Home automation application by blaze automation 2010


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Home automation application by blaze automation 2010

  1. 1. Home Automation systemfor Arjun Rao’s Home
  2. 2. IntroductionMr.Arjun Rao is a well known person in Hyderabad, who started his own companynamed Value Labs in Hyderabad, Mr.Arjun Rao had recently moved to his newresidence at jubilee hills, this house is a large and a beautiful building consistingof four floors. In the ground floor it has parking area, Lobby, Living, Longue, Kitchen, Swimming pool and G the garden. In the first floor it has longue, home theater, covered terrace, east side bedroom, west side 1 bedroom, north side bedroom and stair case. 2 In the second floor it has a lobby, puja room, master bedroom, walk-in closet and stair case. 3 In the third floor it has gym, bath room and sauna room.
  3. 3. Introduction Completely automated with Preset controls for easy operation of the house, scheduled 1 lighting control for a pleasant look of the house. Included with an advanced irrigation system 2 with time scheduling etc. Included with high end visitor management system i.e. biometric door locks and Video 3 door phones etc. Included with hi-fi music system with multiMr&Mrs Arjun Rao wants this home 4 zone audio.to be Completely secured with advanced security system and surveillance, so they can 5 operate and monitor the entire home remotely (using touch panels).
  4. 4. OverviewTo fulfill all the above needs the layout of the house is planned as below: Automation system Security system  The home automation system for this home is designed to have special preset operations, Schedule based operations.  The entire home needs an advanced automation with automating Lights, Fans, A/Cs, Drapes, water heaters and TVs etc.  The home is provided with an advanced security  All the lighting controls will be provided with system with door status indicators, glass break dimming operation. sensors, gas leak sensors and smoke sensors etc.  Occupancy based lighting control will be provided  The home will be surrounded by an advanced in every room. surveillance system with long range night vision cameras.  The house is surrounded by a garden which will be provided with irrigation system.  Visitor management system will be provided with video door phone and biometric access control.  The swimming pool is automated with pool automation system.  Zonal audio system will be provided in every corner of the house  The generator is to be given a ON/OFF option
  6. 6. Hardware used and technical specifications Blaze automation central unit is used for Blaze automation automating the lighting controls. It consists of central unit different gateways which perform different operations.Lighting gateway Security gateway SurveillanceBlaze designed anadvanced lighting gateway The Surveillance is one of the The Heart of Arjun Rao’s homewhich helps the user to major parts of the Blaze security system is the Blazeoperate lighting in his Security system. This consists advanced security gatewaysurroundings through a of long range cameras with which is one of the world’s besttouch panel form anywhere night vision and video display security gatewaysin the world through with high definition capabilityinternet.
  7. 7. Hardware used and technical specifications Blaze automation central unit is used for Blaze automation automating the lighting controls. It consists of central unit different gateways which perform different operations. Visitor management Multi-Zone Audio Client (Touch Panel) The perfect digital music system for bars, restaurants, taverns,Visitor management system hotels, even smart homes! Using Blaze integration with Apple orwill help you to welcome multiple inexpensive sound shuttle will be a perfectand manage your incoming cards or mixers with USB inputs, combination of content andand outgoing visitors you can have songs playing to technology to create the perfectwhether it a residence or multiple systems in different home entertainment system.corporate office rooms, all at the same time with ease.
  8. 8. Lighting gateway Lighting controls provide an aesthetic and highly flexible enhancement to your home’s decor and also offer the potential for significant energy savings. Lighting gateway can operate lights, fans, TVs , Product Name Blaze Automation AC’s and heaters etc., which can be operated through the touch panel. System Lighting gateway also provides the privilege of Product Model BAS AD-1000 scheduling for the lighting control. Occupancy based lighting control: Occupancy Control Panel’s DC 12V/1A based lighting control is carried out using motion sensors. Power Supply Dimming module: Dimming is used for dimming of the lighting. Standby Current 35mA Alarm Current 450mA
  9. 9. Lighting controlLighting controls provide an aesthetic and highly flexible enhancement to your home’s decorand also offer the potential for significant energy savings.The ability to control the amount of light in a room can reflect your style and allow you toenjoy your home to its fullest potential. Varying the amount of light can add beauty and makea small room look open and spacious or a large room appears more intimate and inviting.When considering the lighting options for your home, you have to take into account the typesof activities that will occur in each room and the sort of atmosphere that you wish to create forthe perfect ambiance.
  10. 10. Occupancy based lighting Occupancy sensors are indoor lighting controls that detect activities within certain area. They provide convenience by turning lights on automatically when someone enters a room and reduce lighting energy use by turning lights off soon after the last occupant has left the room. This technology also incorporates sensing of natural light to adjust the level of artificial lighting, based on the adequacy of the available natural light. Some types of photo-sensitive controls operate by turning the controlled lights on or off based on natural light levels, while others operate by continuously dimming the controlled lights. A wide variety of technologies are involved to detect occupants and send appropriate signals to area lighting.
  11. 11. Lights dimming control
  12. 12. A/C operationA/C system used in this home isToshiba which is integrated with Blaze Blazeautomation system, through this Serversystem we can make the like SwitchON/OFF, Temperature control,Minimum temperature and Maximum Variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systemtemperature options etc. moduleThe above figure displays the Outdoor Outdoor Outdoorcommunication flow of the AC unit unit unitcontrol unit. Variable refrigerant flow(VRF) air conditioning system usedin this automation is TCB-IFMB640TLE, which is shownbelow. Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Variable Indoor Indoor unit unit unit unit unit unit refrigerant flow air conditioning system module
  13. 13. CirculatorThe Circulator acts as a passive solar water heater by taking the water in the solar water heatertank and, heated by the sun, and shooting it down to the cooler pipe lines for the bath rooms.In the running of hot-water piping on ordinary work the supply lines to fixtures are run as directlyas possible to them, the different branches ending at the fixtures. Although the water in the pipingis supposed to be hot, it cools very fast under certain conditions, and especially in branches at adistance from the boiler. In many of these branches, particularly those which supply fixtures notin constant use, the hot-water pipe for a considerable distance from the fixture is generally filledwith water that is either cold or nearly so. This means that before hot water can be drawn at thefixture, a considerable length of pipe filled with cold water must be drawn off before the watercomes hot. Under all circumstances, this is an annoyance to the person using the fixture. So aremedy for this Hot water coming from the solar heater Water tank Circulator Hot water coming The circulator will circulate the water in the pipe from the solar heater by mixing up the cool water in the pipelines with the hot water from the heater and forwards hot water when the user needs it Cool water in the pipelines Washroom Water pipeline Washroom
  14. 14. Security gatewaySecurity system is a specialized field dealingwith specified requirements of homes in theusage of easy-to-use technologies for thesecurity of residents.  It communicates wirelessly with all the sensors by arming/disarming the sensors and by receiving the status indication from Product Name Wireless Intruder Alarm the sensors and sends the updates to the System touch panel via Ethernet cable and sends alerts to the users mobile or telephone via GSM Product Model BAS AD-1000  And communicates with the touch panel Control Panel’s DC 12V/1A through an Ethernet port by receiving commands like arm/disarm and sending the Power Supply updates of the sensors and alerts if any Standby Current 35mA  Can communicate with remotes wirelessly by arming certain areas for the user without reaching up to the touch panel Alarm Current 450mA
  15. 15. Security SensorsDoor SensorsDoor sensors are used to for doorstatus indication i.e. it will indicatewhether a door is open or closed. Button DC Power supply DC 9V battery andSmoke Sensors and light back-up source indicatorSmoke sensors are used for the to switch AC power supply 110V-240V ACfire or smoke detection and the ON and mains powerareas which are located almost in OFF supplyevery corner of the house Supply voltage DC 12V-30V Glass break Sensors Operation 9~16 volts DC voltageThese sensors are used toindicate when a glass door is Static current ≤ 15mA (12 VDC)broken. Such sensors are used Alarm current ≤ 25mAwhen a room contains large glass Detection range Min 15DBwindows
  16. 16. Security AccessoriesHooterThe hooter is connected to thesecurity system which is used tosire the alarm when an emergencyoccursKey fobsThese are used as remotes foroperating the security system
  17. 17. Surveillance systemSurveillance system is used for monitoring Blaze Serverthe surrounding of the home using securitynight vision cameras. This system majorly Serverconsists of two modules Camera DVR1.DVR Client2.Night vision camera. DVRDVR abbreviated as Digital VideoRecorder is used to record the videodata collected for theIn this project we used a 4channelDVR CameraCameras used in this project areSamsung SIR-4150 cameras whichare used mainly for night vision
  18. 18. Visitor management System CameraVisitor management system will help you to VDPwelcome and manage your incoming and Calling bell buttonoutgoing visitors whether it a residence orcorporate officeThis system includes:1.Video Door Phone Biometric door lock2.Biometric Door Lock Video Door Phone The VDP used in this project is a product Client of Zavio. The outdoor unit is located at Motorized the entrance of the house. The indoor unit gate Blaze is integrated with the touch panel. The Central Client visuals taken by the outdoor unit can be unit viewed from the touch panel. In this VDP system only the video from the VDP will be carried the Blaze Client touch panel, No voice communication will Server take place. VDP
  19. 19. Biometric Door LockThe door lock used in this project is VIRDI 430FP FingerprintAuthentication Door Lock.This product is a fingerprint recognition digital door lock that isinstalled at the entrance door.The features of this product are as follows• Three way operation with Finger print, Password and emergency keys.• Easy locking with a button press.• Prank prevention technology.• Forced intrusion alarm technology.• Access to more than 50 user finger prints.
  20. 20. Multi- Zone Audio System The perfect digital music system forbars, restaurants, taverns, hotels, even smarthomes. Using multiple inexpensive sound cards Blazeor mixers with USB inputs, you can have songs Serverplaying to multiple systems in different rooms, allat the same time with ease. Low CPU and PCI Audio cardmemory usage, fully multi-threaded, so noskipping. Switch sound outputs on the fly, andmore. Audio Mixer Amplifie Amplifier r Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 speakers speakers speakers speakers
  21. 21. PCI Audio CardThe PCI-424 core system is a computer-basedhard disk recording system for Mac OS andWindows that offers 24 simultaneous inputs andoutputs perAudio Wire cable, expandable to 96inputs/outputs. A core system consists of a PCIcard connected to a standard 19-inch,single-space, rack-mountable audio interface.
  22. 22. 24 analog 24-bit/96 kHz inputs and outputsThe 24I/O is a single-space, rack mountable chassiswith gold-plated analog audio connectors on itsrear panel and level meters on the front. The rearpanel has 24 gold-plated, balanced +4dB TRSanalog inputs and outputs with 24-bit A/Dconverters. All inputs and outputs can be accessedsimultaneously. Internally, the 24I/O has a 24-bitdata path to and from the computer so that allaudio data is carried to/from the computer in 24bits.
  23. 23. Client (Touch Panel)The touch panel used for Arjun Rao’s home automation system was Shuttle X50The Shuttle X50 all-in-one desktop powered by theenergy-efficient Intel® Atom™ 330 dual-core processormakes it easy to enjoy music, movies, videos, and evensurf the web in style at home or in the office. It’s slim,elegant, portable, and features a 15.6” touchscreendisplay for simple touch operation by finger or stylus pen.What’s more, the stand is convertible so it can be flippedupward for carrying around, or even be removed formounting on a wall. The possibilities are endless to whatyou can do with this all-in-one.
  24. 24. Software used and technical specifications IntroductionThe basic UI displays majorly 3 parts MENU BAR: It displays all the menu icons Home, lighting, Fan etc. LAYOUT: This will display the Page of the menu icon selected EMERGENCY ICONS: These are the emergency keys on click give the emergency alarm and dialup to the prescribed emergency numbers MENU BAR LAYOUT EMERGENCY ICONS
  25. 25. IntroductionOn to the top left corner of the UI an icon is present on clicking this icon it will close the UI (Not theapplication) temporarily and switch to the desktop On the desktop to its right an icon ”Back to Automation “is present on clicking this icon it will takeus back to the Automation UI TO PC
  26. 26. Operation flow diagram Once the entire system is initialized the Hardware starts communicating with the touchpanel (software) through the Blaze central unit.First it initializes the connection with the automation serverIf the client is not connected to the server a message “ connecting to the Automation server”appears as soon the as the server is connected the message disappears
  27. 27. Home PageHome page consists of preset icon , which are used to perform pre defined operationsHome page will provide the user to perform is regular activities easily HOME PAGE ICON PRESET ICONS
  28. 28. Presets On clicking a preset icon predefined operations are performed which are a set ofoperations performed together reducing the strain of the userNight modeNight mode is a time based preset which works only after 9PM.On clicking this icon it will. NIGHT MODE
  29. 29. Home theater On clicking the icon the Home theater preset will be activated which will •Roll down the drapes in the home theater. •All lights off except a pair of lights at the back of the home theater HOME THEATER MODE
  30. 30. Swimming pool mode Swimming pool mode is a schedule based operation, which works only at night. Onclicking this icon at night•Lights inside the swimming pool will be switched ON.•Pair of lights near the swimming pool will be switched ON. SWIMMING POOL MODE
  31. 31. Gym mode Gym preset will be a simple one , on selecting this preset • The A/C in the gym room will be switched on GYM MODE
  32. 32. 6PM to 9PM ground floor lights mode This mode is also a time based operation. On selecting this mode •Lighting will be dimmed using low light •1 light will be switched ON in the lobby •A pair of lights will be switched ON in the living room and bar cabinet • •Hanging lights behind the stair case will be switched ON6PM TO 9PMGROUNDFLOORLIGHTINGMODE
  33. 33. After 9PM bedroom preset On selecting this mode •In the ground and the third floor all the lights which are ON will be switched OFF •All the lights in the second floor master bed room will be switched OFF except for a pair of lights. •All the motion sensors in the bedrooms will be turned OFF. AFTER 9PM BEDROOM PRESET
  34. 34. Lighting Page All the lighting operations are performed through this lighting pageThis lighting page consists of a floor icon bar and the floor layoutThe floor icon bar consists of the floor icons for selecting the required floorThe floor layout displays the floor map of the house to identify and selecting the area of operationeasily. LIGHTING PAGE ICONFLOOR ICONBAR FLOOR LAYOUT
  35. 35. Lighting Page On clicking the home theater in the floor layout, the home theater will be selected and zoomed out displaying the lights in the home theater area. On clicking the lights in the home theater the lights will be switched on and the light icon glows indicating the light is switched NO. LIGHT ICON HOME THEATER
  36. 36. Fan PageAll the fan control operations are performed through the fan pageThis Fan page consists of a floor icon bar and the floor layoutThe floor icon bar consists of the floor icons for selecting the required floorThe floor layout displays the floor map of the house to identify and selecting the area of operationeasily. FAN PAGE ICON FAN ICON FLOOR ICON BAR FLOOR LAYOUT
  37. 37. A/C PageAll the A/C control operations are performed through the A/C pageThis A/C page consists of a floor icon bar and the floor layoutThe floor icon bar consists of the floor icons for selecting the required floorOn clicking the AC icon an operation window pops up for making the AC operations A/C PAGE ICON A/C ICON FLOOR ICON OPERATION BAR WINDOW
  38. 38. Drapes page On clicking the Drapes Page icon the Drapes page is displayed This page consists of a Floor icon bar in the left and the Floor layout in the middle On clicking the Upper arrow in the icon the drape moves upwards and on clicking the lower arrow the drape moves downwards Beside the drape icon a full up/full down icon is present . On clicking the full up icon the Drape completely moves up words and on clicking the full down icon the drape moves down completelyDRAPE ICONS UP/DOWN DRAPE ICONS FULL UP/FULL DOWN FLOOR ICON BAR
  39. 39. Multi- Zone Audio systemOn clicking the Audio Page icon the Audio Page is displayedThis page consists of 4 different blocks Zone, Library, Add Media, Display and Audio Playerblocks. Zone block consists of different zones to select a zone to play an audio track in that particular zone Library block consists of Audio libraries (Audio books, Albums, Podcasts) from which you want to play your audio track AUDIO PAGE ICON ZONE LIBRARY
  40. 40. Multi- Zone Audio system Display block contains two displays one in the left shows the audio files in the Library (Audio book, Albums, Podcasts) you have selected. The one in the right displays the Audio tracks from the selected audio files Audio Player will display the Zone name (where the song is being played ) in the top and other player requirements( Play, Pause Stop, Volume, equalizer, effects ) in the middle DISPLAY AUDIO PLAYER
  41. 41. Multi- Zone Audio systemAdd Media is used to add files to the Audio Libraries .On clicking the Add media icon a windowappears as shown in the figure which contains 3 icons (Podcasts, Albums, Audio Books) to select inwhich an Audio track needs to be stored on clicking the cancel icon that will terminate the Addmedia page ADD MEDIA
  42. 42. Security page Below every floor layout two icons are present ARM: On clicking Arm icon the Arm mode is selected activating the security system and all the Sensors in the entire house excepting certain areas with override option VACATION: On clicking vacation icon the vacation mode is selected activating security system and all the sensors without any exceptionsSECURITY PAGE ICON ARM VACATION
  43. 43. Alert After Arming the security system if any intrusion happens the alert signal appears as shown in the figure with the disarm icon at the top of the layout to disarm the alarm. The sensor icons in the figure indicates the concerned sensors and their location at every corner of the house if any sensor is triggered the concerned icon will be visible indicating the sensor has been triggered DISARM SENSOR ICONS
  44. 44. Perimeter Security In this perimeter layout the floor layout is surrounded by an ORANGE colored border with an Orange colored OFF icon in the top indicating the perimeter security is in OFF mode On clicking the OFF icon the perimeter security (in OFF mode) switches to ON mode and the OFF icon turns to ON icon and the perimeter layout surrounded by the ORANGE border converts to RED border indicating the perimeter security is armed as shown in the figure.PERIMETER OFFPERIMETER ON ICON PERIMETER PERIMETER LAYOUT ICON
  45. 45. Surveillance On clicking the Surveillance page icon the surveillance page will be opened displaying the Front view this layout displays the videos of the surveillance cameras located at the front side of the house On clicking the side icon the side view will be displayed layout displays 4 video screens with the Side view this layout displays the videos of the surveillance cameras located at the corners of the house SURVEILLANCE PAGE ICONFRONT VIEW SIDE VIEW
  46. 46. Surveillance On clicking the irrigation Page icon the Irrigation page is displayed. This page consists of the floor icon bar in the left and the Floor layout in the middle IRRIGATION PAGE ICON IRRIGATIONSYSTEM ON/OFF
  47. 47. Miscellaneous The miscellaneous page consists of 4 blocks Television, Steam, Others, Power Generator blocks. The user can select the area of operation for Televisions and Steams and on clicking the OFF icon he can switch ON the device. Others include (Pool heater, Water heater, Dehumidifier, water Circulation) which have a switch OFF timer, where the user can select the time for switching OFF the module. MISCELLANEOUS PAGE ICON STEAM BLOCKOTHER BLOCK TV BLOCK POWERGENERATOR BLOCK
  48. 48. Settings PageOn clicking the settings page icon the settings page will be displayedThe settings page consists of a settings selection bar in the left and the setting window of theconcerned setting icon in the middleThe settings bar consists of three icons Security settings, Emergency Contacts, lightingSettings. SETTINGS PAGE ICONSELECTION BAR
  49. 49. Security settings The Setting window of security settings consists 2 blocks as shown in the figure the upper block is Delay Alarm settings block, the lower block is the Change Security Disarm Password. The Delay Alarm Settings block consists of a Security Arm Delay timer to set the delay time to arm the security system .this timer varies from 0 to 180 seconds. The Change security Disarm Password block consists of a block to enter the current password and a block to enter new password and block to conform the password and to its left is the keypad to enter the password. DELAY ALARM SECURITY SETTINGS SETTINGS CHANGE SECURITY PASSWORD
  50. 50. Emergency contacts The emergency contacts window consists of three blocks. Add dial contacts, Add/Edit emergency contact numbers, Number of rounds to be dialed. Add dial contacts: This windows displays the contact details of the person to whom a call will be rung when in emergency Edit/Add Emergency contact numbers: This window is used to edit the contact detail in the Add dial contact window. Number of rounds to be dialed: It is used to define number of times to ring up to the concern person in emergency ADD DIAL CONTACTS EDIT EMERGENCY CONTACTS EMERGENCY CONTACTS NUMBER OF ROUNDS TO BE DIALED
  51. 51. Motion sensor Settings This settings window consists of floor layout with the floor icons in its left The layout displays the Motion sensor icons located at different locations. Indicates the motion sensor is in ON mode. Indicates the Motion sensor is in OFF modeMOTION SENSOR OFF MODE ONMOTION SENSOR SETTINGS
  52. 52. Video Door Phone When any visitor pres the call button in the outdoor video door phone unit a Video door phone window appears the UI as shown in the figure On clicking the talk icon the conversation with the visitor can be started On clicking the unlock icon the gate can be opened for the visitor to come in On clicking the close icon the visitor’s call can be ignored UNLOCK TALK ICON CLOSE
  53. 53. BenefitsThe Blaze automation central unit is proved to be more beneficiary module for thehomes and residences. •Blaze designed the automation system to be simple, secure and affordable with its effective R&D so as to enable the end user to understand the system easily. •Blaze automation system can be adopted in already constructed houses. •The software of this system can be integrated with any windows based PC or touch panel extending the users comfort. •The user can operate this system from anywhere in the world through internet. •This automation system performs multiple functions like automation, security, surveillance, irrigation etc. •Frequent upgrading of the audio system will provide the user with the latest audio UI.
  54. 54. Future scopeThe blaze automation system in designed in such a way that it can be remodeled easilyas per the user requirements. •The system has the scope to add more functions/operations as per the future requirement of the user. •The system is also compatible to other platforms such as Apple and Android. •The system can also allow the user to operate it through mobile phones, Wi-Fi based iPods , etc. •The system can be upgraded with face recognition technology and voice recognition technology.
  55. 55. Other potential areas of applicationBlaze automation system is potentially also used in following fields. •Any residence that requires advanced automation system, sophisticated security with 24hrs monitoring. •Hotels & Restaurants which prefers to provide the customer with advanced automation & security. •Residential apartments that deserve remote operations & security monitoring i.e. Building management system. •Large commercial/ Business complexes.
  56. 56. Conclusion Blaze automation system is one of the best and effective securitysystems presently available in the market. It is simple, easy to handle andcost effective to the potential customers. This system is also adaptable andcompatible to other software.