in Agriculture
  66. 66. Outcome is the Effort of Employee strength since Inception and Man hours spent 60 50 490 K 40 30 20 Man hours spent 10 0 Man power 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  67. 67. Projects and Clientele• RFID projects (APMSIDC, American Airlines and Bluedart )• Home Automation (few homes in Hyderabad)• Security (Advanced Solar power fencing using CMS integration, ACC cements Surveillance)• Cloud Computing based Projects (Generator monitoring, DC and AC energy metering, UPS health monitoring etc..)• Solar based LED Lighting projects for LUTW and VLE
  68. 68. Clientele
  69. 69. Future Plans of Blaze Short Term Plans (by the end of 2012)  Manufacturing of Touch enabled switch boards  Manufacturing of Occupancy based lighting products  Prototyping of Home automation Products.  Security Alarm system model 0 ,1,2 in stand alone mode Manufacturing  Establishing and Managing dealer network across India and Abroad.  Establishment of Hong kong Office for international sales Long Term Plans:  Home Automation Product line manufacturing  Multi zone Audio and Video based systems manufacturing  Home Theatre system Manufacturing