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Best Wordpress Autoblog Software Collection


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Best Wordpress Autoblog Software Collection

  1. 1. Top Wordpress Autoblog Software ListIn this list I collected the best and most popular WordPress autoblog plugins which canautomatically add various content – not only articles, but many other sources like videos,products, classified ads and many, many others - to your blog making it an autopilot websitewith always fresh content. This list is only a brief review of the most widely-used Wp autoblogplugins.WP Robot – The Most Popular Autoblog PluginPersonally, I think WpRobot is one of the most complex solution for autoblogging as it not onlycreates text posts from article directories, but also with additional modules it can automaticallyadd ebay auctions, Clickbank ads, Youtube videos, Yahoo news, Youtube videos. Moreover, it isalways updated and has perfect support. Now it has more than 20 modules and some month agospinning function was also added making this autoblog solution moreprofessionalVisit the WProbot websiteWp Autoblog Plugin Generating Mixing ContentThis WordPress autoblog plugin is a bit different because it creates amix content. It means that it creates an autopost with a Youtube video, with an image and createcomments for the post, too, using Yahoo answers. So the generated content includes text, imageand comments at the same time. It has fewer options, but it is cheaper.This plugin is no longer available!Caffeinated Content for WordPressThis WordPress autoblog plugin is also a simple way to make an autopilot website. It can createsposts on a selected keyword or phrase with comments and images. The posts will be added in adate range chosen by you. On top of that, it can translate the generated content into 12 languages.You pick a keyword and it’ll populate your blog with posts regarding that keyword. Also, it’lladd comments to those posts. The posts will be added in a date range chosen by youVisit Caffeinated Content WebsiteAutoblogged WP
  2. 2. Autoblogged is a content generator plugin which create content from RSS or Atom Feeds. It alsosupport videos and images and filtering options can be added. Everything can be tweakedperfectly as you wish. this is the best solution if you want to start an automatically updated blogby using RSS feeds.Visit Autoblogged websiteTopicStorm Autoblogging Software Based on Twitter TrendsThis WordPress autoblog plugin is really very unique as it uses Twitter trends for generatingthe posts. I mean, it scans the Twitter posts searching for the most searched and most populartopics on Twitter. It will find you the latest trending topics on Twitter and automaticallygenerates a new post with that topic. Using Twitter trends can create great revenue as it cancreate tons of traffic.Visit TopicStorm WebsiteRobohits – Wordpress Autoblog Software with Traffic