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#ImSavingFor Video Contest
Sponsor: The eXtension Financial Security for All Community:
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#Im savingfor video Contest Marketing Flyer-01-17


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Marketing for eXtension America Saves Week Video Contest

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#Im savingfor video Contest Marketing Flyer-01-17

  1. 1. #ImSavingFor Video Contest Sponsor: The eXtension Financial Security for All Community: Use the phrase #ImSavingFor to describe your personal savings strategies and create a one-minute video that tells your story. Your thoughts and ideas will provide inspiration, motivation, and “how-to” tips for others. Here’s What You Need to Do: 1. Create a one-minute video by using live video/audio feed from a smart phone and/or video editing software tools as Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. Video Contest contestants must be age 14 and over. 2. In your video, include the following information: ♦ How you are saving ♦ Where you are saving (e.g., in a bank account or employer 401(k) plan) ♦ Why you are saving ♦ The benefits of saving. End your video by saying, or holding up a sign saying, #ImSavingFor. Then describe what you are saving for in words and/or pictures. 3. Be creative. Hold up props for “live” videos, take photos, and/or use Creative Commons graphic images and music that are free from copyright restrictions. For more information, see and 4. Upload your #ImSavingFor to YouTube and get a digital link for it. 5. From February 1- March 4, share your video link on Twitter and/or Facebook using #ImSavingFor. The sooner you complete, upload, and promote your video, the more exposure it will receive. 6. Enter your video in the #ImSavingFor contest by completing this entry form with your video URL, a short caption, and your e-mail address: 7. Three $100 Amazon gift cards will be awarded in a drawing from among those who enter the Video Contest. For instructions about make a simple video and how to use Movie Maker software, see