Blaze automation iiit hyderabad geotagging for apshcl 2012


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Blaze automation iiit hyderabad geotagging for apshcl 2012

  1. 1. A Presentation on Technology incorporation for INDIRAMMA Housing project Implementation and Monitoring [ ICT for timely implementation of Govt. Initiatives ]Sridhar PonugupatiIIIT Hyderabad ( Consultant )BLAZE AUTOMATION
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda• INDIRAMMA Housing Scheme – an Overview• Government’s Objectives of the Scheme• Bottlenecks in implementation• Need of the Hour – Solution overview• Outcomes of the Proposed Solution• Stake holders and Financials / Budget• Conclusion
  3. 3. INDIRAMMA Housing Scheme – an Overview Andhra Pradesh stands FIRST in India for enabling Weaker sections to build PUCCA houses
  4. 4. INDIRAMMA Housing Scheme – an Overview• We stand Number one in World for providing Grants for construction [ largest number of houses (Around 10 million) constructed under this scheme in past 5 years ]
  5. 5. Socio- Economic Benefits of INDIRAMMA housing Scheme Shelter from Flood and other calamities to over 30.0 Lakh people every year. Improvement of Risk appetite for Disasters Improvement of Health to over 10.0 Lakh families every year. Improvement in Literacy rate with adoption of Electricity, Lighting and other amenities.
  6. 6. Government’s Objectives of the Scheme• Housing is one of the programmes identified under INDIRAMMA. The goal of ‘shelter for all’ in the State is planned to be achieved in a phased manner over a period of 3 years.Coverage:• Mandal / Municipality is the unit. All villages in the Mandal and Municipal wards in the Municipality are divided into 3 parts.• Survey completed in all GPs and Municipal wards sanction accorded for all eligible poor under INDIRAMMA programme
  7. 7. Bottlenecks in implementationObservations of APSHCLa. Delay in Payments to the Beneficiaries 6 > Sampled few Beneficiaries in AP ( max months delay ) > Delay in inspections by the Officers (around 3 – 4 months) > Delay for PRO generation (1 – 2 months) > Delay caused by Bankers (5.0 Lakh + P.O accounts and 5.0 Lakh + Grameena Banks ) – around 1 month.b. Difficulty to manage Funds > No definitive mapping of the site with Beneficiary details. > Photo Duplication is a common observation > Duplication of Claims and Beneficiaries due to lack of monitoring mechanisms > Pressure on the Employees for violating / ignoring rules
  8. 8. Reasons for Delay in payments• Under performance of the Corporation due to present Organization Structure > In many Cases DEE is supposed to visit the Site from Basement Level till the Roof Completion level > Work Inspectors constituting the largest staff count does not have much active role to play > Vacancies in various districts – more than 45% vacancies as on today.
  9. 9. Suggestions of APSHCL• Re- organization of the Structure• Efficiently utilize the WI’s for improved Throughput and reduced burden on other officers.• Filling up Vacancies / Outsourcing job work• Technology Incorporation for improvement in the performance of APSHCL.
  10. 10. Need of the Hour – solution overview• An ICT solution Aiming at1. Reduction of delay in Inspections and Payments to 30 days.2. Suppression of Fund misuse by Geo-tagging of the Beneficiaries houses.3. Bringing in more accountability and Transparency among all the stake holders.4. Usage of ICT for Fool proof and cost effective Implementation and monitoring of the project.
  11. 11. Flow chart of the proposed solution Step Step Step Step Goal 1 2 3 4 SMS will be sent by the Concerned Site visit by the SMSBeneficiaries DEE will Payment WI’s. Geo- confirmation review the Release Order and will be tagged photographs after the bank generation andattended by photograph and Accept / transaction. Reject the release of concerned and updated in Daily status case based on funds to the the server with updates to all WI’s the software Beneficiary in few seconds i/p’s. the Officers.SMS Gateway
  12. 12. How does SMS System Work?
  13. 13. CONSTRUCTION UPDATION STAGE-WISE USING SMS Beneficiary sends SMS intimating latest stage of construction to department Alerts are also AE receives an sent to MD, ED,SMS alert will be PD, CE, CGM, EE on his mobile & Dy. EEs Based on SMS, AE visits the field, updates the m-book, and makes arrangement for payment.
  14. 14. Format of SMS and Decoding 08 1211 305 P2 1315780- 2 Construction stage Finished : BL Level Finished Scheme Code : Indiramma Phase II Benificiary ID : Panchayat Code : Mareddypalli vill AMMANABROLU AVULAKKA/ KOTAIAH Mandal/ Municipality Code : Darsi Mandal Age: 45 Gender: FemaleDistrict Code : Prakasham Dist Caste: BC SMS for various stages will be made available in laminated card with Beneficiary ID and photograph. 081211305P21315780-1 [ BBL Level SMS ] 081211305P21315780-2 [ BL level SMS ] 081211305P21315780-3 [RL level SMS ] 081211305P21315780-4 [ RC level SMS ]
  15. 15. SMS Gateway System Architecture Benificiary sends SMS Serial Wireless Connectivity "040555411P3566238 BBL" Module usesBeneficiary sends SMS to 512512 SIM cardWith Beneficiaryid &Stage GSM AE Sends SMS with date Of inspection Reports to MD/ED/CE/PD for monitoring
  16. 16. Beneficiary Using SMS APPLICATION • Types SMS ‘<Ben_ID><space><stage>’ and sends to Public SMS No. Ex: 040555411P3566238 BBL to 7799721185 SMS • Server Processes the SMS and validates the Ben ID PROCESS • Server forwards to SMS to PD, EE, Dy. EE and AE FORWARD • AE visits the field and updates the stage for payment.INSPECT & MAKE PAYMENT
  17. 17. SMS ReceivedDistrict-wise Report
  18. 18. Beneficiary-wise Report
  19. 19. STEP 1 SMS Server Receives the messages and acts accordingly Reports to PD, DEE and EE Automated Work Assignment to WI’s and AE’s SMS from Beneficiary / Gruhamitra (Mason)
  20. 20. STEP 2 Geo Tagging information updated in the serverSMS of Beneficiary WI’s and AE’s takingfor claim the Geo tagged Photos
  21. 21. STEP 3 - STEP 4 Automated Work Assignment Decision making to WI’s and AE’s and PRO generation Step by DEE 3 Finance dept orders for Fund transfer to Step Beneficiaries Online 4 SMS to the Beneficiaries after the Fund Transfer
  22. 22. Completion of the Payment Cycle in 30 Days Payment to the 30 Days Automated Work Assignment to WI’s and AE’s Decision making and PRO Beneficiary generation by DEESMS notification about the fundtransfer to the beneficiary
  23. 23. Outcomes of the Proposed Solution• Geo Tagging helps reduction of Fraudulent Claims.• Increased work efficiency reduces the Query processing time to 30 Days (Request to Release of Funds).• Field officer (AE / WI) can complete the inspection of 30 – 40 houses a day.• Solution cost will be around 35 – 40 Rupee per visit of the WI / AE.
  24. 24. Stake holders and Financials / Budget• Technology Provider – IIIT Hyderabad (Lab for Spatial Informatics)• Network Provider – To be finalized in co-ordination with IIIT aiming at good coverage in the state of AP.• Tablet PC / Mobile phones – To be finalized• SMS server and Data Centre - CGG• Cost per photograph including the Technology, Solution and Maintenance of service staff for handling the solution : 35 – 40 Rupee per Photograph.Note: The cost per photograph is valid if the solution is used for 24 Lakh houses.
  25. 25. Demonstration of software – Pilot run at Aziznagar Beneficiary details with ID, Latitude and Longitude information.Not Started Stage Geo Tagged Houses at Different ConstructionBasement Level completed stages represented by various colorsRoof Completed
  26. 26. Demonstration of software – Pilot run at Aziznagar Beneficiary details with ID, Latitude and Longitute information.Details of the Beneficiary along Photograph of the latestwith the Fund release information stage of the constriction
  27. 27. Demonstration of software – Pilot run at Aziznagar House still not started state
  28. 28. Demonstration of software – Pilot run at Aziznagar House with Roof Completed Stage
  29. 29. Benefits of Geo Tagging• Geo tagging Application enables the WI’s and AE’s to take the photograph only at the first defined Location.• Size of the House will be automatically recorded.• No possibility to Upload Fake photographs as the Tablet / Mobile Device will not allow for this.• Automated work assignment to all the Officers will bring in more responsibility and accountability.• Monitoring facility from Anywhere by Anybody who is authorized.
  30. 30. Solution & Extension possibilities• This Solution can enable APSHCL to Geo map already constructed houses under various schemes.• Mapping can also be done for the properties of the Housing department.• This solution can also be extended as a service to Revenue department in mapping the property• And many more possibilities….
  31. 31. Conclusions• Effective Project Management using latest ICT can definitely lead to the successful execution of INDIRAMMA Housing project.• Reduces the delays in Payments and can effectively service the requests well under 30 days.