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Financial Wellness presentation_BCT


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Financial Wellness presentation_BCT

  2. 2. Bille Cristiane Temanel Pru Life UK Financial Consultant Jadeite Branch
  3. 3. OUTLINE: » Wellness » Timeline of Your Financial life and where are you now in preparation for retirement » Payday-to-Payday Treadmill » The effect when Worrying Your Finances » Stages of Life » Financial wellness and the ways we can help you » 2 types of savings » Integrated financial plan » Prulink and prulink funds » Fund manager and our company » Q & a
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  6. 6. Our fund manager – Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited
  7. 7. About Prudential plc Established in London in 1848, Prudential is the largest life insurance company in the United Kingdom and one of the leading insurance companies in the world – with operations in the United States and 14 markets in Asia It has over 165 years experience in insurance and financial services It is a major provider of life insurance, pension, and allied financial services Listed on the London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong stock exchanges
  8. 8. Our mission: Financial security Financial literacy “Doing well by doing good”
  9. 9. By the end of the 19th century, Prudential had become the leading life company in the UK. 1912 Prudential paid claims for 324 passengers of the Titanic, nearly one fifth of all the passengers in the iconic ship that sank during its maiden voyage.
  10. 10. About Pru Life UK Established in 1996 as a life insurance company Subsidiary of United Kingdom-based financial services giant Prudential plc, with regional headquarters Prudential Corporation Asia based in Hong Kong Among the leading life insurers in the industry as of end-June 2013 Pioneered the sale of unit-linked or investment-linked life insurance products in 2002 One of the first life insurance companies approved to market US dollar-denominated unit-linked policies *Based on informal CEO exchanges, in terms of first year premiums plus 10% of single premiums
  11. 11. Bille Cristiane Temanel 0917-8157840 Question and answer