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Embedded service presentation

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Blaze embedded services presentation nov 2013

  1. 1. TM Sridhar Ponugupati Chief Executive Officer +91 9440490408 ,
  2. 2. Presentation outline  About BLAZE – a brief Introduction  Areas of Interest and Expertise  Active Business Verticals  Emerging Business Verticals  Services and Solutions Portfolio  Other Value Added Services  The BLAZE Advantage  Global and National Partners  Conclusions
  3. 3. Company Name : Blaze Automation Services (P) Ltd Date of Establishment : July 2007 Business Location : India Corporate Office: 10th Floor, Q2, Cyber Towers, Hitechcity, Hyderabad. Hong Kong , Shenzhen ( China ) Procurements Office: 301-303, Wing Tuck commercial complex, Units 177-183 wing lok street, Sheung Wan Business Divisions : Automation Systems Access Control, Security and Surveillance Power Electronics and Renewable Energies RFID ( LF, HF and UHF ) APP development ( Android and IOS ) Number of Staff : 35 + ( Including India and Other regions) Business Associates : 100+ Partners Globally
  4. 4. Area of Interest and Expertise Home / Building Automation Power & Renewable Energy Military & Aviation Industrial Automation and Telemetry Environment Monitoring & Control Digital Signage and Advertisement Logistics & Warehouse management Vehicle Tracking and Navigation Automotive control systems Handheld/ Mobile Computing Telemedicine and Health care Security & Video Surveillance
  5. 5. BLAZE’s current capabilities: Manufacturing product from inception— design, engineering, programming, tooling, testing and Logistics
  6. 6. Active Business Verticals - 1 Home / Building Automation Logistics & Warehouse management Bluetooth and Zigbee enabled device development IOS, Android and Windows APPs development Remote Telemetry HVAC and Lighting controls ( Dimming, Scenario etc) Multi-Room Audio / Video systems and software Handheld device development Zigbee, Wi-Fi Mesh networking Voice recognition & Haptic interfaces development Appliance control and monitoring systems Barcode ( 1-D , 2-D ) Mobile application development for IOS, Android and Windows APPs development RFID ( Active and Passive ), (LF, HF, UHF range ) Label manufacturing ( Barcode, RFID ) Real Time Location Systems Firmware development for Fixed and Handheld RFID Antenna design and structures development Inventory management Library management solutions
  7. 7. Active Business Verticals - 2 PLC, Sensors and Transmitters, Data Loggers Remote Telemetry and HMI ( Display, touch keypad ) Wireless Sensor Network for critical environments ( Zigbee and Wi-Fi based ) Custom Production Test beds and jig design Mobile/ Desktop application development for IOS, Android and Windows APPs development NI Virtual Instrumentation based designs Cross platform integration devices Industrial Automation and Telemetry Vehicle Tracking and Navigation GPS based handheld and vehicle mount devices VTS with open-source web enabled management software ( Design, Development and Deployment ) HMI for GPS navigation Custom APPS for IOS and Android platforms Geotagging hardware and Software GPS for Army and Police Vehicle Immobilizers and Fuel injection controller Remote property management
  8. 8. Active Business Verticals - 3 Power & Renewable Energy Environment Monitoring & Control Solar and Wind Charge controller Pulse Width Modulation, MPPT based CCU designing DC-DC converter topologies Inverter, VFD, Battery management ( SMFLA, Liion, Li-poly, LiFePo4 etc ) Energy Monitoring platforms, LED Lighting ( Drivers, Thermal Designs, Heat sinking Technology, Dimming, controls for RGB etc ) Energy metering and Demand Side Management Performance monitoring and analysis equipment HVAC device controllers Digital / Intelligent Thermostats Precision Agriculture and Irrigation systems GSM M2M hardware and Software Sensor Nodes for Unmanned data logging etc. Refrigeration : Intelligent / Adaptive defrost controllers, Fuzzy Logic devices etc.. Micro data Logging Servers with 2G, 3G connectivity Motion Sensors ( PIR, Micro Wave and Ultra Sound ) Traffic Signaling and Remote Management
  9. 9. Active Business Verticals - 4 Handheld/ Mobile Computing Ipad and Iphone application development Android, Windows , Blackberry application Embedded Web server, FTP, POP3 and SMTP related works, Converters ( Serial to Ethernet and such others) Cloud computing Smart Home, Intelligent Buidlings UI and hardware Universal Remote controls POS, IT kiosks for Retail and Hospitality industry NFC, Bluetooth hardware customization Internet of Things (IoT) Security & Video Surveillance Security Alarm Systems PSTN,GSM/GPRS enabled Alarm Interfacing Wired and Wireless Sensors ( Smoke, Fire, Vibration, Depth, Motion, Glass break, Gas leak etc ) CCTV systems ( Digital Camera, DVR and NVR ) Video Content Mgt and Analytics software Video Streaming servers, Viewing Apps and Storage License Plate Recognition, Traffic Sensing, Face identification, Biometrics (Fingerprint, Hand and Iris) RFID access control and Time & Attendance
  10. 10. Emerging Business Verticals Military & Aviation Digital Signage and Advertisement Automotive control systems Telemedicine and Health care
  11. 11. Services and Solutions Portfolio Embedded Software PCB designing •Custom OS Image, BIOS •Device Driver customization and support •Real Time OS development •Fail safe and redundant systems • Up to 12 Layer design • Component Assembly •Pilot and Bulk Production •Signal Integrity •Power Electronics design •RF architectures Peripheral Integration •Touch Panel & LCD •Industrial Storage Modules •Memory & Networking •Wireless Modules System Security •Software Protection •Crisis Backup & Recovery •Data redundancy Embedded Wireless Modules •WLAN Module •GPS Module •Cellular Module •Bluetooth Module • Zigbee Module Certifications •ISO/ IEC compliance designing •Design to pass UL and others •FCC •All Major Agency compliance •Safety, Medical, Environment Mechanical Design System Reliability •Thermal management •Anti-vibration Design •High/Low Temperature •EMI Reduction •3D layouts , RPT, MOLDs •Plastics manufacturing •BIST,WDT,POR incorporation •Optimized Boot Times •Hardware health Monitoring •Smart cooling Solutions Software API Product Testing •Hardware Monitoring •Power Saving •Brightness Control •GPIO/I2C/SPI/ RS 485 • SMBus Control •Security & Reliability Power Saving & Green Solutions •Advanced HW/SW Power Saving Design •Smart Battery Solutions •LCD Brightness Control •Hardware Testing •Automated Jigs •PCB, Integration testing •Black box testing •Simulation of environments Manufacturing Services •Pilot production •Large scale production •Plastics and Metal casting •Automated/Manual QC •Packaging and Branding
  12. 12. Other Value Added Services World Wide Procurement Support Advantages to Customer:  Best possible component cost  Cost Reduction of final product  Localized procurement with global network support  Very short lead procurement lead times  Total Quality Check  Component Level Procurement Procedure:
  13. 13. The BLAZE Advantage - 1 Manufacturing Setup including test Setup  Production line for manufacturing  Testing on Line, Calibration and Final Testing of finished product.  Long term testing of each lot of produce. Design Review Evaluation of Prototype for  Function  Appearance  Built- cost reduction / optimisation  possible enhancements to exceed the original goals even marginally
  14. 14. The BLAZE Advantage - 2 Agency Compliance  All Agency compliance certification process from one vendor. Agency compliance can cost several thousand dollars per agency and we invest your money wisely and peruse in short time frames. Documentation  Concept  HLDD ( High Level Design Documentation)  Circuit diagrams with functional explanation  Schematics and PCB designs  Parts List / BOM with pricing  Sources of procurement Mechanical Drawings of the Enclosure  Mould usage documentation  Assembly line documentation  Assembly process and Time Lines  Product Packaging ( Cushions etc.. )
  15. 15. The BLAZE Advantage - 3 Follow up  Our experience helps you stand competitive.  The product support data, user responses are documented for constant product enhancements. Blaze will never forget crucial steps on the road to improved quality, value, and often lower cost.
  16. 16. Global and National Partners Manufacturing Partners, Active Component Suppliers and Technology Partners
  17. 17. Conclusions BLAZE is One Stop Destination for all your Embedded Systems Development and Manufacturing needs “ A MOTIVATED TEAM WOULD ONLY GET POSITIVE RESULTS ”