Ten Slides in Ten Minutes - Guerrillas in the Midst


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Frivolous and brief look at how incorrect resourcing can cause problems in the organisational environment

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Ten Slides in Ten Minutes - Guerrillas in the Midst

  1. 1. SS Ten Slides in Ten Minutes: Guerrillas in the Midst [Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Prospects & Clients] Presented by: Bill Graham APM.APMP bill.graham@sales-synthesis.co.za February, 2014
  2. 2. The Workplace Guerrilla is Difficult to Detect • A workplace guerrilla appears like a standard employee - but beneath their normal façade beats a heart of a Che Guevara • They will behave in a disciplined manner – on the surface - but will ensure that initiatives (projects, opportunities etc.) do not reach a successful fruition, by the most devious means possible. Guerrillas show no physical differences to everyday employees Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 2
  3. 3. ‘Guerrilla by Proxy’ is as destructive as the Original Some workers inadvertently behave like workplace guerrillas without realising it e.g.:  Are not passionate about winning  Do not give their 100%  Behave like 9 to 5 office workers  Spread rumours  Do not share valuable information  etc. Commodity Salesperson Selling on Price No Account Plan Irrelevant Strategy Unfocused Teamwork Individual Unskilled Reviewers NonInnovative No Capture Plan Dated Concepts Manager not Leader Bureaucratic Rumour Spreading Protective of Information Unhappy Worker Insular Personality Guerrillas show no physical differences to everyday employees Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 3
  4. 4. Guerrillas can become Pervasive in a Chaotic Business Jungle …and reign supreme Confused Organisation No Sales Plan Weak Recruitment Processes Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 4 ill-Defined Strategy No Strategic Marketing Weak Brand Strategy Stakeholder Confusion Dictatorial Management Irrelevant Solutions Irrelevant Solutions High Staff Turnover
  5. 5. Blamestorming enables the ‘Dirty Tricks’ of Guerrillas 1. Blamestorming: Combination of blaming and brainstorming. Used when coworkers sit around trying to figure out who is at fault for a missed deadline or botched project 2. Blaming (or witch hunting) is where a person (or persons) is actively hunted down when something goes wrong within the organisation. This may even result in disciplinary measures against the ‘victims’ 3. It goes without saying that such a pursuit is totally negative to an organisation. Such activities also ensure a workforce that become secretive, demoralised and negative towards management. 5
  6. 6. Resourcing is a Major Factor in the formation of Guerrilla Troops The Peak of Positive Positioning X Creating an environment for Guerrillas Productivity The Trajectory of Hopelessness Correct selection criteria Increased nepotism/cronyism Incorrect resources outnumber correct resources Ratio of ‘Positive’ to ‘Negative’ Resources Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 6
  7. 7. How does Company Politics Nurture Guerrillas? • Company politics is typically defined as back-stabbing, taking credit for other people’s work and progressing upwards in an organisation on personality rather than merit • It is evident in all organisations and - even more so - in ones where senior management are adamant that they will not allow it to occur • If senior management have to constantly mention the fact that they will not be allowing it, or they’re stamping it out, then it is so prevalent that it is practically impossible to get rid of • Senior management need to ensure that the recruitment process filters out those individuals that don’t ‘fit’ the company culture • In a company where people feel that they belong (i.e. fit) company politics is drastically diminished. 7 Rumour mill easy to initiate: • Management acquiesce to destructive activities • Reward system not structured correctly • Acceptance of company politics • White anting • No company culture • Etc.
  8. 8. Guerrilla Spotting in Bid Teams is an Essential Exercise • • • • • • • • • • Disregard for Governance Hidden agendas Activity rather than productivity Side conversations Weak/Poor input Support of Governance Loyalty Commitment Teamwork Openness Where is your centre of gravity? Low Success Rate Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 8 Potential Outcome/s High Success Rate
  9. 9. National Management feel Pressure from a Number of Sources ‘Global’ Management Head Office Breeding ground for Guerrillas • Regional Offices ‘Regional’ Management • • National Offices ‘National’ Management Time zone trouble Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 9 • • • Global does not always translate into Local Top down directives Additional reporting Culture clash Receptive gap No empathy [Global to Local]
  10. 10. Create a Business Framework that allows identification of Guerrillas Executive Management • Ensure that the Strategic Market Development initiatives support business aspirations Growing a Business is not a spectator sport Leadership Structure Processes • • • • Delivery of revenue to the business Mitigation of identified risks Delivery of profit (value) to the client Identification of any variations Robust Reporting Infrastructure Governance must permeate an organisation Source: www.sales-synthesis.co.za 10