Ten slides in Ten minutes - a Perspective on Global Bid Management


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An overview of what to be considering when looking Global Bid Management.

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Ten slides in Ten minutes - a Perspective on Global Bid Management

  1. 1. SSTen Slides in Ten Minutes:A Perspective on Global Bid Management[Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Prospects & Clients]Presented by:Bill Graham APM.APMPJune, 2013bill.graham@sales-synthesis.co.za
  2. 2. Agenda• The Sustainable Business Imperative• What is Bid Management?• Bid Management becomes a casualty of a Cliché Corporation• The Opinion Paradox• Answering RFx questions will not a winning proposal make…• Q&A2
  3. 3. Dominant ExclusiveEmerging PervasiveAbsentSymbioticrelationshipwith clientsSustainabilityMaking the competitors irrelevantProjects ParticularPerforming PertinentPeople PlacesThe Sustainable Business ImperativeBuilding mutually beneficial and sustainable long-term client relationshipsSource: Sales SynthesisMulti-National Companies [MNCs] may embrace anew dawn or a long dark night.Know where you are going3
  4. 4. Consider a Strategic Staircase to illustrate the Vision…Value derivation fromincome generation activities2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17•Consolidate strengths•Introduce new brand•Grow revenue in existingmarket• Market positioning• Identified alliances• New client base•Success in emergingmarketplace•Integrated Account Plans tospecifically support the clientBusiness Strategies•Revenue growth from newclients closed previous FY•Develop replicable solutions /services•Identify & grow in newmarkets•Focus on new clients•Embed CRM principles•Develop more replicablesolutions and services•Dominate chosen markets•South African dominance withintegrated value chain acrossmajor sectors•Revenue growth•Recognised brand•Employer of choice•First refusal partner•Non-domestic growth•First refusal partner with newclients•Client retention•Competitive KO• > X % marketshareOutcomesThrustEmergingDominantRecognisedLeaderOne of manySource: Sales SynthesisSymbioticrelationshipwith clients4
  5. 5. Bid Management is part of the Sales Phase of the Service Delivery LifeCycle.It enables a client to obtain value from the ‘solutions/product/service’ that theService Provider is proposing.Lengthy discourse with the prospects are necessary to identify the problemthey are attempting to resolve [Account Management]5What is Bid Management?
  6. 6. Bid Management becomes a casualty of a Cliché CorporationHead OfficeRegional OfficesNational Offices• administrative overhead• no local knowledge• additional reporting• culture clash• receptive gap• no empathy [global tolocal]• compromised submission• potential ‘margin’ on‘margin’• ‘Too Many Cooks’syndrome‘Global’ Bid ManagerFrustrationObfuscation‘Local’ Bid ManagerBest Practice – if not carefully selected & implemented - is sometimes merely a shortcut to bad deliveryTime zone troubleIf you think you know the answers, you’ll only look at the facts that fit6
  7. 7. The Opinion ParadoxSource: Sales SynthesisNumber of Resources on the Bid TeamProductivityThe crest of sensibilityThe larger a Bid Team, the lower the resultant productivityMNCExecutiveInvolvement‘Technical’InvolvementOpinions and PositionalPower do not a robust BidTeam makeThe trajectory of hopelessness7
  8. 8. Use intensive analytics to determine the correct growth strategies and territories [qualified opportunities]Flatten the organisational structures as much as reasonably possible [rapid relevant structures for decision-making]Move everything possible to a national level - with global ‘virtual’ teams [obtain national value and leverage globally]Be aware of belief systems and allow for ‘all user/s’ interaction [spread the decision-making to the correct entities]Factualknowledge is animperativeInternal politicsis self-destructingKnow your realcompetitionRelationships are keyto successfulengagementsHigher profitableopportunities, thehigher theinvestmentSource: Sales SynthesisAnswering RFx questions will not a winning proposal make…8
  9. 9. Dominant ExclusiveEmerging PervasiveAbsentSymbioticrelationshipwith clientsSustainabilityMaking the competitors irrelevantMulti-National Companies [MNCs] may embrace anew dawn or a long dark night.Politics, Regulatory Issues, Withholding Taxes, Unrecoverable VAT etc.Craft a Roadmap – including Value Propositions - to support a Client’sbusiness sustainability…Territories: Market, Regional Communities, Client Attractiveness, Culture, Corruption IndexWinnersLosers9
  10. 10. Q&A10